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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 101 Facts About Dogs

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greetings from the factors or shall I say woof woof yeah my name is Sam and I

am NOT a dog believe it or not that's not even one of our 101 wonderful facts

here it's gonna be a big journey though covering 40,000 years of history more

breeds of dog that you can shake it stick out get it stick because dogs

chased anyway strap yourselves in for fact about whacked up jean-paul's queen

elizabeth ii and lots and lots of bitches but why can't dogs eat chocolate

what the strange about they're now extinct fujian dog and how much am I

going to enjoy having a legit excuse to say bitch two out of three of those

questions are going to be answered so grab some snacks rotate several times on

the spots before making yourself comfortable

and howl at the moon like your forefathers before you is we count

through 101 facts about dogs but hey wait before we get started if you love

dogs and have ever wondered about their point of view on certain subjects or you

just want them to explain stuff to you then why not check out the brand new

channel dog logic topic from the worlds of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones all

the way to human evolution are being discussed by those two mucky pups oh

it's a heck of a fun ride too so get on over there now I'll give you a minute

okay minute done here we go number one dogs also known as Canis familiaris are

a subgroup of canids a group that includes wild dogs foxes and wolves and

let me be perfectly candid and say how much of an open fact that wars have been

for look at that and seriously you have about a hundred more of these jokes to

go so strap in number two in human landscapes dogs are the most widely

abundant terrestrial land-based carnivore both in terms of their number

and they're spread across the globe the global population of dogs is estimated

to be between 700 and 900 million and increasing in 2012 the total was

estimated at only 525 million their old rival cats only amount to six hundred

million one nil two dogs number three the United States alone has around 80

million dogs as pets spread across 42 million homes the UK on the other hand

has about nine million number four throughout the world about 80 percent of

dogs are free-range meaning they are not confined to a particular area this means

that the vast majority of dog to stray dogs feral dogs wild dogs street dogs

and or village dogs that's right most dogs are untethered

gay to play by their own rules number-5 unsurprisingly given its abundance the

domesticated dog also demonstrates a broader variation in size behavior and

appearance than any other domesticated species to nil to the dogs number 6 the

epithet man's best friend may have been coined by Frederick the Great King of

Prussia who made the first recorded utterance of the phrase in 1789

reputedly in reference to his beloved Italian Greyhound number 7 brace

yourself only one of a delicate disposition because this next fact is

going to get naughty baby an adult female dog is called a bitch that much

we know but a mother dog and mother dogs call a damn damn bitch number 8 in

contrast the father of a litter is called a sire or sometimes even a stud

typical dudes taking the good titles for themselves and that's coming from a

stone-cold stud number 9 a mature dog sorry those who are not capable of

reproduction yet are called pups or less formally puppies alternatively if you

were born after 2000 you can call them baby tacos number 10 but who would want

to have just one dog Oh better to have all the baby dog O's in which case the

collective noun for a group of pups from the same pregnancy is a litter which is

harsh because that's what we call garbage here in the UK interestingly and

litter can have multiple sires because female dogs release multiple eggs during

ovulation that can be fertilized get it girl I think number 12 the average

number of puppies in a litter is between 6 and 10 but this number varies greatly

between breeds smaller dogs can have as few as one pup while larger dogs can

have over 12 number 13 puppies are born with their eyes and ear canal closed

making them functionally blind and deaf it can take two weeks for their eyes and

ears to open in the mean time the puppies have retiree reliant on their

mother who instinctively pulls them in for feeding number fourteen but what

happens when your litter of puppies grows up and turns into full-blown

adults well the correct collective noun you'll need for a group of three or more

adult domesticated dogs is a kennel while three or more wild dogs are called

a pack number 15 dogs are between 319 and 321

bones in their bodies depending on their tails otherwise a tiny Chihuahua has the

