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Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here this is John

from the Ukelele teacher, yep hi Barry how are you doing, yeah great man so John does

a YouTube channel called the ukulele teacher where he teaches the ukulele obviously yeah

I know you do a cooking channel where you sometimes cook giant versions of food well

I brought you some ukulele versions of food check out these sweet ukuleles is that a kiwi

fruit yes and a watermelon. Well I cannot play the ukulele that well but John is an

expert hence the channel, yeah check this out I wrote you a little song my virgin

kitchen dot com, amazing so John and I we are not at his house we are not at my house

we are actually in the YouTube space in London, I have been sent a box of Austrian treats

from Alexandra Kraus are you ready to give them a go? I am ready yeah lets do it and

tuck in yeah. Alright then John first up is quite a well

known drink especially for Jagerbombs, I have never had one, yeah I tried to convince John

to have one the other night but did not do it, well I am not a big drinker, nevermind

next time, so this is red bull which Alexandra says this is the only Austrian beverage known

Internationally so it is like Austrian beer, did you know that I do not want to burst their

bubble but we do have red bull in England. We do have this here, yeah but I did not know

it was Austrian shall we have a little sip? Maybe with it being authentic Austrian it

will taste amazing, like I have had a Guinness in the Guinness factory in Dublin, there is

nothing better than a Guinness from the Guinness factory in Dublin it probably tastes the same

but you never know, lets have a go and see, sounds like a can of red bull right, smells

like red bull, tastes like a can of redbull, happy to share us youtubers do that yeah,

that is a good can of red bull a nice start to get us into the Austrian zone yeah I am

feeling more energised already actually we will put this to one side, Austrias finest

export apart from Austrian beer and is there anyone famous Austrian, I think there must

be? Ummmm. Right so John has just Googled famous Austrians

and there are quite a few notably, I will give you a clue Ill be back Jenny

get down, get to the chopper arghhhh Arnold Schwarzenegger is Austrian right he must be

like an American citizen now right, yeah because he is like the governor of California I thought

he was in the Expendables 3, would they let him do that?! I am the governor Jenny

I am so sorry, Alexandra has sent next something called Junior I do not know it looks like

white chocolate to me I do not speak a word of Austrian *tries to pronounce the Austrian

phrase* so basically white chocolate with rice krispies this was my favourite as a child

mostly because of the comic strip on the inside, amazing so it is like a green dinosaur, kind

of like a Barney the dinosaur but a green version scaled down on the front, oh wow here

is the cartoon basically the dinosaur is dancing, possibly to a ukulele John, then he is going

oh my gosh a red bolt of lightning, I have some chips lets hang them on a washing line

and bang them. I think some of it might get lost in translation but yeah it looks like

a fun cartoon. And this is like you say white chocolate with rice krispies really nipply

and awesome texture to it break a bit of that off, smells just like normal white chocolate

with rice krispies lots of bumps, it is almost like the surface of the moon or what you would

imagine that to be like right yeah it is quite bumpy right. Oh that is good, the ratio of

chocolate to rice krispies is pretty good it is almost like not too chocolatey is it

they have it spot on it is one to one that is the ratio they have someone in their Austrian

quality control department saying Jenny, there is too many rice krispies in the white

chocolate delicious I give that the thumbs up, I really do cracking start yeah, red

bull and white chocolate pretty much heaven right now I am buzzing a real sugar high,

what would you do on your ukulele if you were having a sugar rush? Youd be like smashing

it on the floor or something yeah, awesome. Next upwe have something called Manja & Swedy

apparently they are from a very small factory in Vienna one is filled with chocolate mouse,

then the other one with peanut and then it says mouse now sure if that should be, mouse?

Yeah as in? I guess the animal or maybe like a computer mouse this is mouse flavoured sweets,

it could be but it says chocolate and peanuts so it should be alright but it is just like

kind of weird names isnt it like a double act manja and swedy, Monday nights from 9,

I was thinking maybe they are Austrias equivalent of little and large or the chuckle brothers,

oh yes the chuckle brothers if you do not know who they are youtube the chuckle brothers

so much fun, to me, to you, if your name was Paul, Barry and Paul that was their names

that would have been amazing I should have said your name was Paul. Wow super soft, yeah,

I am not sure if it is supposed to be like peanut butter and chocolate merged together,

it is very soft, it could have been through Austrian transportation it has turned into

a mousse texture, they both taste exactly the same to me, I do not mind, they taste

good, but they are identical I think. Ok well Manja and Swedy could be the name of a comedy

duo but they are also some very nice chocolate coated, dark chocolate with a soft milky way

type flavour inside amazing, yeah thumbs up. Right then John next up is something called

Soletti it has some sort of character on the front that looks like a poor mans Pinocchio

possibly decking like a timber slat and it says ime dable which could translate

to I am a babe. What does it say man? It says that since Alexandras mother does

not like chocolate, this is her favourite Austrian snack pretzel sticks so it says salty

stuff maybe on the front so it looks like sticks of pretzels well I think that is what

it is not much else to say about it really love how the guy is just wearing boxer shorts,

yeah with dollar signs on, is that dollars or just the letter S, not even just dollar

signs but the letter S for Soletti. How clever that is awesome, how dedicated, all branding

should be that persons character in their pants with the letter on like trying to think

like Kellogs cornflakes the cereal with the cock, the cock is it a cockerel? Yes it is.

