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LORRAINE: You don't know The New Mutants.

OK. Cool.

I guess, I'll tell you or whatever.

Meet the awesome '80s future of mutantkind, rooted in a totally

dark, gnarly drama.

The New Mutants were introduced as a group of teenage mutants

from across the world, whose abilities were each triggered

in a series of like totally tragic events,

leading them to be scouted by Professor Xavier,

you know, the X in X-Men.

Anyway, the original new mutants were the Scottish lassie,

Rahne Sinclair, who discovered that she could change

into this like wolf or this like half-wolf, half-girl form

as Wolfsbane.

Vietnamese twin Xi'an Coy Manh learned

that she could possess the minds of people or animals as Karma.

Kentucky miner Sam Guthrie found out

that he can create this energy around his body that

lets him fly like a cannonball.

So, you know, his name is Cannonball.

Native American Danielle Moonstar

unlocked her ability to place illusions

within the minds of others.

So they called her Mirage.

And Brazilian rich kid Roberto da Costa

exposed that he can channel energy from the sun

to increase his strength and projects

solar-energy blasts as Sunspot.

Once recruited, the teens teamed up

to take down the mutant-hating jerk Donald Pierce

and totally saved the professor, while they

were at it, who sent them in the first place-- but whatever.

Give them uniforms.


But not everything was all sunshine and superpowers.

The New Mutants had to deal with all of the mental and emotional

stress of going to a school where

you had to learn how to control your way-dangerous superpowers

as a teenager.

And they were growing up and trying

to find their place in a world that hated

and feared them, but like in the '80s.

It was tough, you guys.

The team, like the teens, would evolve and change over time,

with Cannonball and Mirage emerging as co-leaders

and a whole bunch of new, awesome recruits

joining the team, like Illyana Rasputin, the sister

of freaking Colossus.

She was the ruler of Limbo.

So it was like no wonder they called her Magik.

There's Douglas Ramsey, who can speak any language, as Cypher,

Amara Aquilla, whose codename was Magma because lava,

and Warlock, who is technically a techno-organic alien.

But can an alien also be a mutant?

Ugh, so many questions.

Anyway, The New Mutants early adventures

were like legit scary.

Like one time, federal agents tried to kidnap them

and then had sentinels attacked them at the mall.


Then another time, a brood queen possessed Xavier

in order to kidnap The New Mutants

and use them as hosts for her babies.


LORRAINE: Heck, Danielle Moonstar was kidnapped

by Silver Samurai at the fair.

This guy like fights Wolverine.

Children aren't Wolverine, guy.


And while this was happening, they were all just

trying to be normal kids with some semblance

of like a normal life, which is not so easy when the headmaster

of your school goes from being sweet Professor

X to frigging Magneto.

Ugh, so lame.

Look, this has been fun and all, but I have to go to class.

But like at least now you do know The New Mutants.

Bye, nerd.


Living life as a mutant and being a teenager, oh, I've

never been so happy to be a human adult.

Well, tell us which new mutant is your favorite.

And let us know with the hashtag #Earthsmightiestshow.

And if you don't hate or fear mutants,

read more about their adventures over on Marvel Unlimited.

I'm Lorraine.

And this is Marvel, your universe.


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