Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2511S Ruby Satin® Stroke - By Silver Brush Limited

Difficulty: 0

Let's have a look at the Silver Ruby Satin® Stroke. This short-handled brush is

top-tier in terms of quality. It is fully synthetic but designed to imitate the

finest natural Mongoose hair. It is stiff yet springy, capable of handling paint

with a little heft to it like heavy bodied acrylics or oils. This brush can

move a lot of paint and notice a beautiful brushstroke texture we can get

from the thicker paint application. One thing to keep in mind when working with

large quantities of paint is to mix with a palette knife and not your brush. Not

only is this the fastest way to get the color right but it is also easier on

your brush and will keep it in better condition. I use my Ruby Satin® Stroke for

the background of this portrait. I know I can navigate around those edges cleanly

with such a high quality and reliable painting tool. For more information you

can visit our website at

The Description of 2511S Ruby Satin® Stroke - By Silver Brush Limited