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hello everyone this is Adam Meister the

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some predictions so go over that that's

pretty fun anyway I thank you x n for

notifying me about this coindesk article

about the most influential blockchain

people of 2016

there was a poll i think the polls

expired now I voted in the pole and I

voted for the DAO hacker now we'll get

back to that in a second because this

video is about why i think the DAO

hacker was the the person of the year in

Bitcoin now they call a blockchain and

you know i can't i can't really stand

that will make another video about that

but also they list all these people and

some of people are great and so me they

just added for political correctness

um I guess they feel they have to have

some women in there and everything

there really aren't if you're talking

about most influential person in Bitcoin

2016 it wasn't a woman everyone knows

that all the top of their head so why

even include a woman just for the heck

of it so I mean that that's kind of

old-school mainstream media type of

thinking there that I thought I'd point

out but ties that made a joke and say

you know why are we on the list and no I

should be on that list of course not

they should not be on no but ties then

on the other hand he's a really big

channel a be like it or not there are a

lot of people that are into trading

cryptocurrency like it or not and i have

discouraged people from this ico

speculation all this stuff but Tyson has

is a finger on the pulse of that type of

thing if you're into that type of thing

he's like the 90 on the internet at

least and again i don't recommend uh

gambling on all coins I see

wasn't all that stuff but that's his

thing and a lot of people are into that

and so maybe he should've should've been

listed in the list was big I i will link

to the the article and I don't know if

you guys can see the pole anymore was I

can't once i voted in so maybe you'll

see the other names that were on it but

there were there were a lot of names and

some of them were very good names times

n wasn't on it down maybe next year

hopefully hopefully he will be on it but

he does he hits a certain set the people

but again the the dowel the dowel hacker

in my opinion was that the person of the

year in 2016 and we don't even know who

he was and a lot of people say that I'm

a Bitcoin maximalist again I just

encourage people to buy the whole

Bitcoin but I realize that and the whole

Bitcoin ecosystem which extends begin to

the other for the currency's it's

important and the dow hacker taught us

so much about Bitcoin and and we can

learn a lot

bitcoin can learn a lot from the dow

hacker I mean the first thing that comes

to mind is the dow hacker him hacking

the dow which was this etherium project

caused the etherium hard fork and we

learned that hard folks are no good

I mean it was it was a test net for

Bitcoin suddenly etherium became we

learned about the hype that certain

projects can can bring to the space the

dow raise so much money at the same time

was it was helping my theory i'm hype

also and we just have to be careful

again about typing up certain projects

and so down hacker taught us all about

that on it the another another lesson is

in rushing into decisions after the dow

hacker get his thing they rushed into

this hard field for precision and they

it was it with all that they have rigged

the voting to decide if there's going to

be a hard for Koror software or whatever

they were trying to do but it was rushed

and weak and bitcoin cannot rush its

decisions nor that hard fork huh all

coins are not bitcoin is this reminded

us of that also that and this was crazy

what happened to ethereal I mean has


the video is just one proving ground if

your name is price went down afterwards

I mean it also was relying a lot on the

Dow that's not Bitcoin and number 22

bitcoin is definitely not number one

this proved also a lot of people before

the dial hacker came along well i guess

a theorem clearly can overtake Bitcoin

and I think this guy help shed some

light on the what people are realizing

that it's gonna take a lot for you can

even come close to overtaking Bitcoin

it's not going to happen in my opinion

at all me

it told us about test Nets then in fact

these all coins and other

cryptocurrencies perhaps their best use

case are testaments for Bitcoin of

course it taught us about immutability

the importance of immutability that you

should not be able to change the past

what is is you can't go back and start

reconfiguring stuff it taught us about

speculation and Bologna X because if

you're in classic was created because of

the dal hacker and we learned a lot

about people are speculating the theorem

classic we learned about Alcorn

communities because of that a new Alcorn

community came about because of this the

thermoplastic community we learned a lot

about trolling there's a lot of


they came about because of all this and

I i did i did mention again

improving unproven projects are very

risky endeavors to get into so this down

hacker I it we learned a lot of lessons

Bitcoin lessons cryptocurrency learn

lessons in theory especially learned a

lot of lessons just got into all

different realms of a bitcoin so i'm

sure other people you can come with

other examples of different aspects of

Bitcoin at the dowel hacker kind of

poked into here and there so for that

reason I think it's pretty clear that

the dow hacker was the person of the

year for Bitcoin for crypto currency and

just as she was a tremendous event

tremendous tremendous occurrence and

bitcoin remains number one to this day

but Bitcoin has to remember everything

that happened

remember that our fork never forget the

hard fork I've had a meister the

bitcoinmeister have a great rest of your


The Description of Bitcoin person of 2016- The DAO Hacker