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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Days to Die - ICE ZOMBIE

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Okay, well, I'm leaving are we going I'm going with you. Yeah, let's get out of here

I got the food get hey grab what you need where we're going we're moving Doraleous well take what you want, but I mean

I'm sure we're gonna go unexplored and find new things to lose we can always come back here. You know yeah, that's true

Okay, I'm leaving my bed right. Yeah beds are here, so if you die. Oh you got to respond here

That's probably kind of important. We can make new beds when we get there. Yeah, that's true too, okay

Where we're going what we talked about living up here, but I kind of want to move to a new biome

Yeah, I'd like something a little greener. Well you go to a nice green place

Go somewhere where I can hunt deer we haven't gone east at all. Why don't we go east like beyond the football stadium? Yeah?

Why not I feel like we've kind of seen a little bit of everywhere and North is great about yeah

I want to go alright. Let's just hit let's hit the road and go beyond the stadium


And that God that wasn't far away at all the Nazezgane National Forest

Pretty this is pretty out here, yeah

Snow in the distance I do to where it doesn't touch you yep, hey

What is that a purple thing

For those tents you want or we gonna camp site looks like a camp site

Yeah, be careful a lot of things can surprise you here especially a crawler

I'd imagine considering the environment okay watch out for landmines the camp site. I don't know I think this is a

Any zombies class right? I hear one

There's one right behind me. Oh, there's one in here oh

Yeah, we start looting boy. Oh boy

ah i got hit

Under Alice oh wait you got one coming in behind you hey that guy there's a mining head on doraleous who?

Could just be a hardhat get him

All right, I'm watching you guys

Man, well I was yeah dear Alice you got a crawler coming in behind you. Oh, good good. You move I can help yeah, but

I'm good. I guarantee he's looting. He's in his menus. Oh, I've been attacked

I was in the what I just killed a man you score. You're welcome. You go into that thing you are welcome

It's kind of a have a silly-looking tent isn't it yeah doesn't work at all does it?

Mind that I just broke up was solid until I broke it up

Nobody could have ever been in there looks like a tent from a Renaissance Faire. Hello. Good show hello to you good, sir

Can we leave now please yeah?

It's time to move on I believe go back to the road back to the road so head Northwest yeah, hey Doraleous

Yep, maybe check the zombies when they're all down next time may be helpful with killing them your guy wasn't doing that yeah

I'm doing just sitting around no listen. I'm thumbs. I know you need to get your quota of bitching in every day, so go ahead

Someone tries to give you a nod out my friend. You shouldn't drink and drive

Feels good, okay, yeah, so good

III could have been hittin a zombie that was right behind you if you weren't standing in the way there you go

Let it out. No. No I think we're all in agreeance on that. Yeah, we should have yeah, Donna don't go at ejido

Yeah, don't go in to the Midwife. I felt like we were a pack that was helping each other

I just killed T's you know all I bring them so cover my fucking ass you little

Thing were you this way in school there we go, there's two plus two is four oh. Yeah, just get it out get it out

You could do this for me

The earth is round

Here we go Timmy. I'm drill here. We go again. Okay

Temperatures uh temperatures get a little low fellas well. It's because we're up here. We've got a line of snow yeah listen

I'm not living there. No. I don't going there. We should loot it dude. There's a building right there

We gotta go in that pile of loot the bill no man. I'm wearing a tank top. I am NOT

I am not dressed for that snow. Let's do it boys. I'm wearing a freaking skirt all right

Oh, yeah, one building that I'm coming back. Yeah, cold as ice

What kind of zombie is this a new kind of zombie. Oh wow

You ever see one of these they're like a lumberjack. It's a lumberjack zombie take em out. I ran past them

Let's fight him together boys all right

Oh crap strong shit oh shit

Come on, baby

Break out the pistol you guys got him. I think I got him Teddy Boy. Hey, I'm here too, buddy

I'm bleeding out anybody got us. I got him. I got him here. We go names turn around. I got a bandage for you, baby

I'll see you to antibiotic and we've got it. I have an antibiotic oh

Shit Neebs how soon you need that bandage like right now. Yeah soon as possible all right here comes it ma'am

Here's the bandage, oh. Oh, oh he's down. Okay. The bleeding stopped right about here some antibiotics. We're gonna put you album

You're welcome. Give me a thank you. Thank you so much. Got some extra buddy. I'll take some

I'll need some here have some antibiotics buddy. Thank you. Yeah listen. There's lumberjacks. No jokes. Oh watch out for Lumberjacks now

We know I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

Alright we gotta move quick boys cold. Yeah like what's going in the house, ooh Dam it!