same amount of bones as a great day in their just a very different shape humans

don't have tails which is why we lag behind it - frankly pathetic 206 bones

number 16 and all dogs have a total of 42 permanent teeth a number constant to

all members of the canid family humans only have a measly 32 with wisdom teeth

discounted but hey we have opposable thumbs so take that dog's number 17 the

upper body muscles of a dog have to support around half the entire dog's

weight but overall someone or something must have designed the dog very well

because its weight distribution is even across the front and back halves of the

body number 18 dogs don't have sweat glands

will over their bodies instead they only have them in areas without hair their

paws and noses that's why dogs sometimes rub their paws on the ground they're

leaving their scent behind number 19 unlike most humans doggy is very wildly

in shape size and form ranging from short and pointy to long and flappy

incidentally long and flappy was my nickname in secondary school anyway

dogs have at least 18 muscles in their ears which they used to swivel tilt turn

and raise each ear independently of each other

number 22 dogs need that many muscles to help the years do their job of being a

badass at hearing a dog can process in here sounds of up to nearly 70,000 Hertz

the hyper Hertz the high the pitch human adult's though can only hear up to

20,000 Hertz number 21 dogs have a special membrane in their eyes called

tappet um lucidum which allows them to see in the dark

they're also held by having large people to allow more light to reach their

retinas number 22 okay number 22 dogs have three eyelids huh I

know right one at the top one at the bottom and a third that comes in from

the side this is called a nictitating membrane the third eyelid is used less

and comes over only when the eye needs cleaning it contains a tear producing

gland that aids with lubrication number 23 in both humans and dogs I - eye

contact releases the hormone oxytocin oxytocin is otherwise known as the love

hormone so looking at AAG in the eye increases the bond between human and

hound so be careful when you start looking in your dog's eyes to see its

tappet in lucidum and its third eyelid your dog will

we fall in love with you ah number 24 now get ready for some myth-busting

babes dogs are not colorblind they simply don't see as many colors as us

because their eyes have fewer color detecting cones the human eyes in

addition to black and white dogs can also see the colors blue and yellow but

they do struggle to pick up greens and reds which is probably why they're such

bad drivers number 25 dogs can have single or double layers of fur coats a

single layer of coat is just a thin layer of short hairs normally smooth and

sometimes silky while a double coat will have an under layer of denser hair

underneath a double layer is more similar to wolves to have an under layer

for warmth in colder climates number 26 domestic dog hair usually follows a

countess shading pattern while this pattern doesn't have much evolutionary

advantage today it's a remnant of the natural pattern for camouflage seen in

many animals whereas the hair on the upper surfaces will be darker than the

hair on the underside that's why many dogs have a larger patch on their

bellies where they like to be robbed yes they do number 29 the removal of a dog's

tail is known as docking though I wouldn't Google that if I were you in

the past hunting and working dogs have had their tails docked to help avoid

injury but today it can still happen for cosmetic purposes docking is banned

across much of Europe and Australia but remains unrestricted in North America

number 28 dogs use their tails as a tool of communicating their emotional state

to other dogs and to humans too a wagging tail means a happy doggy and a

droopy tail means a sad doggy it's a clever non verbal form of communication

because even as humans we can intuitively interpret this behavior dogs

can also use her tails blow away as a rudder when they're in water Sam leaves

footprints URLs are the compact things up with it but imagine how cool that

would be number 29 dog remains buried with humans have been dated back to

fourteen thousand seven hundred years old this is undisputed between

scientists funnily enough though scientists do like to dispute each

other's findings and many think that dog remains from much longer ago do exist

possibly dating up to 36 thousand years ago they also found that dogs could

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on smartphones check it out now number 30 dogs were the first species to be

domesticated by humans we are best friends after all dogs our thoughts have

been domesticated at least 2,000 years before sheep while cats weren't

domesticated until the ancient Egyptians came along perhaps ten thousand years

after dogs were domesticated that's three nil two dogs in case you were

keeping count number 31 despite some similarities in appearance

modern wolves are not closely related to the wolves that their dogs originally

domesticated from in fact the direct ancestor of the modern dog it's now long

extinct ah but he was probably a good boy number 32 well the closest living

relative to the modern domestic dog is the gray wolf there is no evidence to

suggest that any other canine has contributed to the genetic lineage of

the dog the Tibetan Mastiff for example might look like it was sired by a lion

but sadly no number 33 unlike other candid species dogs may have been more

primed for domestication with humans because they have more ability to digest

starch than any other candidates a dog's pancreas can excrete amylase an enzyme

which catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into sugar compared to wolves see gene

