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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OOOOOH BARRACUDA | Tasty Blue #3

Difficulty: 0

[high-five] Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye

And welcome back to Tasty Blue!

Are you all feelin' the Celtic music?

Are y'all feelin' bouncy?

Are you all feelin' like you wanna go Irish dancin'?

Right so! We're gonna get in

we're gonna play our dolphin friend again

Apparently, he's flying this time!


What the fuck?!


I'm falling the entire way

And I have to hit fuckin' seagulls all the way down



Okay, I can do it

Am I just gonna fall indefinitely?

This is cool!

I thought there was a sea lion for a second. Got one!

Got one! Stay in the middle!

Stay in the middle!

WHERE ARE THEY ALL? Oh, there they are

Okay, I have to move around. DON'T stay in the middle then!

It's gonna fuck me up! Okay, gettin' them! Gettin' them!

I'm eating stuff with my TAIL as well apparently...

GOD this level is HARD

It's cool though!

This is really different!

I like it! I'm into it! I can feel it!

Okay, there's a pattern to it..

I should have been just doing this..

Ow shit. I should have been just doing THIS!

I'll get them. I'll get them. Just spin around!

Just spin around and you'll get everything!

You'll get everything that your hopes and dreams ask for!


This is really difficult!

I'm not gonna get a good medal on this!

GOD.. Get them! Get them!

Oh I'm big! Oh, I'm big and I'm falling fast!



In the ocean now. I'm back right belong!

[singing] Somewhere I belooooong

Am-- Am I done? Get the airplanes



That was good! That was nice! That was fresh!

Are you feeling fresh? Like a pastry just out of the oven?

"Jelly sandwich" and this is the 48 second one

Oh God, ouuuuuch!

What fucking jellyfish can I eat?

None of them? Ouuu!

Go up hiiiigh for the small ones!

That's what you doooo!

That's what you do when you're a dolphin and you need stuff to eat...

Imma eat ye all.

C'mon. What else can I eat?

You guys are too big still!

You're not!

Ouuuu, don't touch the jellyfish

Don't touch the jellyfish!

'Cause you get stung, and that's not nice

I've never been stung by a jellyfish. Have any of you been stung by a jellyfish?

What is it feel like?

Does it feel bad? I imagine so.

Okay. Follow the arrow. Follow the arrow brick load.

OW! Can't eat those yet.

Can eat these though.

I can't wait until I can eat the rest of you, bastards!

And then I'm-- yeeeees! here we go! YEEES!

AH DAMMIT! I didn't get that good medal, but that's fine

that's--- life's not about getting the best medals!

It's about trying your best

And then being happy with what you have!

And not trying to get more. If you're trying to get more, then you're greedy. And selfish.

You guys just keep what you got!

Apparently what I got is a big old pile of dookie!

I got one star. That's fine. That's okay, cuz I still got my music!

*slapping hand*

Green for Ireland! Yeah!

Monabays! Hopyabaya!

Oh, what did that actually say?


Hello--- uh, lady, in the boat

ladies in the boat-- guys...

Anybody in the boats?

Are you not seeing these mermainds that are going on right now?

Am-- Am I the only one seeing this?

I dunno man, I'm fucking freaking out. Is that a manatee?

How much of the weeds did I do?

Was I doing seaweed? Haha!

That's why dolphins get high as balls

Get out of the water! Get out of the water and eat the seagulls! Whee! Whee!

Can I-- Oh, there was a seagull that I can eat!

I saw the- I saw the arrow come up.

I thought it was the engine that I could eat

Get away from me, fucking humans!

God dammit I hate humans, they're the worst!

Go away!


Nice, eat the bigger fishers


You gotta be fast about this now

With this music in your soul,

How could you possibly fail?

This makes you feel great about yourself

It makes you feel like you want to go out and just farm some spuds.

Just till, till some tubers.

Doesn't it?

I know I want to go out and fuckin' farm some spuds right now!

Get some potatoes in me!

Go out there and make a few chips

Home made chips are the best

and not potato chips. Like, crisps?

No I'm talking about fucking good ol' homemade chips that you get, you put 'em in a deep fryer and your away to go. You're wearing a hack

God, I've never been more fucking Irish in my life (laughs)

The funny part is, that's not even outside what normal Irish people would say

[speaking incoherent Irish]

Oh I can eat the mermaids now!


The mermaids and the mer-men!

Yeeeeeah, everybody die!

I do not discriminate, I am not sexist against the mermaids!

I will eat all of you!

Cause thats the way I am. I- I'm a very progressive dolphin!


Where? What else can I eat? Eat ALL of these guys! I need to be able to eat the fucking manatees next!


Can I still not eat them? God dammit manatees are big

Why? Why you guys so big? And unedible?

Inedible! Unedible is not a word!

