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[ birds chirping and water flowing ]

Hey Edible Campus it's Brynn and welcome to my backyard and

Welcome to our nature-inspired yoga event for Virtual Earth Week! I don't

Know about you if I've spent way too much time during this period laying on

The couch and I felt like I just needed to get out and stretch it out, so today I'm

Gonna lead you through a quick, fun Edible Campus inspired yoga flow. So

Let's go ahead and get started. Get your area, shake it out, and start taking some

Deep calming breaths

Okay, next what we're gonna do is bring our left leg up to your calf or your

Upper thigh,wherever you feel most comfortable. Don't worry if you can't

Keep your balance because I can also not keep my balance and will probably fall

Out of this four times during this shoot. Put your hands wherever you feel most

Comfortable and that will help you keep your balance. Now imagine that you are a

Cornstalk. Feel your toes, the ground beneath you, those are your roots.

Grounded, feel the Sun on your stalk and take some nice calming breaths

Now slowly lower your left foot back to the ground. Now get into a nice wide

Stance and move your right foot facing your mat, your left foot facing the

Camera, and reach towards the sky. Start to really work into that lunge position

Like the persimmon tree in the Main Edible Campus garden, reach your branches

Towards the sky and really work into that stretch

Now bring your hands out in front of you and start moving backwards like a

Sunflower, shifting your face towards the Sun

And come back up. Now what we're going to do is bring both of our hands down to

The ground and put our right foot back to our left position our hips up and get

Into a row cover position. Imagine all the plants beneath you that you protect

During the cold winter months, protecting them from the elements, supporting them

Take some nice, deep breaths

If you want, you can pulse your calves, really work into that stretch

That's great. Now what you're going to do is slowly lower your body down to your

Mat and push your upper body up towards the sky. Imagine you're a solar panel

that we're going to get in our main garden one day to help us do cool

Projects. You can look around, move with the Sun, stretch it out

Okay. Now we're gonna get back into our row cover position, you can either hop up

Or go through tabletop. Stretch it out and then slowly walk your feet up

Towards your hands and raise up. Now we're gonna do that again on the other

Side so let's stretch it out,take some deep

Breaths and slowly move your right foot up towards your calf or your upper thigh

Again don't worry if you can't keep your balance because I cannot keep my balance

Imagine that your cornstalk with your roots in the ground, the sun shining down

On your stalk taking in Earth's nutrients

And slowly bring your right foot down. And now put your left foot facing your

mat and your right foot facing this way and bring your hands to the sky. Really

Work into that lunge and again just like the persimmon tree behind Davis library

In the Edible Campus garden, reach towards the sky

And now bring your arms down and move them as if you're a sunflower trying to

Move with the Sun. Really work into that lunge if you want to get a good stretch

And come back up. Now what we're gonna do is shift our body, bring our hands down

to the ground, and bring our left foot back to meet our right foot. We're gonna

Get back into our row cover position, with your hips high in the air

Supporting the young crops below you. You protect the cold winter months from snow

And sleet. Start moving your calves if you want

And slowly bring your body down to your mat. Then push your upper half up

Towards the sky, like a solar panel. Feel the Sun on your face. Please stretch it out

And now we're going to move back into our row cover position, either through

Tabletop or hopping up if you're young and spry. Not like me

Now slowly walk your hands back up meet your feet and slowly raise up. That was

Great. Now you can go through that flow as many times as you want but before you

End your yoga session I always encourage you to take some time to lay in my

Favorite position that I'm calling cover crops. I really take this time to think

About what's going on around you, feel the earth below you, get ready to start

The next stage of our busy lives

[ birds chirping ]

When you're ready, start slowly moving your fingers, your toes, your

Shoulders. Bring yourself into the crisscross applesauce position. Thank you

For joining me for this nature- inspired yoga event. I know that this is not how

We thought this semester would go, but we're going to get through this together

I hope that you're all safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you at workdays next year but until then


[ birds chirping ]

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