for amylase production is 28 times more productive in dogs number 34 dogs

benefited too from domestication with early humans they could scavenge for

food around human camps and escape the risk of being killed by humans as humans

were the most efficient hunter around and would wipe out wolves if they felt

threatened by them some scientists even suggest that wolves sought out humans to

be domesticated they were asking for it number 35 in fact there was most likely

some mutually beneficial symbiosis going on having dogs around was as helpful to

humans as it was to dogs they helped sanitation by clearing up food scraps

enacted as an early warning system for threats don't also help with hunting by

sniffing out animals like that number 36 but domestication

might not have been a process that happened just once dogs might have

actual been domesticated several times and in several different places this is

thought to be the case because DNA sequences from some dogs paired with

humans tens of thousands of years ago don't match up to modern dogs number 37

one of the most famous and most complete plaster cast from pompeii is of a dog

struggling for breath against the volcanic dust the poor thing had been in

a bronze studded collar on a leash probably tied up and defenseless against

impending doom or now I'm just sad number 38 ancient collars weren't all

bad though the spiked dog collar also known as the wolf collar was invented by

the ancient Greeks to stop wolves being able to bite dogs in the neck no one

wants to be bitten and then a calf to roll and people always want their dogs

to be alive number 39 dogs have always been put to work by humans in mythology

dogs are often depicted in Guardian positions for example like Cerberus a

three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades in Greek mythology and Yima the

Hindu god of death having dogs with four eyes protecting the gates of America or

hell number 40 it's difficult to know exactly how many dog breeds there are

mostly because there's no internationally accepted criteria for

what constitutes a distinct breed there is a practically infinite number of

combinations of dogs that could be bred together for example and how many of a

similar dog do you need before you can consider it a breed the whole thing is a

bloody nightmare number 41 that being said the American

Kennel Club officially recognizes 192 breeds but the Kennel Club of Britain

officially recognizes 219 because we here in Britain are much more accepting

of unconventional alternative breeds like the South African long snout and

the uzbek turquoise ver meaning over life

the Jaguar bar is the smallest dog breed in the world on average weighing only

two to three kilograms that's about the same as a kind of soup but generally tin

super-stressed called carry around in your handbag number 43

according to the Guinness Book of World Records the smallest living dog was only

nine point six five centimetres tall it was a chihuahua from puerto rico called

milly milly could probably fit in the can of soup actually but you'd have to

take the soup out first cuz that's cruel number 44

conversely he told his breed of dog is the great dane often around 30 inches

tall that's about the height of a dining table so be careful of any deign sealing

your dinner that's a good rule for life in general

to be honest number 45 Great Danes by the way don't have an

obvious connection to Denmark despite their name in fact in Germany they're

known as Deutsch doggy which means German Mastiff and the

French called them Duga Lomond which means exactly the same thing the

French and Germans clearly don't know their dog from their Danes number 46 but

German Mastiff step aside the English Mastiff now that's the heaviest dog on

average generally weighing up to 113 kilograms that's about the same as a

manhole cover I mean don't ask me how I know that when

I get up to is up to me so do you before a big dog or a small dog perhaps you're

a free-spirited maverick it prefers a medium-sized canine let us know though

in our fancy YouTube's NASA YouTube Paula said YouTube twice number

forty-seven the oldest dog ever verified was an Australian Cattle Dog could bluey

from well guess where Australia apparently the Australian Way of life is

good for canines it's bluey lifts for 29 years and 160 days between 1910 and 1939

