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- Two, three.

(audience cheers)

We did it!

- Hey, look, Brandon's here.

- Oh, hi!

- Yeah, we're gonna start decorating

Shaun's desk for his birthday.

He has no idea I'm doing this.

'Cause today is his actual birthday.

And Adley's gonna watch some vlogs while I do it.

(upbeat music)

Bye, guys!

- [Brandon] Bye!

- We are gonna go wake up Daddy now.

He got home really late last night from his guy's night.

So, maybe we'll take him to breakfast.

The reason I'm in my gym clothes

is 'cause he's gonna think I went to the gym

and then he'll never know that I came here.

It'll be great.

Let's go wake him up.

- [Shaun] Let me see how cute you are.

Oh, wow, you're just, yeah.

Good job.

- [Jenny] Can you tell Daddy, "Happy birthday"?

- (gasps) It's my birthday?

- Yeah! - Can I get a birthday hug?


Hey, do you wanna go get breakfast?

(Adley giggles)

Let's go get pancakes.

Come on!


Say, "Happy birthday pancakes".

Um, close, happy birthday pancakes.

We'll try later.

Hey, is that your chair?

Is that your chair?

- Yeah.

- Are we gonna have happy birthday pancakes?

What are you doing?

(Adley squeals)

- Say, "happy birthday pancakes".

- Close, that's my goal.

That's all I want for my birthday

is by the end of the day,

Adley can say, "happy birthday pancakes".

I kind of lost my voice.

We played video games 'til like, four in the morning.

And I was yelling and screaming and having fun.

But that's a good thing.

Jenny planned the surprise party.

Thanks, babe.

You're the bestest.

Real funny, laugh it up.

- I ordered a chocolate milk

and she thought it was for Adley.

So, she gave me a baby cup.

Guess that's what happens

when you order your daughter water

and then you order chocolate milk (laughs).

Hey, you got a smile.

You gonna eat the bananas?

Mm, is that yummy?

Mine and I got french toast.

(upbeat music)

Adley, how's your happy birthday pancake?

You say, "happy birthday pancake"?

Oh, okay.

Adley's just relaxing and eating breakfast.

Look at this.

She's just in heaven.

Are you enjoying breakfast?

Are you tired?

- [Jenny] She needs a nap.

(Adley grunts)

- [Shaun] You're so weird.

Does this mean I'm old?

- [Brandon] I guess.

- [Shaun] And the streamers?

'Cause I'm old?

- [Brandon] Yup.

- [Shaun] And these balloons 'cause I'm old?

- Yup.

- [Shaun] And your crown, is that 'cause I'm old?

- Nah, it's just 'cause I'm fashionable.

(Shaun laughs)

- Well, guess what.

I have my own fashion statement, here.

Like that.

And a cookies and cream candy bar.

Work is just gonna be good today.

Now, we're in the Spacestation.

We're gonna film a video where we're jumping into Legos.

Kind of a bad idea but kind of cool.

Yeah, this is the end card!

Do it for ten more seconds!

Are you ready to jump on some Legos, Chicken?

Have you ever jumped on a pile of Legos?

Are these Andres's? - They're mine.

- These are Andres's Legos.

So, we're gonna line them all up right here

and then do a long jump contest.

And either you jump the farthest

and you don't step on Legos

or you don't jump the farthest and you land on Legos.

- [Holiday] I have the most training.

- [Shaun] Are you a long jumper?

- No, but I had to run on ice on a treadmill

which really sucks.

- Oh, I remember that.

Flash to Holiday running on ice (laughs).

(Holiday yelling)

(Legos clanking)

Update, this hurts really bad.

I don't think this is the best idea ever.

At the same time,

I know I can jump farther than Tall Chicken.

So, it's gonna be funny.

Look my mom brought me

birthday Rice Crispies with chocolate.

You're the bestest.

Hey, Mom, do you wanna jump on some Legos?

- No, thank you.

- Look at that cute card!

Mom, you're the best.

It's your birthday, we love you!

This looks delicious.

This is my motivator so I can jump these Legos.

I will win this Lego jump contest now

'cause of the energy that I will get from this cereal.

Alright, who's up for the long jump?

(upbeat music)

End of the video.

That was a gnarly, bad idea.

(chuckles) But it was pretty fun.

Some really good moments.

I think you guys are gonna like it.

Spacestation stuff, go check it out.

We're gonna go to my dad's house

and do birthday stuff and swim.

Adley, you wanna go swimming?

- Yeah! - Yeah?

Are you break dancin'?

(energetic music)

That's so cool.

Oh, where are we at?

We at Papa's house with all the dogs?

Oh, he's so soft.

(Adley giggles)

(chuckles) Oh, he get you?

We gotta eat before we go swimming'.

Adley, what are you eating, cantaloupe?

No, not cat poop.

Can you say, "cantaloupe"?

(everybody laughs)

Alright, camel poop.

Hey, did you guys get in the pool?