He could be wearing a bandana with a K on or something else I do not think that will

be a good idea actually, not in this environment. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger frowned upon in Austria

because he changed his Nationality, I am sure he changed his Nationality to American well,

I am not the expert on Austrian culture, can you let us know? No I am actually American,

but they have lots of other famous people Sigmund Freud, the guy who wrote some classical

music, busting all these Austrians out now well it was just Wikipedia amazing bit of

research Wikipedia gets you through school folks remember that it does now, not when

I was at school when I went to school it was like Encarta, can you remember that it was

books actually we had to look stuff up, we had a CD rom, Encarta, if it was not on there,

it does not count. So they are really thin lined sticks, pretzel sticks, I am not used

to smelling food, it is just a pretzel really, I really like this, do you? I did enjoy it,

I think Soletti have learnt the right to have a plank of decking with a Pinocchio nose in

his boxer shorts on the front cover. I could happily pass an evening watching a movie and

eating a bag of those yeah! They would literally fly down I can see why Alexandras

mother is a big fan, cool. Up next we have Schoko bananen minis, now

I do not speak a word of Austrian now even I can guess that word means chocolate banana

it does, I was looking at the wrong thing there translated these are chocolate bananas

oh yeah and on a recent taste testing video I had chocolate bananas I think they were

called choco nana or something like that I think it might have been Norwegian, Swedish

or Finnish, something like that wow you are getting food from all over the World, I am

I have loads of boxes at home and thankyou so much for sending it in guys, it is amazing

so chocolate coated bananas, anything to say about the front cover there mate? I just noticed

it has chikita bananas on the front, oh nice is that a particular favourite? Very high

quality banana so yeah, you know your bananas, certainly do. Smells very like banana, oh

my gosh, I feel like the man from Delmonte I need a white suit there is like cupboards

and boxes full of random fancy dress in here. But we are like professional, it is all about

the food, but there is a space suit in fact there is a chicken, I just want to, we got

chicken, I got that in the video, yes. But we have shoko bananen yes, sorry, back on

track, oh my gosh wow, there is a real woft of bananas, I would imagine it is more chemical

than actual banana and if it tastes anything like the one I have, yeah it looks almost

identical to the one I had in a recent video, quite foamy, John just wants to put it in

his mouth you eat it man, these are softer than the other ones I had, that is almost

like eating a pillow, but obviously a pillow is quite tough that sensation of lying on

a pillow I know the sensation of lying on a pillow but not the sensation of eating a

pillow, yeah, hmm I do not even like bananas really but you like chocolate covered ones

that is a good life lesson, I do not like something, put chocolate on it, and it is

good, um I am finding these okay they are not as good as the other ones I had sent from

the other country (Sweden) they were more foamy more like marshmallow they are nice

and soft I wish I could share those others with you man, I will have these ones, for

sure take them, thanks I will. Up next we have Knabber Nossi with a silent

K a bit like Knor, they have got the Know how, the stock cubes, I do not endorse them

but they are very good, delicious, they are, knabber nossi, kids often have this in their

lunchbox it is a kind of salami sausage and I love it, it is a salami sausage there is

a boy on the cover looks a little bit like I did when I was a little boy nice backwards

cap flushed cheeks and he is ready to enjoy a salami sausage, so they have saved money

on the printing they have sort of cut him in half over the packaging and reversed him

put him on the front and then on the back and that does look a little bit like a peperami,

it does I expect this is exactly what it is like, shall we get into the knabber nossi,

yeah, do you know I never had a pepperami when I was at school, really? Yeah wow, I

do not think I have actually this could be the first ever taste and it is an Austrian

knabber nossi, does it have a sheath on it, because sometimes they do that you have to

pull back to get to the meat, no it does not look like it ok let me just snap it off, normally

peperami have a film on it that you pull back, this is meat right? It is meat wow, yeah pretty

savoury yeah this is definitely salami flavoured, it feels a little stronger, the initial scent

than a peperami, he just wants to eat it I just came here to eat man, what are you making

me do? lets go, it is not without its charms it is salami it has that texture and fibre

nous to it, chewy, not too strong, not too overpowering, I kind of like that about it,

it is not too like ah in your face you know, as a peperami virgin I am new to it, but as

an expert, well it is not quite up there with the top peperami or the ones you get from

a supermarket or maybe some chorizo, did not quite have that spank, for something that

you can tear out of a packet and knabber nossi if that is the right word, yeah it is not

bad. Tell you what you Austrians are doing great here, good I like it. Cool.