Work started where are you? What are you?

- I'm looking around for assignment. Fucking spikes man Oh ok

Hurt fucking bitch you guys ready, I'm moving into the first floor. I'm on the second floor

Because over here, I don't know where you are

There's a side entrance this is it you guys hurry up my dicks going inside me. Okay stand back. No

That's that's mine going inside you

yeah that'll feel nice

Okay, yeah, I think the first floor is clear about second floor second floors

And shit all right, let's move out all right. Let's get back to the heat. It's cold. Yeah

I like this one bit so yeah, we don't want to be in a cold part

I know that I don't mind being on the on the edge of it. I'm down for that. Well sure well

I hear we move to the structures. This doesn't seem like a nice place to live well

Hey, should we let's just turn south and yeah a little stroll would ya?

Keep your eye on someone

Always keep your eye on someone. I got my own thick. Yep. I'm my sweet, sweet, butt you do have a sweet, butt

Thank you. That's firm fanny


I can tell you right now. We're gonna run into some shit. Yeah, this looks super dangerous

All right, I'm following you

Watch out for that Cowboy zombie

Cowboys I'll be behind you he's up and doing some ranching in your ass

I'm a rancher guy say Brokeback Mountain my friend. Oh shit

What is this a who builds mansions inside of a National Forest? Let's take a look at the street? I want to go Street

Street Street Street Street Street Street Mother fucka barely, Doraleous please let me a promise

Yeah, if we live here do not tear down these these street lamps. I won't touch the street lamps

Thank you, Neebs in this car quickly over here. It's for you. Just it's for you. It's a surprise

I like surprising you dick face

What is it oh?

I think carry around a football helmet plastic so I can make one guys, are we ready to go inside this home

I think you're always going through the garage. Hey listen. Well. We got here

We got yeah doraleous already tore himself a hole in the garage. We got one four houses, right?

All right great

Big one down here may as well be two houses all right well

We split up in a couple teams clearly houses out meet back here in like an hour everybody bright-eyed chat boy

How boys not Rastafarian hey boy?

You were s'posed to watch my back I know I was I was looking at the freaking safe. Why would you oh my gosh?

I was curious. Hello Hello Hello who ooooh

Here man. Oh, well. We got a safe. I got a sawed-off shotgun


dude this was the Freaking jackpot right here you look so funny right now

Oh is it. There's a safe under here. It's locked

Neebs I got a nail gun hey an actual gun or a blueprint no a nail gun. Oh good guys. Where are you at?

I'll lost Doraleous, Simon we're at that house at the end of the street you're supposed to stay with your audience. I lost them


Boy you guys hear that yeah, it was supposed to be with him you

Simon I know well, he's dead now well. Hopefully he'll spawn back at base, and then start running back here

It's not too far away. Yeah, you can find us ooh

Did you find some good thing yeah, man? I found a hunting rifle whoa?

Did you say you found a hunting rifle? yeah, man looting shit all day all I find jars and spam

Yeah, we got two upstairs for that. I won't take a shot. Hey go get him

Scared the shit out of me fix Alright that was awesome whoo this lady's got a pistol owner son of a bitch yeah


All right, I got two pistols now. Wait a second - Doraleous is gone right can he get his stuff

Uh yeah, he can go get his stuff. Yeah, cuz you know what he found a shotgun. I'm going for his stuff

Yeah, you gonna take it. I want a shotgun. He's gonna want it back. Of course. It's his shotgun

Listen where's the safe let's bust into the safe hate after oh right. I've got two pistols. So you can have one of mine

Well, I want a pistol too. I want a gun listen. Let's break into the safe all right come on

Let's go upstairs you have a axe. That's what doraleous had was an axe I got a hatchet a stone hatchet

Yeah, sure worst thing now. I'll see if me beating it with this club will help - no not club hatchet

There was a club might work. I mean a hatchet doesn't really work for a safe all right

Oh that yeah, I'm gonna open a steel safe with a bat well

Does it make sense with this fucking hatchet dip shit more than a wooden blunt bad?

