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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jamie’s Stracotto | Jamie Oliver | AD

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Hi guys. So we're gonna make the most beautiful slow-cooked meat dish. It's an

Italian dish called Stracotto. It's a 2 in 1. You get a wonderful main course

meat and then you get the pasta sauce that you would never believe. This is the

cast iron range. This is a pan for life, it really is beautiful, it's as beautiful

to cook in as to serve in. First up we'll season this beautiful piece of beef. Then

let's get some oil in a pan and let's get some colour happening. Colour at this

stage is gonna sear the meat. So while that's searing off we just want to

roughly chop the veggies. So this is what the Italians would call a sofrito.

You're really using the vegetables to stretch the meat a long, long way. Look at

that! Let's take the meat out now and then all that lovely goodness is in the

pan, so we'll go straight in with the sofrito. Turn the heat to about

medium-high. I'm going to come and give this a stir for about 10-15 minutes

until it's sweet and really soft and delicious. Now look. Have a look in the

bottom of the pan now you can see the caramelisation starting to happen. We'll

deglaze now with some beautiful red wine, a couple of spoons of tomato puree, a litre

and a half of beef stock and then you want to add back in the meat. Grab sage,

big ole bunch, rosemary, like mean it. Get some string and tie up. Submerge that

okay and then if we put the lid on right, and look at the lid see these little

knobbly bits here. This helps the steam from here come up here and then drip

down in and it kind of self bastes the meat and a little bit of that steam will

escape and that means the sauce will cook down and down and intensify. So,

you're going to get amazing sauce and you're gonna get really tender meat. I'm

gonna go about three and a quarter hours on a medium low heat I'll come back then

and show you exactly what I'm gonna do next. Let's have a little look and it

smells incredible. So let's just serve it up. Just take the meat out and serve just

a little bit of the juice, so that's our main course part.

Throw my pasta in the water and then while that pasta is just finishing, you

can steal a little bit of parsley. Drain the pasta and then into that sauce in

with some parsley we can then go in with the parmesan and just gently fold the

pasta over and let's serve it up. food that you want to share using humble

ingredients, all those vegetables that cheap cut of meat and nothing's gonna go

to waste!

Wow! Yes! Look at how juicy that is. Straight

back to Tuscany. Have a go at that! Two beautiful dishes with a little

help from my cast iron cookware from Tefal.

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