Its inedible, thats the way it works

are we good yet? ok time to eat the seaweed

don't close that mouth keep it open for all to see

Bwroom! The Loch Ness dolphin is what you're going to call me! Three stars!

What does that sound like??

sounds like awesome


I keep forgetting to see what the levels are called. Shite balls!

Oh, I'm getting pearls!

Give me more pearls. Gimme all of them pearls. (Jack noise x2) Aaa one two three four!

(singing) A-anymo.. You guys suck at producing pearls! In fact, you are

51 pearls!

That's a lot. Okay, kalamari bro! Dory!

you riding that Atlantic drift? Nice bruh

yeah cool... I'll eat the crabs! This Beach has got crabs and I want to catch them

Nice! yes I know what that sounds like that's the joke

haha funny funny that's how that's how you make a joke

you state it out front you stated obvious and then you do it and everyone's happy

and everyone laughs at the joke.

Preferably! I have had some jokes that have been some stinkers that have made no one

laugh. Well you win some you lose some you don't make people laugh and then

sometimes you do.

Buh buh buuuh... gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

where are the Turtles gone? Did I extinct them? Oh me! I'm always extincting

things like that.

Can I eat this octopus yet? I want some kalamari bro!

I want some kalamari bro! Kidding me bro

Come on! I wanna eat some more tortoises-turtles.

They're just for me. Stupid octopus! Aaand come on I'm so close!

I'm so close! Yes..?

Come on! Boom! That's not the end? Shite, three stars! It's cause of the octopus.

He wouldn't get in my belly fast enough. I was like: "get in my belly bro!" and he was like

I don't know what sound fucking octopus make. Bubururu... Dolphin free. Like free


Whoo oh wow those are big fucking bullets that you're firing at me.

Those are like carrier jets! Stop it you motherfuckers. Still eating all the

helicopters as well. Those are for my belly,

not for you. I'm going down here to eat fucking sharks. If you want to be up

there and be an asshole

that's fine but don't drag me into it. Do not drag me into your assholearty

(dolphin noise) If you're ever gonna be an asshole in your life

just do it on your own. Don't... Yaar come here!

don't drag other people into your misery. Huh, huh, come here. HUARGH! Yes,

flying dolphin powers: activate!

Can I eat any of the blue whales yet? Dammit. Those are the biggest creatures on Earth!

the they actually are? Aren't they? Blue whales.

Biggest creatures on Earth? Ahh! Chtulu! Kracken! Woo

Could I please eat that big giant...umm...

What the fuck you call 'em.The- the-

the boats! That put the planes on them. God I can't remember the names of them.

Why am I drawing a blanky-blank? Eat the cities. Eat the cities. Eat the shitty city.


Nice brooo! Eating a few more towns. Eating a few more houses.

Everybody is dead! They're all dead right now. I have killed them all. That is the

end of them.

I apologize but I'm not even sorry. Heh, I apologize but I'm not even sorry.

(laughs) That contradicts itself!

I'm no submascubarist, but I know the submarines do not move like that in

real life. I'm a whale biologists though and whales do move like this.

Also, dolphins do actually get this big if you overfeed them.

True fact and...

That's also a lie. That's also a true fact. It's also true that I've been

lying to you all this time.

I didn't even get to fucking eat the boat!

The big one. I wanted to eat the boat. The landing pad boat. Man, Barracuda Breakfast.

Ohh barracuda! I love that song! I love this music.

It's the best. Again, best part about the game: this music.

Ten out of ten, would music again. Mr. Barracuda!

Look at him just going through thinking he owns the fucking place. You guys are the

laziest most drole

high looking motherfucking fish I've ever seen in my life. Stupid barracudas.

Well no one even likes you! You've one cool song named after you.

And you have some harddrives named after you but that's about it. I mean what have you

done for me lately? Ow! Stop hitting me! You stupid reefs! Can i eat the yellow fish yet?

Go away barracudas!

Yeah, stop getting sucked into the plants!

so it's no wonder why you guys are going to die. You're stupid, that's why! Anything else I can eat?

Oh eat all the fishies, eat all the fishies! I'm just gonna eat-a the fish

I'm just going to touch-a the fish. I'm just gonna smella the fishy. C'mere c'mere Yeeeah!

Get in my belly! Hupp! Hupp! Can I eat the red thing?

Nope. See that sweet backflip I just did as a dolphin? Watch this, woah yeah!

Nice one bruh!

OOOOW. Barracudas hurt!

Why are the barracudas not nice to me? I was nice to them. I came to his

fucking dinner party last week.

Even though I knew he was serving fish and I was like don't you think that's

kind of cannibalistic? A bit wierd?

And he was like no that's fine but I knew there was something fishy about

that food. I knew I got salmonella from it. (laugh) There's too many fish puns with food.