So specking of peperami the next thing is weiner sorry zuckerl, weiner zuckerl, weiner

sucker?! I am just reading what it says *tries to pronounce Austrian description* fruit flavoured

snacks in six delicious flavours that could be bang on, are you Austrian, no I just made

it up, but probably basically hard candy with a liquid fruit filling. Oooh, nice sounds

pretty good, it reminds her of going to the eye doctor as a kid, where she used to get

one a lolly if she behaved, so nice parental bribing skills there I thought if you went

to the eye doctor and behaved they would give you an eye pad, yeah but again they did not

actually have eye pads when I was a kid. It is all different types of fruit lets just

pull them out and see what flavour we get, we are not going to eat them all, here we

go, that is how you open them, that is the official way, John just wants to eat it you

can go ahead if you like but what I am going to show you on a close up, is that these are

almost like there is someone frozen in time inside these sweets right, they are hard are

they? Yeah hard candy with a delicious liquid centre, it is very hard, it feels like if

I am going to bite right now I will crack my teeth, it is a very sweet outer shell at

the moment, but we are going to work our way in through the power of suck. Going to bite

it, oh my gosh, wow that is incredible, John you know when I like something a lot I start

singing my mind is telling me no. I need to calm down today because we are in

youtube space we are not really supposed to use copyright stuff they will not let us put

the video online so my mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me, affirmative,

yes! Ok mate what is next, staying on the weeny

theme we have got weinbeisser they are described as a seasonal favourite by Alexandra, and

it does say in English I guess Gingerbread, Gingerbread ok they look like little white

maggots or something like that, see I am not used to smelling food I normally eat it, but

I have learnt from you that you have to smell it, what was it through that ukulele nose,

come on, the ukulele nose? Oh I guess, ginger, do you think? Ah that is ginger, they are

very light, they are covered in flour it is just coming all over my hand, like a dusty

icing sugar sort of thing, really really light, you could not go like and workout gingerbread

reps seems unlikely so they are like speed bumps too, you could imagine a car going over

it, or a hands free kit, giant tic tacs, grey moustache, ok lets get it down our gobs right,

very gingerbread, oh I was expecting it to be quite crispy and crunchy, but it is really

good, yeah I thought it would be more biscuit like gingerbread, yeah it is more soft and

moist, almost like a freshly baked cookie. This is, my mind is telling me no John, but

I cannot say it, so so good, it is the gingerbread flavour with the icing around it, little crisp

but so good, succulent and tender, she said they were a seasonal flavour of hers, are

these only available at Christmas time, I do not know you guys will have to let us know

down below but I hope you are available all year round, we are going to make some, that

is awesome, you better take them away, I will! Right so next up by Napoli is dragee keksi,

which does sound a lot like a drag act, dragee keksi live on stage, keksi, keks, sexy keksi,

they are deliciously buttery cookie covered in milk and dark chocolate oh ok I can see

the milk and dark chocolate in the packaging, it does look a little intimidating like some

little squished poo but they look alright, talking of the packaging you see that little

speech bubble, Alexandra says that it basically says in Austrian if I could only stop, or

she said a rough translation is my mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me.

Oh what I normally say, but we cannot say it because we will get told off. We will not

say it, never say it, my body is telling me about these, dragee keksi ok so shall

we open them up. It says classic on them too so there are other versions but you said cookies

right yeah I cannot see how these are going to be buttery. So we have been considering which ones to

have and there is actually a milk one and a dark one right so we will have one of each

and if you hold them up actually they do look like a little chocolate moon, you have gone

straight in and eaten them? Yeah, that is cool, tastes like chocolate I did not expect

that at all, I was expecting it to be soft and squidgy because it looks kind of ripply

and naughty, it does taste quite like cadburys chocolate it is like those animal biscuits

you used to get that were amazing, that got me through school Encarta and cadburys animals,

animal crackers remind me of a tv show that was famous when we were kids and is now consigned

to the dustbin of history for reasons that will become obvious oh I know the one, this

kid asked if he could have a tour of the biscuit factory but the guys hosting the show just

gave him 10 boxes of those animal biscuits. So the Austrian version would be just have

some dragee keksi, that is a bit tight of them right, so they are reminding you of those

animal crackers? Good times as a child yeah, so a snappy old biscuit even the chocolate

tastes like cadburys which is sensational and I just think that the name dragee keksi

just takes it up a notch I do not want animals, I want some dragee keksi baby. Give me the

dragee keksi and nobody gets hurt, sorry John, that is ok.