for comparison the average Australian Cattle Dog lives between 12 and 14 years

number 48 we all know that dogs are great swimmers but did you know that

some dogs could swim better than others many breeds of dogs have naturally

webbed feet in order to help them swim these breeds include the Newfoundland

Portuguese water dog and the Weimaraner number 49 dogs have the same main senses

as humans taste touch vision hearing and smell

however dogs normally have much more acute senses of hearing and smell than

humans but this varies greatly by breed their strongest

is their sense of smell number 50 dogs are also somehow sensitive to Earth's

magnetic field yeah one study even found makino receptive molecules in the eyes

of dogs suggesting that dogs may be able to in some sense see the planet's

magnetic field trippy number 51 ah scientists have observed that based on

this remarkable ability dogs choose to defecate with their body aligned to the

north-south axis when magnetic field conditions are calm they monitored 1893

defecation and 5,500 matey to urinations to determine this which is both

impressive and upsetting number 52 greyhounds have the fastest breed of dog

able to run at 45 miles per hour so presumably they can pick up speed to get

some residential air while dragging a 67 year old woman

called Doris behind them number 53 greyhounds have a flexible spine that

allows them to run at those racy speeds thanks to their flexible spine they can

have their front and rear legs flailed in opposite directions meaning they can

have all four of their feet off the ground at any one time I mean look at

this guy he's flying number 54 interestingly enough greyhounds

technically aren't grave these speedy boys come in a variety of colors

including whites reds and browns but great greyhounds after some reason

virtue is blue who doesn't want a blue dog number 55 Dalmatians are born with

purely white coats their spots begin to appear after three to four weeks meaning

you have to pick the right moment if you really want that lovely Dalmatian

spotted coat number 56 the buzz ng a small-sized dog which originated in

Central Africa is known as the only dog that is unable to bark hence the

nickname the barkless dog this trait is caused by their unusually shaped larynx

but while they may not be able to bark they can howl which often sounds a

little bit like Chewbacca yodeling number 57

just like humans Chihuahuas are born with a hole in their skulls to make

birth easier the skull of use is fully afterbirth number 58 the Labrador

Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the US according to the American

Kennel Club they've held the top spot since the 1880s and they're beloved

because they're easygoing multi-talented and most of all friendly

Labradors come in black yellow chocolate or mint choc chip number 59 the Labrador

