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In 2013, I had a dramatic accident.

This was the most difficult period of my life.

I had to fight to keep moving forward

and that's what I did.

After several months of hard work,

I was ready to live again.

But pretty quickly, I realised that life in a wheelchair is not easy because

our cities are not properly designed for people in a wheelchair.

So three friends and I developed On Wheels,

an app to help people in a wheelchair like me.

With more than 2.000 other volunteers, we hit the street to get some data.

Today On Wheels maps out accessible parkings, pubs, restaurants and other

points of interest in 7 cities. There are 22.000 verified and measured locations,

15.000 accessible parking spots and 4.500 people that are already using the app.

But... this is not enough!

Our goal is to create the ultimate accessibility guide for the 50 million people

who still face many obstacles in everyday life

and dream about a more accessible world...

A world where we can travel without relying on the help of other people...

A world where we can play and have fun anywhere...

A world that helps us realise our life objectives...

because we don't consider ourselves as wheelchair users,

and we dream about a society that would do the same.

And we need you to make this dream come true...

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