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Today is december 2

Then we are now actually

Helsinki in Finland

Two more months will be our wedding

February 2

I think the time is too short

No time at all

We are now going to book our wedding venue over there

What we have decided now is

Order this place called

The Vow Exchange Venue Rental

Over kansas city

In Meghan's hometown

About $ 1,200

Then we can have this place in 4 and a half hours

Then we are relatively short

And because its just our family,

Meghan's brother, sister, brother and mom

Then my parents

And some relatives

Then we may add up to about 30 people

So rarely

Because I want to share with you

How much is a wedding in the U.S.

But actually this is not a very traditional wedding

It's pretty crowded and small and super super small

So our simple wedding is

Isn't it nice at 10:30 in the morning?

Isn't it nice on February 2nd, 2020?

So beautiful root has something to design

So basically Megan designed this whole

Because I want to say that our wedding is only for family

But I still want to make an invitation letter, right?

So pretty very good

Do you believe it?

Look at us for more than three years

Do you believe

Ok continue

Meghan is ready, thank you Meghan

Should be OK

Because its paper is relatively high quality, OK

The rest should be rings and wedding dresses

56 days

I'm not nervous but she is already nervous

Come on Me

Cheer her up

I already know what it is

I did not shave today and did nothing

My hair is bad

Yeah there

Yeah ~ not us

so cute


Fifty-two days

OK fifty-two days


OK, today we mainly want to

Finding a Real Engagement Ring

Uh ... let's see if there is any way

May find our real wedding ring

So choose today

You can look at this

This is the main stone 2.33 carats

So we have already selected the ring

And the other one is

We also chose our wedding rings over there.

But I think its special because

The shape that Meghan wants is that they are not currently

Then need to do it specially

He said it might not be the day we expected to get married

That boss is cute

He also said: We can try to help you do it faster

Then I feel very intimate

He said: If you have to work, it does nt matter if you can work

I'm preparing to try on my wedding suit

See how

Ok we are back in the united states now

These are the wedding rings

This whose this is mine this is megan

this is mine

This is yours

Is this true or false

What? Its really platinum.

Then you are going to wear your left hand and your right hand

This is megan

This is pretty this

very beautiful

Wow little

This is pretty, right?

This is pretty

Is our diamond ring

This really

Such a big diamond

Are you so happy

Wow ~ three carats this three carats

Two um two carats?

These two look great, these two are beautiful, I think

That handsome one is big and beautiful

Because ... because we finally have our real engagement ring

and so...

We came to Kansas City and then

We are going to get our marriage certificate

So when we get married next week

I can sign for that person

Then we are officially married

Should ... should be fine

Should be available

OK is this

We will go into this place later

looking forward to

Ok we ... uh ...

This is the first time Megan has seen this

Because when we took suits

Yes all

Time is too short so the only thing is not ready

Is our tie

So please turn to Meghan's brother

See if he has a tie for him

Brother megan

You see a lot of tie

Then now

Because I really like fashion

very bad

So Meghan wants to help me choose

And Donut

Hi Donut

so cute

Okay ... we can keep looking for it

We are going to see our wedding venue

I have not seen

Because we will be smaller

Only thirty people

So this place is also relatively small

See how that happens

Ok we just finished watching

Where we are going to get married on Sunday

Then let's talk about the process.

That whole day the whole trip

OK should be good should be OK

We may have a small problem now

We may have to add an hour

Take a photo of our photographer

I think i now

Does nt it seem like Im looking for a video for us

So still thinking

Because I really want something

Record that ... the whole process (process)

I don't know.

Look at Meghan's makeup

Have then



Ok then we will continue

Uh ... share with you

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