Retriever also used to be the most popular doc in the UK until it was

overtaken in 2018 by the adorable French Bulldog viva la Franchi number 16

Americans collectively spend around 70 million dollars on their pet dogs each

year by far the biggest portion of that is spent on food because if dogs don't

eat they die number 61 Americans also spend more on their dogs than cats

an average lucky American Park can have $140 spent on its per month across the

course of a year that'll be $300 more than a cat will get for nill for pooches

number 62 maybe dogs need that level of tension dogs can

suffer from separation anxiety when an owner is away symptoms can include

barking when alone or pacing up and down in lines or circles

we'll even seek out items that smell of an owner to comfort them our cheese's

breaking my heart number 63 but as the Rue sort of once

sang it's not all love and affection over four and a half million Americans

are bitten by dogs each year mostly by those that are owned by friends or

family or that they own so you don't need to be too worried about their old

dogs coming to get you you need to be worried about your own nintendo64 when

their love is gone dogs can end up without a home around three to five

million dogs a place in shelters each year in the USA but thankfully this

number is declining number 65 various breeds of dog are prone to a variety of

health conditions that have been brought on because of human breeding by

artificial selection by breeding dogs together to secure certain traits in

their offspring some genetic ailments have been amplified now these ailments

include Labradors over eating and leading to obesity issues as well as

German Shepherds being prone to us writers Dalmatians being prone to

deafness and pug suffering from breathing issues

number 66 on the flippity flip flip flip flip flip side though it's a bit much

there is some evidence to suggest that crossbred dogs had a slightly longer

life expectancy on average than purebred dogs because inbred dogs have a higher

chance of genetic disorders cross breeds live an average of 102 years longer

number 67 but a doggie will only live - its life expectancy if your house isn't

a threat to it there are a number of household plants that are poisonous to

dogs for instance these include lilies ivy Jade mageot Nia's poinsettias aloe

vera and cyclamen number 68 a number of household foods are also poisonous to

dogs including garlic on your grapes raisins rhubarb spinach and mushrooms I

mean I could live without rhubarb but garlic I mean just kill me number 69 dog

East uh however dogs are most famously intolerant to chalk a la that's French

for chocolate this is because it contains a substance called theobromine

which dogs metabolize far slower than humans making poisoning far more likely

cats have an even lower tolerance for theobromine than dogs

but if are less likely to ingest chocolate because they literally cannot

taste sweetness speaks volumes about cats frankly number 70 dogs have become

worse at problem-solving since joining humans as experiments have shown that

wolves are better at non social problem solving in experiments where a dog is

given an unsolved problem which seems very cruel they look

to a human for help whereas wolves do not basically with

ruin dogs number 71 dogs are better at communicating with humans than any other

animal is including their closest canine relatives and the great apes this is

seen because dogs respond better to communication such as human gestures you

can try this for yourself if you get to carpets one with food in it and place

them both facedown it doesn't matter which one has the food in a dog will

still go and examine whichever one you point at number 72 dogs do respond

better when humans talk to them like babies that ping in shorter sentences

and high pitches the higher pitch gets dogs to pay attention and shorter

sentences tend to carry more emotion than a dog can interpret number 73 let's

not forget the dogs are clever though a great pyrenees for example was elected

mayor of comment minnesota for four years in a row but duke the dog wasn't

really in a position of power the town elected the dog as part of a fundraising

campaign for the town's annual festival with people giving donations to cast a

ballot number 74 in 2013 a service dog named Kirsh was awarded a master's

degree in counseling alongside his owner Carlos Mora because he attended all of

his visually impaired owners classes the university did not tell Carlos or Kirsch

for that matter beforehand so it came as a nice surprise in a degree ceremony

number 75 elizabeth ii has owned thirty Corgi since her coronation in 1952 she

reportedly stopped breeding corgis in 2015 so that she would not leave any

behind upon her death willow Monty and Holly the dogs appeared

alongside the Queen and agent double-oh-seven in the 2012 Olympic

opening ceremony number 76 but elizabeth ii currently has no corgis

as they've all died willow was the last one passing away in

2018 however she does still have two other dogs Vulcan and Kandy which are

actually doggies a cross between - ins and corgis as mixed breeds Vulcan in

Candia currently the least inbred mesmero damn me number 77

the Queen may have accepted the death of the corgis but Barbra Streisand is not

willing to accept the death of her dog prior to its death in 2017 Barbra

Streisand had a dog Samantha a coton de Tulear cloned when she found out it was

ill she now has two clones of Samantha called miss violet and Miss Scarlet

cloning dogs by the way can cost over $100,000

number 78 speaking of people with way too much

money Paris Hilton she had a pet Chihuahua called Tinkerbell which he

famously carried around with her for 14 years until the beloved pet died in 2015

lucky Tinkerbell number 79 Paris Hilton built a two-story dog

mansion for her many pets the mansion is modeled on her mansion complete with

tiny furniture for the dogs it's pink and includes honey chandeliers because

that's the kind of thing you do when you're born rich number 80 may be the

extreme luxuries to be expected given that she has eight dogs and paid it

reported $13,000 just for one of them number 81 celebrities can go crazy for

their pets Mariah Carey has her Jack Russell JJ chauffeur-driven in her

Mercedes if planes refused to let him fly just think of that next time you're

on a subway on the way to work if you were a celebrity's dog you can have your

own chauffeur I wonder if Jennifer Lawrence has a dog

she does oh she just keeps improving upon a perfection number 82 life isn't

good for all dogs though in 1957 a mongrel called licker became the first

animal to be launched into space she was launched aboard Soviet Sputnik 2 as part

of experiments to see how living organisms coped with space travel like

her died during the flight as expected the Soviets initially claimed that she

died in her sleep due to a lack of oxygen but it later transpired that

she'd been killed by extreme heat possibly the Soviets biggest crime

number 83 in 1960 the Soviet Union put two more dogs in space which became the

first dogs to survive an orbital flight they were called Belka and Strelka and

they were accompanied by grey rabbit to rats and 42 mice now there's a party

number 84 so really the Cold War would have been nothing without dogs as part

of Cold War one upmanship presents were given between the leaders of Soviet

Russia and the USA at the major conferences they attended Soviets

premier Khrushchev gave John F Kennedy a Russian dog could push shinka which

means fluffy by the way machine Kiev was sort of a celebrity too because she was

the daughter of the aforementioned space dog stroke at number 85 the gold war was

