Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2PM "우리집(My House)" Greetings to HOTTEST

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Hello, we are 2PM!

Long time no see, HOTTEST.

It is good to see you!

Our lovely and pretty HOTTEST, did you miss us?

We miss you very much too.

We missed you so much that we almost die before seeing you.

We missed you very much, and so we have returned with our new albumNo.5”.

Its already the 5th album. We are a preschooler now.

Thats right.

Please explain about the title song "My House".

"My House" is a song that I wrote and composed. Im honored.

"My House" describes a genuine feeling of a mans who is strongly attracted to a woman.

What do you think aboutMy House”, Wooyoung?

I think a house is self-esteem to a man.

It is a place that shows his world, values, and everything.

It is a place that can substitute him.

The song signifies that he wants her that much.

That is a very mature song.

It is a very exciting and sexy song that continues merely with a guitar. Please give much love.

That was a fine description by the composer of 2PMs title song.

It seems like that he has explained the more mature 2PM.

Besides, we have actively participated in other tracks too.

Chansung, you have participated in about 3 songs.

What was your intention or style to come up with this song?

The mental attitude was

Was it like to crush everything?

No way.

To possess everything?

No, it is Taecyeon who wants to crush everything. He crushed everything with a drum.

Yes, that was my intention haha.

For my case, I have different intention for each song.

Good Man”, “Wanna Love You Again”, andHotter Than July.”

There are many mellow and a bit sexy songs.

Sweet and sexy styles.

I wanted to challenge in something new as 2PM.

It is a very slow song. I think it is the slowest song among our songs.

We did not have this kind of song before.

To show a new style.

I have participated in the lyrics and composition of the 3 songs, and rap making of the 5 songs.

It seems like you have participated in the most.

Yes I have participated in this album a lot.

I have writtenMagic”, “About to Go Insane”, andJump.”

Jumpis a song to party with the fans.

Jumpstands for your hope to party more. That is very simple and forthright.

Yes, it is very straightforward..

What about the next song?

Magicis about my hope to spend magical time with the fans.

That is very straightforward.

If you want to see this at the concert, then come.

Your clothes are straight too.

What isAbout to Go Insanelike?

About to Go Insanespeaks to men and women who flirt with many people.

Written by Junho, "Nobody Else" is~

Yes, I wrote "Nobody Else" and it is very odd. Please give much love.

As usual, us 6 members have put affections for each song and worked very hard for this album.


Please enjoy listening to our songs! We ask for your huge love!

We were 2PM. Thank you.



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