Oh god, no well listen. They both. Don't make sense don't pretend that this fucking makes sense

Hey, we can tackle this together, so I'm gonna get your ex out start whacking

I don't know my wax my axe broke back an ex, bro

You stand there and make crazy accusations about bats and Saves and we'll do this

Oh shut got your zipper zipper mouth. Yeah, yes it is

I don't know you make crazy things all the time, so let's open a safe with a bat. I'm surprised. You're so stupid

I didn't realize you think you don't understand that I'm glad I'm surprised you didn't realize something yeah

Oh really, and you're two steps away from getting clubbed in the fucking head

Oh, yeah, yeah, you're one step away from getting uh go for it gun into the face go for it, dude

No, you would have not a nut then put the gun down who uses a hatchet to open a safe!

Okay, hold on hold on hold on. Yeah, I got a

hold on hold on hold

Hold on

It took down damage

I mean, it's taking a little bit of that's what asshole wasn't that whole thing decided I'm actually even taking damage down

No, it's what does the most damage? No. It's what you implied that it didn't do it at all didn't yeah?

No, I did not imply that is not the best tool for the job forget it look at this here. It's about open

Yeah, well from me

BAM wait Thank You Simon, so glad you open that for us. Yeah me too. Oh wait you got into Friday

Yes, I did and guess what Oh, I got a shotgun

Barrel that was mine. Okay. No, but it's just a long barrel. It's not it's no whatever it's good

It's better than nothing hey. There was a gun safe in the other house as well as a regular safe

Oh, yeah, there's a safe in the pool of the other house as well all right listen

We got to start thinking survivable fellas we need a fire we need food

I brought a hoe should I start a garden may as well?

Do this safe test right now Simon I am going to make sure we survive all right

Okay, needs you work on the farm. You think it's working all the things

I mean you and I can go to the safety. Why is he trying to grow stuff right now?

Food I mean, it's it's a logical find out what we're leaving here. We're gonna live here

I don't know. Maybe I don't fucking grow a garden somewhere

I'm visiting we should decide that right now before I start doing all this work. Hey. I'm talking about hey

I think this is a cool place to live I mean, but there's only three houses

And you know five of us fuck this place guys. Honestly strategically. It's not a very good place to live we not a good place

Thank you Simon

Thanks for covering my back. Um no this place is not a good place to live that is a good look for you Travis

Professor shotgun, yeah, tell us a poem yeah. Yeah, why it was a poem

Who does not have a shotgun is not?

*Really Bad Music

oh ok is it over?, yeah that's it

Shitty poet gun safe there was another gun safe. Let's go to it break in all right simon you with me neebs

Yes, sir the hill to the south here. Uh-huh

I'm just gonna look over it go for it man bring back a full report all right. Neebs I'm gonna go with him

Okay, all right so Simon. Here's this damn safe all right now you hit it hit it amd tell me ho-

Yeah, so it went from let's see right now. I said 2409. I smack it

It's a 2396 okay, so 09 to what - what oh, no tell me

What did it give us other than a number so now? It's twenty three seventy boom now. It's 2357

Okay, hold on so that's what is it 13 every time hit it again

2357 boom no, it's 2344. You're the math guy so that's 13 is it 13. Yeah hold on

mine is ye seven seven yeah

All right, so hold on so 7 and 13 right. I mean you can't do it

You can do it of course you can, but it's it's not even it's not even it's less than 1/2

But just out of curiosity. Do you have the materials you need to repair that Club if it breaks?

It doesn't matter it does matter because that's a good Club

You don't want that don't you won't you want to use that Club on the zombie's you know what I mean all right?

I'm done thick yeah, man

You see what's up ahead lots of water water and a house and wide open covered space

Let's take a look at this a little bit closer. Dude. This is much better. We got to tell those guys

Yeah, let's go back. Oh a compound bow compound bow string ooh

Yeah, you deserve it Appsro finally found something good. Yes, Simon lo- look at this bad boy. Oh

That thing is cool, I wanna show neebs hey guys

Where is Doraleous. Oh hey, hey neebs. Yeah found a better place. Yeah Wooh, That thing is cool!

I want to see that thing so so you could use any arrows in that huh you advice soon keeps up gentlemen

It's getting kind of late

Yeah, it's getting down they want a hold up here

If we go to that other area that thick and I found yeah, we have to clear it, okay

What did that area look like well?

Yep, so one of those places are several across the way, uh-huh, what do you think two bridges? Yeah?

Hey look as fancy as the houses we just saw, but I'm going for it

We don't need fancy hold on a second if I'm looking at this map correctly thick didn't you and neebs loot that place?

Oh, is that the place? We're pretty close to a place we looted already yeah, huh?