Next up is some sort of biscuit or something called a Betthupferl by a label called pischinger,

as in Henry pischinger, um ok a variety of chocolate and wafer Betthupferl means something

like snack before you go to bed, my kind of person, children used to get a Betthupferl

so they would go to bed quickly without fussing, I just chuck my kids in bed and say you

are going to bed close the eyes get down and it works, they love me! Not any Betthupferl?

No not really they better not see this video or they will want some. Phoebe and chloe you

are not having any Betthupferl you are having your milk and going to bed you might get a

story and that is it. You know it looks a bit like a penguin yeah the outside layer,

chocolate with biscuit and a chocolate middle, penguins if you went to my school really bringing

school memories back here maybe we are secret Austrians, penguins were allowed in lunchboxes

because they were mainly biscuit content we were not allowed sweets in lunchboxes but

anything biscuit based was ok, so no haribo if it had biscuit content it was allowed so

penguins were very popular. Oh wow that looks different in a way it has got like some sort

of marshmallow wafer bottom can I smell this or?! Oh my gosh that is sensational, yeah,

that is like Nutella in there, oh maybe yeah, that top layer is like, oh I really want to

sing right now, I really want to sing! Nutella with a wafer and surrounded by chocolate possibly

one of the greatest things ever, you have one of these before you go to bed you are

not going to sleep you will be on a sugar high, I already am on a sugar high since the

red bull. Wow that is amazing. Up next we have the wammer bar, original neopolitan

flavour I do not think you will find an Austrian who has had one of these before, this I would

say is the most classic snack of your box. So I guess this is like a classic version

of kitkats like traditional every day chocolate bar you wake up have your breakfast you have

your manner bar it is a lot bigger than a normal chocolate bar a real like classical

wonk bar style packaging, looks a little like a bar of soap, I do not fancy eating chocolate

today, but I fancy it smelling like it, is that a hazelnut? You guys are killing me right

now, if that is Nutella in between I just want to sing, that is the wrapper right there!

Because do you remember in the kit kat adverts they would just slice down with a finger,

you could never do that but now you can. These would not be permitted in my school lunchbox

there is no biscuit content I think wafer wedged between chocolate I think it is quite

similar to a hanuta in Germany actually but more wafer in there. It is like a chocolate

and wafer lasagne, yeah! I have to let you do the talking man I am in heaven they are

so good! Chocolate, slight hazelnut tang, great wafer texture and I notice you have

eaten both of yours I just had to come back and gather my thoughts a chocolate wafer lasagne

it is almost like the whole of Austria have got together and gone good thoughts

and come up with this it is amazing. Yeah and this is not a luxury good, this is an

everyday item, amazing, classic Austrian snack, what a World we live in.

Finally we have baum stamm, great pleasure in the small kind is what that means, but

it is very hard to translate that is fine we do not know any Austrian you could have

said it was anything crispy wafers filled with a kind of wafer so quite similar to the

last one we had, baum stamm, I am going to baum stamm like an Austrian dance move, sounds

like the soundtrack to a 70s American cop show baum stamm, baum stamm. It does actually

look like the sort of packaging down the birth control aisle of a supermarket, I am not going

to go any further than that, but it is that sort of texture I have 2 kids I do not go

down that aisle to often but I do a lot more now it is getting expensive. So it is like

a ridge of individual wafer we will get a closeup of that so you can see, I have never

seen wafer shaped liked that before I have just seen it flat a lot of people are not

using wafer to its full effect it need a shape in it like this. I have just worked out what

it is it is a mirror image kit kat the wafer on the outside and the chocolate on the inside

like an inverted kit kat, that is amazing, crazy Austrians! Here we go, That filling

is very sweet if we are not on a sugar high already from that red bull we probably will

be the filling is like a chocolate nougat it is not nutty or hazelnut anything like

that very powder like you can taste every sort of granule I can literally feel my teeth

dissolving if you are an Austrian dentist you are probably doing quite well arent

you. Yeah. So favourite overall, well that was nice but a little powdery and chocolatey

I quite liked it but have about 4 or 5 other R Kelly moments if I was at home I would be

making the R Kelly greatest hits, I think your favourite was the square one yeah it

was all good, Alexandra says the Mozart was not included because this besides the manner

bar is one of the most traditional Austrian sweets but I since realised that you dislike

marzipan and I did not want to offend your tastebuds. Which is really nice because I

would have eaten it, when people send me some stuff which is really kind of them there is

stuff I do not like but I still eat it because it is really kind of these people to send

me stuff right. But thanks Alexandra for thinking of me this was a fantastic box what was your

favourite, my favourite were the weinbeisser the gingerbread that is a good choice John,

well thanks John thankyou to the YouTube space for letting us be here, thankyou Barry for

letting me be in your video and thanks Alexandra for sending in these sweets.

Do not forget to check out Johns channel the ukulele teacher for ukulele lessons and learn

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