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Hey, it's Bauer, you know from the back, looking at this thing you think it might be

an MP3 player or a video player or something like that,

you don't usually see digital cameras like the Nikon Coolpix S60

without any buttons at all on the back but buttons are something that are

very scarce on this particular camera, in fact there are only two--

one to turn it on, and one for the shutter,

the rest of the magic all happens on this really, really nice touchscreen.

Three-and-a-half inch touchscreen on the Nikon S60,

and the touchscreen allows you some flexibility that you probably haven't seen

in digital cameras before, but first let me give you some of the quick details

on this thing. First of all, very nice finish, very nice build quality on this camera,

10-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom on this camera, and of course

the NIKKOR glass lens that you find on the Nikon Coolpix cameras,

the display is fully customizable, it's totally touch-sensitive,

I mean, in order to zoom the camera in you simply touch the screen

on the telephoto or the wide setting, it's got a number of features I'll show you

that are very, very cool, but first of all this is your homescreen,

which allows you to get to all of the various shooting modes

in this camera. As you can see, it does do regular photos,

you can go into your various scene modes here, it does shoot video,

and of course all of your playback is here. Now if we take a look at the shooting mode,

or actually the scene mode, i'll show you some of the scenes

that are located in this camera. It's very easy to get to all

the various scene modes, it comes up with a very nice menu,

you simply tap the scene that you want to be able to use and it selects it.

Of course, i'm doing it from over here so it's very difficult,

but if you take a look, getting to all of your various scenes very simple just by

touching the screen. One of the other things

that's very nice about this camera-- it does have a very nice autofocus built into it,

but it's also able to focus on whatever you touch on the screen.

So let's go ahead and go into basic shooting mode, and you can actually touch the screen

to focus on something, so let's say you have a shot

and you're lining it up and maybe what you want to focus on is actually

in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can actually simply touch

the screen wherever you want to focus, and the camera will actually

automatically focus on that point. So as you see i've chosen

that that's going to be our focus point for the frame right there

and wherever you touch becomes the focus point on this camera, which makes obviously focusing

really, really easy and almost kind of fun. Also you can adjust your macro setting here,

you can turn it either on or off, self-timer and smile mode is found right here,

of course the smile shot mode, it will detect somebody smiling in the shot

and pull the trigger when it detects the smile, you'll also see your flash settings here

and all of your playback mode settings are in here. There are some cool

playback mode settings that you're going to find inside of this camera, actually.

Take a look here, you can actually draw and annotate on the screen,

so-- this is a picture I took just a few moments ago,

you can crop, annotate, reshape, so if we would just kind of want to say...

take a look at this, we'll make this a red color, and this right here

that is not Randy. Is that right there... but yeah, you can annotate

and do all this stuff just by touching the screen, and of course upload the photos.

Now you can set this up so that when you do annotate

and change the photos it will save two versions, the original version

without any of your edits, and the new version with all of your edits,

so you don't have to worry about losing that original picture.

This makes browsing and using the camera so much more intuitive,

because now you're able to get rid of all the clunky buttons

and get rid of all of the wheels and switches and you're able to just

touch your way through the camera, and it makes it very, very simple.

As I mentioned it does do the smile shutter, it doesdo blink warning-

blink warning is actually going to warn you if somebody in the shot has their eyes closed

or blinked during the shutter close, it does up to 3200 ISO,

so you're going to get very nice pictures even in low-light situations

with the Coolpix S60, it does a 640x480 movie mode,

and also takes SD and SDHC cards, which go right in here,

and that's also the rechargeable battery that comes with the camera

and it also comes with a charger as well as a port right there for plugging

into the computer, it does have an HDMI port as well, right here in the side,

mini-HDMI, so you can plug this directly into your high-definition TV at home.

So you can show off all of your pictures and all of your slideshows

direct to the TV without a special adapter, of course you need a mini-HDMI

on one end of that cord, but that is a standard HDMI port

that's built into this camera. So very advanced, very fun to use shooter,

and also extraordinarily easy to use, this one is definitely built to be as simple

to use as possible. So it's got that 10-megapixel sensor, nice big 5x zoom,

it does have the ability to automatically determine what scene mode it should be in,

so no longer do you have to figure out what scene mode to be in on the camera,

this will actually figure it out because it has that built in database

of all kinds of other scenes and it's able to actually determine on it's own

which scene mode it should be using. It's got a customizable display,

you can change up where things are located, you can change up color schemes,

you can customize the boot logos, you can show your favorite picture

every time you turn the camera on, so it's very fun, very customizable,

very easy to use, it's even easy to use that touch autofocus and touch exposure setting

so you can make those pictures look as good as possible. So go check it out,

definitely a different way to use a digital camera and I'm finding out it's actually a very easy way

to use a digital camera as well. Touchscreen. 3.5-inch high-res display

on this thing. Go check it out, it's the Nikon Coolpix S60.

For more information on the 10-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S60,

go to any of the retailers listed here and type in Nikon S60.

For ComputerTV, i'm Bauer.

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