Can i eat the barracudas yet?

YEAH! Come here, barracuda. Where are you- I already ate one barracuda! I'm gonna eat all the barracudas!

Okay, treasure ship! Can I- oh, I'm actually eating treasure!

Oh, nice! I'm gonna have a gold lining stomach after this.

Did you know! Fun fact, dolphin fact, real fact. Dolphin can, uh, digest gold!

They just suck it all up in their bellies, and..they're good to go!

They're good to gold! Man, I need to stop making so many fucking shit jokes.

More gold! I want that pirate hat. A pirate hat looks very delectable!

Kinda wanna eat it, bro. You gonna give it to me?

You gonna give me that pirate hat? I hope so. I've always wanted a pirate hat.

I haven't had one in years! Haven't eaten one in a while.

I forget what they taste like. All the gold is Jack's! All the gold are mine!

This is how we get it back as well. This is how we get it to the surface.

Like-Like, everyone's searching for gold, then they're like, wait, how do we, how do we

back up on land? Just make a dolphin swallow it!

The dolphin swallows it, and then he just swims back up on the land,

and then you're fine! Eat all the skulls, eat all the skulls. Thank you.

Those are mine. Yes! I am like a fucking..a seabed vacuum right now.

Look at this shit! *vacuum noises*

I'm not eating anything right now. *spooki noises*

See what I mean? What a beast!

Okay, I'll be back for the rest of that stuff later! I'm just gonna put it in

holding for now.

Could you hold onto it for a while? Thanks, dudes.

Thanks, appreciate it. Appreciate it. I'm coming back for it!

You better not have sold it on craigslist! Cause I will kill you.

Okay, you didn't. Good, thank you. Thanks, Jimmy. Really glad that you kept my stuff

all together. Just because I asked you, and you should have, cause if you

sold it, then..That's..That's..I would have brought you to the police.

I wouldn't have trusted you anymore, and we couldn't have been roomates. Good mother of fucking

Jesus, I'm fast!

Dolphins, fun fact, again, can move at a speed of Mach 60.

That's, like, so fast. So fast that'll make your dolphin's head spin.

YAY, I ate the treasure ship. Two stars?

It's okay. I have a shit ton of gold in my belly. Don't tell anyone.

Don't tell my dolphin bros. They'll be after me and want something themselves.

They can't have any. It's just for me. Oysters, Oysters.

There's nothing here. Oh, not again!

OHHHHHH! BORRRING, I wanna eat ships and planes again! Not the fucking balls coming out of your mouth!

Stupid fucking oysters! COME ONNNN!

All that time we were inside a bigger one! And now these oysters have oysters inside of them!


That's like reception for oysters! NICE! EAT THEM ALL!

God...DANG IT! They look like walnuts!

Yes. yASSSS! SOON I WILL BE BIG ENOUGH TO EAT THE BIG OYSTERS! Are you guys ready? Are you guys ready

for Jackaboy?

You fucking better be! Cause, oh boy, am I coming to devour your asses in a second.

Wait for it, wait for it! OOOOHHH!

YES! I DID IT! Two stars, that's okay.

50 pearls? (This dolphin is terrifying.) NICE!

Okay, one last level. Crocodining.

Now the game's just making puns on it's own. Whoo! Why is there a crocodile here?

God damn it, I guess he needs to be in the sewers, in New York somewhere.

HA! Get out of my fucking way, humans.

I hate humans! They suck, they're the worst! Get in the way of everything! (Same lmao)

Can I eat anything else down here yet?

Fuck, I'm stuck eating seagulls. (Revenge for stealing my bagel at the beach when I was 5)

YES! YES! Get all the humans, get all the humans, get all the humies.

I'm gonna eat these faster than you are, Crocodiles. Croczilla vs. Dolphinado.

YEAHH!! Get them all, get them all, eat them in your belly.

Digest him like you did that gold earlier.

Good dolphin buddy, goooodd. Can you eat the crocodile yet? Nope.

Not yet, not yet. But soon, soon.

I was a SECOND away from getting a gold. Just like in the Olympics!

I was in the Olympic Shouting Team, and I was a second away from getting gold.

Scream as loud as you can for 46 seconds, and I did, but I was TOO good

So I screamed, scram is the past tense, for 47 seconds. I was just too good.

And then everyone was like, nope, you failed.

Anyway, that does it for this episode of Tasty BLUUUUEEE. I mean, I'm this far into the game, should I just finish it?

Probably, hopefully. I mean, how could you not finish out a game

with that kind of music? You just have to, it's in my bones now.

And soon, we get to be sharkzilla, so I can't wait, but THANK YOU GUYS


LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around, *whappish*

*whappish* But thank you guys and I will se all you dudes



I hear footsteps like there.

Do you like my hair? It's seaweed! It's made of li- It's liiiime.

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