certainly not the only war where dogs were involved though during the Second

World War citizens of the UK and US were encouraged to donate their dogs for war

duty imagine having stews between dog and

country I'd reckon our cheese dog sorry Britain number 86 in the Second World

War the most decorated American army dog was a German Shepherd collie Siberian

Husky called chips he was awarded four medals including

the Purple Heart but his efforts were not recognized for long because his

medals were later rescinded when an army policy prevented official commendation

of animals for those absolute number 87 during the Second World War the Soviet

Army used anti-tank dogs that being dogs with explosives strapped to them to

destroy German tanks initially they were trying to drop the explosives and run

but this proved ineffective so Soviet switched tactics to impact detonation

killing the dog in the process what is it with you Soviet guys number 88

in addition roughly five thousand US military dogs served in the Vietnam War

and very few of them returned number 89 30 out of the 45 presidents of the US

have had dogs in the White House Obama had two Portuguese water dogs named

sunny and Bo whilst George Washington had a total of

twelve pounds including tipsy and drunkard number ninety President Lyndon

Johnson had two beagles named him and her he caused a stir in 1964 when he was

pictured lifting him by his ears the evil-ass move on number 91 Donald Trump

was the first president in 130 years to not have a pet dog

the last president to have a dog was William McKinley and he was assassinated

in 1901 so it's probably good-luck charm to have one dong number 92 so dogs

always useful to have around or are they this by Manchester Airport

spending 1.25 million pounds on a sniffer dog unit a 2016 report found the

dogs went through a seven-month dry spell of finding cheese and sausages but

not a single class a drug well either that will they kept it for themselves

number 93 in modern culture we have plenty of dogs to get excited about no

seriously I mean plenty for instance in Marley & Me you know that film where

that sad thing happens at the end a total of 22 different Labradors were

used to play Marley number 94 the dogs who played lassie were actually male

this was initiative results for male stunt dog being perfect for the role but

then it was decided that females showed too much fur under the studio lights and

looked a little bit too small on camera number 95 in contrast the dog at plays

toto in the Wizard of Oz was actually a female can Terrier called Terry the dog

was renamed toto after the film was launched it also suddenly went from

seeing black and white to glorious Technicolor number 96 dogs also inspire

other aspects of filmmaking too for example George Lucas's a box in Star

Wars Return of the Jedi were based on the appearance of shih

tzus and Brussels griffons number 97 the most popular dog on instagram is Jeff

Palmer Pomeranian with over 9 million followers yeah

that's right you have less followers than a dog called Jeff palm number 98

Biggio Pomeranians 12 dogs were aboard the Titanic when it sank and only three

survived a Pekinese and two Pomeranians they were all from first class cabins

bloody elite dogs always trampling of the plotter it pups number 99 in Moscow

in the present day stray dogs have learned to ride the subway and gutter

for certain spots through not just a fine food which is smarter than me

because I was miss my stop while spacing out to bring with her Isis brand-new ok

album number 100 oh yeah yeah yeah maybe doctor kept awake by there better

hearing though did you know for example they can hear a little Easter egg in a

Beatles track Paul McCartney put a dog whistle at the end of the day in the

life at 15,000 Hertz the sound is at the upper end of what humans can hear but

easily accessible to dogs number 101 woof woof I tell you who doesn't know

the nineteenth-century peoples of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina prior to the 20th

century these inhabitants have domesticated the now extinct Fujian dog

what was strange about their now extinct Fujian dog but this dog was unusual

because it wasn't a dog rather it was domesticated form with the kelp AO which

is the South American Fox that's right a whole different branch of canine to the

dog so that was 101 facts about dogs what breed is your favorite which dog is

your favorite let me know in the comments down below also subscribe to

101 facts if you haven't done so already because what all the cool kids are doing

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