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roller coaster tycoon holds a special

place in my heart for being a game that

i spent a lot of time playing when i was

growing up

in fact i played a lot of different

tycoon games ranging in complexity from

stuff like lemonade tycoon that i played

in school when i was supposed to be

doing my

success maker courses and then of course

i played these super super complex ones


simcity come on everybody remembers

simcity and right in the middle of this

spectrum is my favorite tycoon game and

arguably one of my favorite games in

general of all time

roller coaster tycoon 2. i played the

first one a little bit and i spent a

decent amount of time in the third but i

would say that 99

of my time in this series was spent on

roller coaster tycoon 2.

i mean bro this game came out in 2002

and i probably played it

until 2012 maybe not that long

but i can guarantee you that i played it

until at least 2010 at the very minimum

because that's when i got into minecraft

but the point is i haven't touched this

game since then so it's been

probably about 10 years since the last

time i've played rollercoaster tycoon 2

which is kinda crazy so i figured what

better time to go back and revisit a


game than right now because i i'm

spending a lot of time in the house and

uh i live in orlando and i can't visit

all the theme parks

so i figure you know what i might as

well build my own and that is exactly

what we're going to be doing in today's

video where we go back and revisit

roller coaster tycoon 2

in 2020 to see how well it holds up it's

time to put on our rose-colored glasses

and dive right into this video

when i loaded up the game for the first

time i was hit with an overwhelming wave

of nostalgia

seriously just listen to this intro and

think of how many memories it brings



i mean the intro alone is crazy but then

you have the home screen with the

music and the people walking around and

the four little buttons at the bottom oh

my god dude i'm in nostalgia heaven

right now

so with this game you can take over

parks and your goal is to reach specific

criteria to like

boost the park up or you know get more

guests or make more money and as soon as

you hit that criteria

you win the challenge and you can either

continue with your park or go to a new


taking a look at the different scenarios

i remember that there's beginner

challenging expert reel and other i

probably have played through most of

these but i can almost guarantee you

that most of my time

was spent in the beginner parks you see

i may have been a roller coaster

enthusiast growing up but

i was also a young kid so i did not have

the iq

to uh get into the challenging parks and

with this version i do have the dlc but

i decided to go with the classic

electric fields

i remember back when i used to have this

game i did not have the dlc

and the only three beginner parks that i

had access to were

crazy castle electric field and factory


crazy castle was okay but it was kind of

small factory capers was weird because

it was all like raised up and stuff

and electric fields oh yeah baby that's

where i spend all of my

time well not all of my time you'll see

what i'm talking about in a little bit

so i decided to go with electric fields

and hit the crazy objective of having at

least 700 guests in my park

come on bro that's going to be so easy i

could complete this in no time

i started with ten thousand dollars so i

spent the first amount building a pirate

ship ride

because what's a trash theme park

without a pirate ship ride come on bro

everybody knows

if you have a garbage theme park it has

to have one of these

so i threw that baby down and made it

look all nice and then it was time to

keep expanding

we had an aggressive growth strategy so

i wasn't gonna waste any time whatsoever

i was gonna reinvest in myself and make

an amazing theme park so we decided to

turn up the excitement and go right

into roller coaster construction you

know i'm the ceo of roller coaster

construction so you can guarantee that

we're going to have an amazing roller

coaster right from the start

we're going to make people want to come

to this theme park and experience


truly epic so i started building the

first one and it was a mining themed

roller coaster kind of like a mine cart


seven dwarves type thing eventually it

turned out pretty good i finished the

loop and set up the q

lines quickly to realize that well we

were almost out of money

our initial ten thousand dollars has not

lasted very long and we're now down to a


few hundred dollars but i mean it's

roller coaster tycoon bro let's just

take out a giant loan that we're never

going to repay i mean

it's not like we have financial

responsibilities or anything

so i upped that baby up to 25 000 you

bet we're gonna take out the biggest

loan possible

at this point we had around 100 guests

in our park so i built some bumper cars

built an information stand and went back

to check on our roller coaster

but even with a hundred and something

people in the park nobody was on it bro

why were people not riding this awesome

roller coaster that i just spent so much

time building

and then it hit me search engine


nobody's gonna ride a roller coaster if

they don't know about it

in fact nobody's gonna even come to the

park unless they know about the rides

we need to optimize our search engines

to make sure people want to come through

and actually check us out

so i went through and put all the

keywords possible in every single ride

the pirate ship was now pirate's pirate

pirate ship pirate ride

of course that would hit all the tags

and somebody would be bound to find it

and of course the epic mine roller

coaster is now mine mining minor

minecraft mining bro

come on somebody's bound to search for

at least one of those words

i could easily see our park hitting 5

000 guests within the next 20 minutes

i waited about 20 more minutes and we

were at 265

guests but guess what none of them

wanted to ride my gosh darn roller


oh yeah we'll go q for the freaking

merry-go-round in the bumper cars but no

we don't want to ride this super cool

roller coaster that you had to go 25

000 into debt for so i built a wooden

roller coaster

now if you tell me that this thing

doesn't look exciting well then you're a

psychopath because this looks like the

coolest freaking wooden roller coaster

on earth

i mean come on just watch this test run

dude look how cool this is

it puts our old roller coaster to shame

