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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ??British Words That Are RUDE in America! ?? | American vs British

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hi Joel and Leah and we have joined

today with Jess yeah we've done videos

before but we are thrilled to have you

back on the channel yeah that's a

genuine American is about British words

that are rude in America we did the

video not that long ago about American

words that are rude in the UK it went

down really well but some of you pointed

out to us that there are words that work

the other way around yeah so we got

chatting with Jess and she can confirm

this so we're gonna go through five

words that have a different meaning in

the US with a slight so rude twist would

you say yeah or strange yeah I think she

say we kick it off with the first word

so the first word is rubber yeah I like

it means nothing no sorry oh how I came

to find out what rubber means here okay

I was at work one day and a friend of

mine was like yeah I went to this event

with this company last night and they

gave away goodie bags and I had like

this and now I am rubbers in it I was

like that's amazing so rubbers just an


yeah I'm sorry if you make a mistake

with your pencil it's I guess cuz it

feels like rubber

yeah maybe it's made of rubber I don't

know but yeah and in the UK that's

that's what we call a racist but we call

them well that's what we call like a

nickname for condoms so funny this

called John Johnny and sometimes Robert

Johnny is such a horrible word

we don't say Johnny I you're testing me

on my condom nickname skills so the next

word is fag which I know is a very

derogatory word in America mm-hmm yeah

so it's unfortunately what some people

still might call someone who's gay but

it's you wouldn't say that you're not

supposed to say it's a it's a derogatory

term but you guys that's what you call

cigarettes cigarettes yeah

yeah have you got any fags I need to go

buy fags I'm going out for a fag yeah

all the time the word fag means and just

means cigarette

and also when we were preparing for this

video I remembered that faggot is a

meatball product that we have here in

the UK it's a classic UK dish I'm not

trying to me but they're like offcuts of

like pork and other meats just all sort

of stuff together and they're called

faggots yeah you can bite the butchers

or over the counter so yeah just made

meat or cigarettes because I guess fag

is short for faggots oh yeah another

wait it's another I think that's the

rudest one we've got on our list yeah so

if you turned off that where you can

turn back on yeah

another where it is homely which in the

US if you call somebody or if you say

something's homely it means like old and

like rundown like if you called a man or

a woman you people would probably say to

a woman unfortunately but if you called

a woman homely it's like it's an insult

because it means like she doesn't like

she's old almost like like an old hag or

like a stager for showing us around our


they were always nice and homely it's

really comfy it's cozy yeah homely place

is somewhere you want to live yeah it's

cozy but I think in America you say

homey exactly oh yeah homey it's very


yeah that's interesting because I think

one of you guys who watches our videos

sent me a message saying that they

watched some bricks go on an American

program where they're looking for a

perfect American house and they walked

in there like oh it's so lovely and

homely in the estate agent on the

realtor was like point to that one out

oh that's great yeah I love it they to

do with the same thing but has the one

letter makes all the difference

yeah so this one's a bit different it

doesn't necessarily mean anything rude

in the u.s. I don't think but I don't

think you'd heard it before you came the

phrase up the Duff which in the UK just

means you're pregnant


yeah the first time I heard someone say

that about like a friend that was like




so I think she fits perfectly but for

this this video but just means but it's

not meant to be is it is it crabs here

or it's not cross on rule is it it's

just it's the casual informal way like I

think I hate low-key cockney preggy

don't say that I'm knocked up banged up

up the daph I don't want any of these up


just call me when you do get pregnant

I'm gonna give you a topic that's pretty

you know imma turn the seat oh I

wouldn't mind if I see anyone he's

pregnant I'm like oh



so yeah up the Duff is something I don't

like hearing but we use it here anyway

always here in America let us know in

the comments if if you use that word and

if you use any other words for pregnancy

I'd love to know so the last one again

it's not directly sort of inappropriate

in America it's just not the word they

would use so it's toilet so yeah I I

find it's even now find it so specific

I'm just like you're envisioning what's

gonna happen yeah maybe I should say

where's the bathroom

yeah or even like where's the restroom

or something but yeah in general but the

toilet is just so specific it's kind of

like I don't know it's just yeah weird

and I always think about when you say

like if you say go to the supermarket

yeah I said supermarket you're like I'm

gonna go to aisle three of the

supermarket really started out but

that's just how for Americans like

that's how I feel yeah yeah so I guess

what you said you will imagine what

you're doing in there whereas if you

asked for the bathroom on the restroom

it's like I could just be washing my

hands I could speed yeah I think it's

good but I don't agree with when you're

out at a restaurant and you're like

where's the bathrooms because there's no

bath in there that's true there's no but

I've always that's always thrown me I'm

like first thing I try not to say toilet

Lou because I got told off once by my

friends Lulu's mom if you're watching

this I hope she won't be

I said once where's the toilets and

she's like oh that's disgusting

can you please say loo no upper or upper

middle class thing to say loo okay I

think there's a slight thing like UK

feel similarly where there's like other

density time you've got same loot

whereas I think more work class people

would be like I've not brought myself I

say toilet now I've not little myself to

say Luke I think it just sounds funny

with an American it's not really a place

of rest

oh just where's the fridge obviously the

kitchen yeah yeah oh well anyway a lot

of them guys let us know if there's any

more we'd love to hear we love reading

these kind of comments no hate for


joining our stated on the video over on

your channel what we don't know yeah I

brought back some American treats for

these guys to try so we had some rice

krispies and some other sweet treats

yeah oh yeah it was so good but I don't

forget to go and click on that on the

end card or the card up there



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