Yeah, cuz yeah, you guys met us in the city that was uh if you follow the road

Then that menu cleared it already which saves us time. That's true all right, so should we followed Doraleous?

He seems really like passionate about this this place. I want to get wet but here

Let's just go down here where it's real shallow, but and say well walk along the river

And yeah, where we go that way you got across the river twice yeah


Yeah thick I think this is the area we cleared the other day

Yeah, but we didn't go further down the road, which there's some more stuff down there

Whoa hold on a second what oh look at this dude. It's a farm

Blueberry Farm!


I love Blueberries

Shit holy shit, I just I'm picking blueberries who doesn't love a blueberry


So wait you guys already looted this area. Yeah, this is what we lay together day right alright, so which house

That's a good question. What about maybe this one that I'm facing hey. Do y'all wanna

What what I wonder where this river goes usually these rivers go into a lake, okay?

Why don't you go back to the water and walk along the water and see if there's something else okay?

Yeah, it's 6:30 p.m.. Okay. All right. Tell you what let's do it real quick real quick real quick

Yeah, just go to the water now real quick. I hope shit. I found where needs wants to live

What'd you find? Oh? I see a barn over there to the right a barn a barn!?

It looks like a barn from here big red. It is a barn look at the fence around it

Yeah, Thick loves barns hate barns, okay

Well damn we go we should we want to be oh look I cigs up them out there in the water see that. Oh, yeah

That's it now. We got options. That's where we go we need to be near water. That's where we go all right

I like it already to the water! gee exploring someplace someplace different, and new I love it

Whoa a hunting knife nice fuck yeah, Oh God, what?

Dying my body is right here I'm gonna dead in a se-awow

Killed him all is a zombie down there chewing on him is this him over here

This guy kill my friend. Oh come on lady teach you some manners miss


Man know someone's gonna have to spawn back at the police station. She didn't even have the decency to have something in our inventory

Can you believe that man yeah? I can't believe it

Been believing it all day everything I checked neebs a appsro yeah

Simon Died

Yeah, oh fuck we should leave his stuff here. Huh yeah, so he can if we leave it here

He can see it on his map he can get back to it. Yep. Ooh I like this log cabin in the woods

Oh deer. Oh deer okay hold on. Oh God. He's running here. No. I got my compound bow neebs

Yeah, yeah all right going deer hunting baby. You guys get set up get a fire going get some get some meat cooking up

I'll bring home more meat. Yes, sir we do in this house. I guess huh, I like it

here down dammit compound bows badass Wooh appsro

That's dinner, baby


All right listen everybody put your food this refrigerator, Is there still a attacking?

All right, you won't let the somme be come out. I guess it's coming out on its own. Are you gonna shoot it?

No, it's a big momma of any bullet accually okay. Yeah, that's all right well back up oh

She's gone, she just jumped off the rails motor

Yeah, yeah could have been your head Neebs

I know I didn't realize is there's a ho in there somebody grab that garden hoe will do


Guys coming where are you you found your way back I did, but I'm gonna die


Is that you I know I got hurt is this you no. This is me. Yeah follow me

You know I need something to drink. I need medicine follow me. There's a zombie here. I'll do it

I'll guess what I'm gonna. Be dead just follow me for five second alright

Well ten seconds Simon are you bleeding? yes, Neebs you have a bandage no I need something. I don't know if I'm bleeding

I just my health is going down if you have a hard head corner with an arrow your Bleeding. Give me something yes

oh crap mother fucker

It stopped at five

Yeah, it stopped at five crafting a bandage hold on, but yeah, it stopped at five. It was going down down down

I went all the way from

Full health to five and it stopped so now I've got 5% you need. I don't have anything

I where's my body I?

Know yeah, well I see it and then it disappears. That's where it is when it is

I know well that word disappears there we go

It should be on the ground


backpack right here, man

I know dude play nice

But that's not plain as day not to me grass dirt leaves nice day to be okay

How do you get it all you got a hand it over one at a time? I think it's forget

Oh, that's right our Sam you had a burger thing no

I want to stop making sense forget about this nonsense go. No go do a dog good

We think of this play Simon. I like the cabin look yeah

Let's make sure alex has a chuck this lamppost down this does not look like a good place to stay though like this

Isn't gonna be our main. Oh Stronghold, maybe I don't know we could fortify this

I don't feel like we're gonna wake up in the morning at least explore around the lake yeah

Yeah, I'm I'm concerned about it being wood. It shouldn't be wood so we're gonna stay the night here

I we have no right here for sure. I put a bedroll down already

That's a good idea buddy should do that. Yeah

Bedroll. Yes, ma'am. I don't have a bed roll make one make stuff Simon

I know I do damn you want me to walk out of here right now

Do you want to walk out of here sure I'll walk out on besides pulling back at the other place

And I'll be done all right hey. I got water the fire for whoever is thirsty

Bed roll Wow search bed roll nothing comes up go figure. I wonder what menu you're searching in probably something crazy

Yeah, well I forgot that there are menus. How about that bed roll look?

