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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Get this wrong and you'll lose motivation for English

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boom Judy northbrook here from doing I'm just done in the gym for

the day

now I'm gonna cycle home and it's Friday

which means it's film night yay of

course bye tell me I should get this

video on to Friday but I will have

watched a film to be sure I still have

about two months before I fly over to

Taiwan for three weeks but you know what

I am so bloody excited about the trip

that it's pretty much all I think about

from morning until evening at the moment

I have almost the entire three weeks now

completely planned out what I'm going to

do it's all rather tentative just

penciled in to my schedule as it were

events both social and educational with

my friend my Linh who has a school in

Taipei we're going to be doing some

stuff together I've got some other bits

and pieces lined up some kind of joint

collaborative videos that I'm planning

to do and some people that I'm planning

to meet of course including my

extraordinary English speakers members

group coaching clients coaching clients

all kinds of people and I am really

really looking forward to it now here's

why this matters when it comes to you

thinking of yourself as a speaker of

excellent English this is how clear you

should be you should be really really

clear about what your wine is what you

are gonna do in English when you've got

the level that you need how it's gonna

feel to use English in the situations

where you use English in a fluent

natural way away which sounds eloquent

and sophisticated and you really need to

get clear in your head exactly how that

is gonna feel now I always say that

learning a language is a process and it

is a process but you need to get clear

about that why the thing that it is you

are moving towards and unless you can

get crystal clear about that you'll find

it very very difficult to stay motivated

very very difficult to keep moving

forward I mean when you get to that

point and you know exactly how it's

going to feel and exactly how you're

gonna sound exactly how you're going to

look exactly what you're gonna do like

it's hard not to put time into English

every single day because you're going to

be waking up in the morning thinking

about it excite

about the potential of using English and

what you're gonna do with the language

and that's gonna drive you forward with

both the learning and the exposure and

all of the stuff that you're gonna need

to build into your routine to get the

English language mastered in the fastest

time possible now if you want to know

more about this about my methods and how

you can get this done head over to doing

English comp slash free training and

check out my free rocket launch method

of training it's gonna teach you the

five changes that you need to make to

your English lude and learning that

can't talk to your English learning

routine in order to see wicked fast

results right this is me Julia Norfolk

signing out from this video bye bye

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