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ZF invited me to go to the Formula Ebut first I want to tell you my story.

My name is Oscar Muñoz and I have lived my whole life in Santiago de Chile.

And I always wanted to make a change in my hometown,

and change people to act more sustainably and this is why I founded Green Glass.

This is the Green Glass recycling center.

Here we receive all sorts of materials from the community:

aluminum, plastic and of course our best friendsthe bottles.

So I want to tell you that every day in my country Chile,

one million of these are thrown into the landfills every day

which we think is totally wrong.

What I'm going to show you now is how we turn these bottles

into the best drinking glasses of the world.

How we cut them, fire them, grind them and turn them into the green glasses.

So follow me and see the process.

Here, guys, is the first step where the magic starts.

We have to cut the bottle. You can see that we're scoring it

and after we score it, if you pay close attention, here we have this.

The fire has turned the bottle into a cut.

If you follow me here, you're going to notice

that this is very sharp and dangerous.

So what we have to do is grind it.

Here you can see these guys are grinding very fast.

After the bottles are drying you can see that they're smoother

but there's one last step that is going to make them really smooth

and it's this one.

You can see where we discovered fire!

There you can see that the rims are red

and when the rims are red it is because they have melted.

And now they look shiny, smooth and they are ready for becoming a green glass.

So congratulations guysyou made it to the last part.

This is my favorite process and it's called the silk screen.

We're going to paint this glasspay attention.

I give it to Lee, we put the glass there,

the paint goes through the screen andtaadaaits ready.

The last partthe final oneis this:

we're going to put the glass into the oven

and when it comes out, we're going to fire this into really high temperature

so the paint is going to melt and it's going to turn out like this:

you won't be able to scratch it, and it's going to last forever.

So guys, this is what we do in terms of sustainability

and now ZF Motorsport has invited me to join a very special event

to know more about e-mobilitywhich is a leading topic of sustainability.

We are heading to the Formula E here in Santiago

and we're going to meet the Mahindra Racing team.

So come here and let's go.

So here it comes!

For me this is like making history in my city.

We are here in my first electric bus ride

and this bus is featuring ZF technology. It's really amazing.

I'm used to jumping on the bus and hearing the engines roaring.

And where we are, in the most crowded lane in Santiago,

and we're just floating in silencereally calm, relaxed.

It is so different to ride an electric bus and I'm so amazed!

I'm looking around and I've never noticed before but every time

there are more and more electric buses.

So we are finally here.

We arrived to the Formula E in Park OHiggins.

It's a beautiful day in Santiago. I'm so excited to meet the Mahindra team,

the drivers and to see their cars.

Hey Dilbagh, how are you man?

Thanks for coming by; I really appreciate it, ok?

Thank you for joining us.

I really excited because it's the first time Im in something like this.

I have never seen a sports car before and I don't know much about e-mobility,

but I know this is going to be the thing that is going to change the world

about this big issuethis big problem that we have.

Cars, traffic jams and all the pollution, noise

So if we see today improvements in terms of batteries,

what do you think the future is going to look like?

I think the next big thing which we are seeing is first,

when we started Formula E and racing and electric mobility, we showed speed.

The second carwhich is Gen2is about range.

because we can go with one battery the whole race.

The third which you're going to see in two yearstime is about fast charging.

So you can charge a car like

today it takes us 45 minutes to charge this battery.

We might be able to cut this down to 10 minutes.

So it's like filling a petrol tankin the same amount of time and all that,

you can charge a car and that's a big breakthrough.

So we've already shown speed, were showing distance, and now charging.

Both sides were attacking the problem,

which will make a very big difference going forward.

That's massive. I think that's the change.

How do you see the role of Formula E on making this big shift on promoting e-mobility?

In this championship there is cooperation, and theres competition.

So we cooperate with each other to make better battery technology.

But we compete with the same battery against each other with our powertrain.

Each team has its own powertrain and that's where ZF comes in.

ZF is our partner for our powertrain.

So when Mahindra goes and wins races,

it's actually the ZF technology which is behind us winning races up there.

That's something which is really important for Mahindra

having the right partner who has the experience of everything.

Commercial vehicles to bicycles; they do everything in between.

And that's where it was very important for us to have a partnership with someone like ZF

who has the same commitment to e-mobility like us,

who wanted the whole range of products and then bring it to people.

It's just not sexy fast cars.

It has to be buses; it has to be trucks; it has to be commercial.

That's how everyone in society is going to be impacted

and I think that's where some things are very important for ZF and Mahindra

to collaborate and then take this forward.

Thats crazy. Its such a good mix.

I think there are even buses here in Santiago that use ZF technologies.

For me that is likewow", theres this game that's like, between competing;

collaborating for making better technology that is going to impact the world,

which is just crazy. And at the same time you have fun.

This is your life... like youve done this since when?

I've been here since day one, so this is my 61st race and this is the 61st race.

I've been here for all the races.

But I think coming back to your point:

I must really say Chile is a very important market

and for the whole electric mobility stuff because of the raw material which goes in:

the lithium, which comes from Chile.

Now you talk about buses.

This city has got the most number of electric buses outside of China,

which is just amazing. You think likewhere is Chile?

Just one corner of the world.”

But this one corner of the world is very thinking for the future.

And I think that muchwhere I'm really surprised is

when you look around here you have 200 electric buses already in Santiago.

It is amazing. It is really great.

For me that's very shocking.

I think that normal people would think that this electric thing is like, way beyond.

But it's actually happening now and on a big scale.

Now when I go outside of my house and I see an electric bus

for me, that's like unbelievable.

I thought, likemy country's never going to have electric mobility

but seeing it now real, it's like such a big thing.

So I'm very thankful. Thanks for having me; it was great.

I never knew it was so advancedeverything in e-mobility.

I'm really happy that this thing is happening

and just a bigthank youfor showing me this world.

Oscarthank you for inviting us to Chile!

Thank you for hosting us. We love this country.

It's really great to come here and we hope to come back here again

and look forward to you and really contribute to what you are doing.

Wish you all the best with what you're doing. All the best!


Hey, how are you man?

Nice to have you here.

What do you think is the spirit of the whole championship?

What do you think are the core values?

Why is it important to build electric cars now?

I mean the brands are using it fortrack to road.”

So definitely they learn something from these cars, you know?

E-mobility is a new technology, so there are a lot of things to learn.

And with these technologies in the car,

obviously they want to learn something for the road cars.

Have you ever sat in one of these cars?

No, I never. Can I?

Yes, sure.

Should I just jump in? Your feet just go all the way.

Wow. You are very tight. This is crazy.

I mean, this seat is specially made for me so I have all the support on the side.

Yeah you're very skinny, man.

Whoaand you just see what you got

you dont have like, a map or anything? You just know the road.

You are not seeing a lot.

You just see like five meters ahead of the car and you see the tires there.

What is this?

The rocket; the start. Thats the start button.

We put the logo of a rocket on it.

Crazy man. Well thanks, this is great!

So crazy. Feels great!

Thank you very much for your time and enjoy the race.

Good race, man. Thank you; take care.

Bye. - Bye.

So we have come to an end. The race is over.

We have the winners and it was just such an amazing event.

It just blows my mind how this competition can develop technology

in order to bring e-mobility for the whole world.

Even in my own country in Santiago I could ride an electric bus

and feel all the benefits of e-mobility:

less pollution, less noise and better life quality.

So I hope you have enjoyed.

I'm Oscar Muñoz and I hope I have encouraged you

to live a more sustainable life. See you!

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