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This is the second video I make about this topic. It's based on the information collected by the user of twitter "KIMVISOLO", I leave the link of the thread below in the description. Thank you for watching

How BigHit treats Taehyung

This video will show you situations Taehyung went through due to his company's decisions

1. His audition

At this point, we all know some pre-debut videos of the boys exist and their auditions too

Taehyung's audition was unexpected, he had gone to accompany his friend but when the staff members saw him they asked his parents for permission and made him audition

For some reason, his audition video is the only one that wasn´t revealed

2. The "hidden member"

From the beginning, Taehyung was named like the hidden member or the secret weapon

So for years he wasn't allowed to post anything about his debut, nor be seen with the rest of the group

He spoke about that in his first blog he posted, mentioning situations where he couldn't participate due to that...

V: During jungkookie's graduation I had to stay in bedroom

V: In "Graduation Day" video, Jimin's uniform was mine

V: In the first blog we posted there were only six people, right?

V: The true is that I was there too

V: I was standing there where the camera couldn't see me, watching my hyungs

This is the first blog bantang posted like a "group", to which Taehyung refers. This was titled like "130517 BTS' Log"

And as if wasn't enough, they also mentioned that situation in the game "BTS WORLD" and in a derogatory way towards Taehyung...

Adding to that, the CEO of BigHit didn't remember his name FOR A YEAR

V: I went to the store with RapMon hyung

V: And we bumped into BangPDNIM

V: And we greeted him

V: And he said: " The one next to Namjoon, who are you?

V: My name is Taehyung

V: And that went on for a whole year

Leaving aside the way he told it, it doesn't seem funny to go through it

3. Overworked

To talk about this point, I'll make reference to a particular situation

During 2017, BTS were practically on tour the whole year

Also, if you watched my last video about this topic, you'll know that 2017 was a hard year for Taehyung in his personal sphere

During the "Inkiyago Super Concert" of that year Taehyung was MC of the show and also BTS had a performance than more of 16 minutes

Also BigHit didn´t post a "BANTANG BOMB" of that event, despite the fact some people saw them filming it

Talking about "BANTANG BOMBS" Taehyung is the one who has less solo videos

And ARMY noticed that almost all his birthday's videos are the shortest and without a moment to talk to the camera like the others usually do

4. Little "mistakes"

There were multiple occasions where they "forgot" Taehyung...

In the first post about the "L" version of the album "Love Yourself" they forgot to include his photo

In the "Seasons Greeting" of 2019, many armys reported that they forgot to include Tae and instead they puted 2 Jungkook

His name wasn't included in the cast list of the movie "Bring the Soul"

In the awards "Gaon Chart" of 2018 they didn't include his quote and instead they puted other member's quotes many times. This happened again in 2019

At an exhibition, they labeled one of his photos "Serendipity" instead of "Singularity"

A post for his birthday, they got wrong not once but TWICE

5. His music

Taehyung has said publicly how he composes melodies and write songs but sadly are rejected

V: Did you know I composed the main track?

V: I really wanted to say it

V: I think I composed 13 melodies

V: But none was approved

V: I though "why can't I write a good song?

And he has shared this segment of his demo for "Spring Day", that wasn't chosen either

His songs aren't promoted

It happened with the song "A Brand New Day"and news portals highlighted the ARMYS claim

And here many screenshots of how "Dream Glow" and "All Night" where the only ones promoted in NAVER

And for some reason the MV of "Singularity" IS THE ONLY ONE IN BTS with the option of "DOWNLOAD"

6. Line Distribution

In many occasions ARMYS discontent has been manifested regarding Taehyung's few lines in all songs

The most recent: the songs "The Truth Untold" and "Love Maze"

"The Truth Untold" is a song of four minutes with just four singers, the vocal line

Taehyung just sing 22 seconds IN A SONG OF FOUR MINUTES WTF

The same goes with "Love Maze", he's the one with least lines. And this rehearsal video speaks for itself

"He's even texting :(......


And even himself has speaked regarding the issue

V: My favorite song is "Hold me Tight"

V: I heard is the second favorite of our fans after "I Need U"

JM: I also heard that you are the one who sing less although you are the composer

V: Yes, my part is the smallest

V: And I composed it!

V: I personally like the most "Let Me Know"

S: Why?

V: Because my part is big

7. "Hwarang"

Finally, let's talk about the kdrama "Hwarang", where taehyung participated

During the press conference of the drama, the director commented about Tae that despite his lack of experience he was amazed by his acting skills and how he wanted to work with him

But then, an intern shared with NAVER that BigHit made all the members audition for it even though the director had already said he wanted Tae to act

At the end the director chose Taehyung and they lamented that Tae's role had to die soon due to his busy schedule

Also I want to highlight that BigHit DIDN'T EVEN PROMOTE "Hwarang" in any way

This is all for this video.


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