and i can guarantee you that this one is

going to attract a lot of people

obviously we had to wait on the news to

spread that we just built a new roller

coaster so i did what every single

person has to do at some point in

rollercoaster tycoon

and i made a pin of shame what's the pen

of shame you may ask

well that's where i pick up people with

my giant tweezers and just throw them in

there for no reason

come on that's like rule number one of

roller coaster tycoon

you have to trap your stupid guests

where they can spend more money at your


so once i was done building this i went

back over to the new wooden roller

coaster and there was still

nobody on it i had to do some

investigating so i looked into it and

turns out that it gives off five

g's and the intensity rating is

16.47 ultra extreme

i mean according to google uh if you hit

5gs uh you could lose consciousness but

like i really don't see what's stopping

people from writing this

oh wait yeah i do it's the fact that

everybody in this freaking park is super


they'd rather ride the ferris wheel in

the slide than the coolest roller

coaster on earth

you know what guys i will pander to you

so here you go here's the most

boring hedge maze on earth you just go

through it follow a straight line and

get out

i bet everybody will love this one oh

would you look at that now i have

negative money because nobody wants to

ride the cool stuff and then rather

spend their time in the infinite spiral

maze great now we gotta start destroying


and i have this loan to repay so guess

what guys all your rides are now gone

because i have to sell them back to the


this could have been avoided if you just

rode the roller coaster

and you know what i hope you like those

pathways buddy because those have to go


i'm in debt man i can't do anything

about it i mean look at you guys running

around like little ants because you

can't find the pathways

i don't need people like you in my park

anyways calm down calm down i know you

want some pathways so here you go

i'll make one right here with everything

you need to buy in one place

our entire park is now a pathway with a

bathroom a burger stand a hat store a

balloon store

drink store basically everything you

want to spend money on we're not going

to have any rides whatsoever but

we do have this sick bridge if you ever

get bored of

walking around spending your money you

could always go stand on the bridge

just kidding you have to go spend your

money now because the bridge is gone and

i just killed like 20 people

i don't think we're ever gonna beat this

scenario i mean look at our rating it's

gone down to a bare minimum

so i consulted with myself in the back

of my mind and i thought of something

remember earlier how i said i didn't

spend all of my time on the beginner

scenarios and then i sometimes did other


i sure did and when i was on the menu i

happened to remember what it was

please tell me i wasn't the only one who

would open up the tutorial

go in the big empty giant park and then

cancel the tutorial

you see now i had a free open space

where i can do pretty much anything i

wanted and a loan limit of one hundred

thousand dollars

for real though leave a comment i

couldn't be the only person who did this

in the game and this is probably where i

spent a majority of my time

but i'll prove to the haters that i know

what i'm doing you may not have liked my

old park but i promise you

this one is going to be amazing step

number one we're going to create a

jungle themed area so i'm going to

branch the path off like this and build

some go-karts and a water ride and throw

in a bunch of jungle and dinosaur

scenery for everybody to check it out

now that's a good looking park oh but

don't worry i'm not stopping there baby

we're throwing up that observation tower

more scenery a spiral hedge maze

a lemonade stand and all sorts of cool

stuff to make our jungle area have some

serious charm

including a pre-fabricated roller

coaster that is not going to kill you

you like that well guess what that's not

it on the other side we expand with a

whimsical creepy futuristic type theme

on this side we have crazy rides like

the upside down swinging inverter ship

one the exciting spiral rings

the amazing crooked house and much much

more at this point we were already at

almost 500 guests bro i mean this is

already way better than our previous


so i was going to continue my strategy

of rapid expansion

we needed something big something that

would sell this place to everybody who

sees it online

it was now time to build my first custom

roller coaster

i know everyone's going to ride this one

because i'm going to spend a large

extremely large actually somewhat

unreasonable amount of time on it

and i promise you it will pay off and

i'm going to plop it right in the middle


rome romeland our most ambitious theming

project to date

we got a double loop we're over the

water we got all these twists and turns

and i promise you

everybody on planet earth is gonna ride

this roller coaster

all right maybe a little bit too extreme

all right we'll connect this here

change this kind of fix this up and it

looks like the intensity rating is

13.78 this is still ultra extreme

i know one thing the guests who show up

to your parks in this game

have to be the most boring people on

planet earth

well guess we're gonna have to throw

them all on the lake but guys i do have

to say that revisiting this game was a

ton of fun

it holds up really well and i could

easily see myself investing hours and


into it so i'm actually going to do that

and if you ever played this in the past


even if you didn't i think you should

too because it's a very fun game and

it's a very nostalgic experience

so the consensus is yes it absolutely

does hold up

and yes it's still an amazing game even

in 2020

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anyways guys that's gonna be it for

today's video so i hope you all enjoyed

i'm going to continue to work on this

park and i'm going to be posting a

showcase over on my patreon

so if you want to see what the park

looks like whenever it's done go and

check that out it supports the channel

and there's a lot of other cool stuff on

there such as archive live streams and

other types of content

like that so if you're interested please

check it out there will be a link in the


i hope you guys enjoyed the video i will

see you next time and peace

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