Hi, puppy.

Linds, you remember when you made

that basket from the trampoline?

That's still my favorite thing you've ever done.

Cut to that clip.

We've cut to like four times

but just cut to it again.

Holy crap!

Hi, Adley!

Can I get in?

'Kay, I'm gonna go get my swimmies on.

Alright, so I purposefully helped my dad clean up.

And didn't get in the pool really fast

because I have an idea.

It's a birthday idea.

That's the key to my dad's Porsche.

When it's your birthday,

you can take your dad's keys to his Porsche, trust me.

So, you guys have seen this before.

My dad got a new car this summer

and it's really, really cool.

Oh, snap.

So, now that's Dad's new car.

He still hasn't sold his old car though,

which is the Porsche.

There it is.

Here's my idea, I mean, it is my birthday, right?

We hide the keys somewhere in the garage

and then, tonight when we're like,

"Okay, see you whatever."

I'll find the keys are we're takin' the Porsche.

And then, it'll be like a day until he notices.

And then, he'll be like, "Hey, did you take my Porsche?"

You got me but it's my birthday.

And then I'll take like a week to return it.

So, basically, we're renting the Porsche for a week.

We'll ask for forgiveness after.

We're like, "You can't get mad at me, Dad.

"It's my birthday, I can steal your Porsche

for a week on my birthday, right," Right.

Put over here.

'Kay, now we're gonna go swim,

act like nothing happened, have fun.

And then later tonight, we're driving that home.

Shh, remember, nothing happened.

Everything's normal.

Hey, everybody, everything's normal!

Hi, hey, how are ya?

Hot tub, huh?

(upbeat music)

Adley can jump in without us catching her, ready?

Two, three!

(laughs) Yay!

Go give a high five to vlog.

- [Jenny] (squeals) Don't get me, don't get me.

- Can you blow bubbles?

Oh, good bubbles.

Okay, should we go underwater now?

You gotta go like this.

Oh, good job, that was so good!

We'll do it at the same time, ready?

One, two three.

We did it!

Oh, look what else we learned.

Go like this.

(machine grinds)

Let's go.

- [Jenny] Good job.

- Thank you!

(gasps) Put some in here.

- [Jenny] Oh, yummy, that's for you.

- Taste.

- [Jenny] Is that yummy?

(Jenny laughs)

- [Shaun] The girls, bye!

- Can you give 'em hugs?

Aww, aww.

Say, "I'm gonna miss you".

- I miss you too.

- [Shaun] There you go to say bye.


'Kay, we're out of here.

Thanks for the birthday, bye everybody, love you!

Hey, babe, come here.

(bell dings)

Look what I found.

My dad's keys.

I'm taking the Porsche home, I think.

It's my birthday so I can do it.

- No, you're not. - It's just a prank.

It'll be a funny YouTube video, huh, guys?

Think about it.

It'll be funny. - No.

- [Shaun] I put the keys out here so I could do it.

- Your dad would be so mad.

- He doesn't care, he has another car.

Here, I'll help you get Adley in.

And then I'm gonna take this

but we gotta hurry before they come out.

Let's just do it, I can always give it back.

- He's gonna be so mad. - And it'll be so cool.

I just wanna drive it.

- Do you even know how to drive a stick?

- My first car was a stick, thank you very much.

Do you even know how to drive a stick?

- My first car was a stick.

- Okay, why don't you steal the car then?

Just kiddin', don't steal cars, borrow cars.

(engine revs)

Okay, bye, girls.

- [Jenny] No.

- [Shaun] Bye!

- [Jenny] Babe, get in the car.

- [Adley] Bye.

- [Shaun] Bye.

- Get in the car!

- Bye, see you at home!

Oh, this is mine now.

Oh, dang, we make this look good.

You guys sit right here.

Get you guys all buckled up here.

(engine revs)

Don't know what to say

We gotta hurry.

The one that you love

We're doin' it.

Look, there's Jenny.

See ya at home, bye!

We stole the car.

(upbeat music)

Oh, hey there.

- Oh, hey.

- [Shaun] You need a ride?

Is Adley asleep?

- Yeah.

- [Shaun] 'Kay, Chicken can watch her, hop in.

- Okay, I'll go tell him.

- [Shaun] You ready for a ride?

- Are you sure you know how to drive this?

- Oh, I know how to drive it.

I just drove it home and we killed it.

Alright, you're gonna drive?

- Yeah.

- 'Kay, dang, look at this girl.

She knows how to drive clutch.

She's a race car driver.

(engine revs)

- [Jenny] Oh, my gosh!

- [Shaun] It's kinda fast, huh?

(Jenny laughs)

(engine revs)

(Jenny laughs)

How about that?

- This is crazy!

- [Shaun] Was that fun?

- Yeah (laughs).

- Best idea ever, thanks, Dad.

We'll return your Porsche later, maybe.

(upbeat music)

(speaking in alien language)

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