Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Le Trésor de Thérèse

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Theresa's treasure

A bitter misanthropist,

Tristan led a cloistered life in his sinister appartment,

where he fostered his hatred of the world.

Thinking himself a fated man,

the only thought of going out without looking for a few encouraging signs

highly distressed him.

He tried to foretell the celestial will he believed hidden

in tarot cards,

coffee grounds,

the lines of his hand

or the abstruse birth charts he fevereshly drew

so as to know what was bound to happen to him.

He looked out the window and counted the pigeons,

examined which way the aerials tilted,

counted the red cars, then the blue cars,

inevitably coming up with ominous figures.

He never went out

for fear of getting his head crushed by a piece of the MIR space station

and remained burried away in his den, terrorized.

Aware that he only was in on the secret,

he decided to advise the earthmen of the terror that would strike them without fail.

To an audience consisting only of Theresa, his thirteen-year-old neighbour

he explained about the stars, the arcane mysteries

the irrefutable signs of an inevitable and inexorable future

Theresa attentively listened to Tristans explanations

When he was done, she said :

The end of the world would suit me best on Monday

cause I have a maths test

But right now, Im meeting up my friends for a tektonic session

and youre in the way

Thats when Tristan wondered

if the treasure mentioned in the title

could be the detachment

that made the little girls life lighter than his

traduction : Laure Mancea

The Description of Le Trésor de Thérèse