I type bed roll one in bed roll comes

I know. What do you need fuckface you just tell me that the exotic plant fiber? I need plant fibers

20 is that it yep. Okay, does anyone have plant fibers? Yes, I'm still getting used to this

I'm not I don't like playing that aspect of it so expect to get shit

There's your plant fiber. Thank you

And I hitting the button and it's not doing what it's supposed to do hitting E. Yeah, can you hit it harder?

Yes, like. I'm hitting it hard enough. I'm gonna try to hit it harder. Yep

That's that that probably did it is that good I gotta Amazon find a new keyboard for us. Yeah, that'd be great

Take it out of my fucking pay. Did you get it Simon? Nope is it just not reacting? Yeah?

I don't know what's going on and it's probably something simple, and then you can make fun of me because I'm fucking up

It's something simple is your inventory full no maybe but that's probably what's happening the probably it's probably great

Its deductive reasoning which I don't have you want to exploit that some more so when you talk about this more

We've got the basic common

Menu's is every single box full well the thing is I don't pay much attention eating that shit

So we could keep on talking about this or we could move on you great. Hey

Listen this is another one of those times Simon. When we're like hey, I'm learning you should look at your menus

Maybe you should change your fucking tone. You're not learning because when I asked you a few things

Oh, that's that's what it is. I learnt ever my menus are full. Oh god

If I can only punch you in the face and not get hit back harder. Oh wait Doraleous. I have something for you

Oh really, I do

You are a friend, and I would like to give this to you friend. Do as you will with it

You know that was just a phase in my life

I think you should still it's a sign of kindness but sign of kindness moved on

With the you should take it it's high level alright. I have it. You're not gonna wear it

Are you there? We go Thick yeah there? We go. Oh it works done

Lovely neebs huh, I give doraleous another skirt. I don't see you doraleous. Oh, yeah. He just walked out okay

He actually kind of strut it out. I watched him it was pleasant

Boarding us in for the night fellas

There we go all right boys witness it boarded up

The last treasure we did my treasure hunter ability was on zero and what is it now?

Well, there's six points you say you said you had some maps I have a map yes

I have a treasure map I could buy

All right three of these then we can go out and find in the morning

Well it may not let you buy all three you may have a requirement to be a higher level than you are but you at

Least buy one let's try do it I?

Bought one all right looks like you can buy another goodbye to and yep

Hey now. I'm two out of three right hey

So what kind of map you got you wanted to look at it?

Yeah, all right here look at this look at this Dallas's. You don't want to see what's going on. I don't know

Where is doraleous? What's up guys?

Oh, you made a ladder. Yeah, okay, cool. We might do a treasure hunt the morning here. We go good times ego

neebs Rafael's treasure map

All right, let's take a look at this dear stranger

I've got the cold sweats

And it won't be long

All I can think of in my final hour is if my son Joey is still allowed Joey

I have no reason to trust you, but I have no choice

Crazy Jake is kidnapped him in your hand is a map to one of my many secret supply caches that caches

Promise me if you find it you'll help my son. I'm counting on you Raphael

Accept it yeah absolutely all right boys tomorrow we set out on a new journey. Where's it at on the map just curious?

Oh, that's a good. That's a good thing a check-in


That's a good way south

Oh really, okay, so tomorrow a we

and we can wake up a couple of us can go to maybe try to find a better location to live and a couple of

us can go for that treasure a

Better location so what I'm looking for a better location. Okay, that's that's doraleous plan cuz he's the he's the location guy

This is dangerous it is dangerous Doraleous

Alright, that's a plan well. Folks get a good night's sleep here. We set out. Yeah. Yeah, sounds good. All right

I'm going to bed me too neebs neebs. Yeah. Yeah, do you put the bed your bed roll by mine? Yeah?

We're survivors you guys sleep it in here. Yeah party put your bedroll here party alright

*Outro Music

Simon Rating 4

Simon Rating 4

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