Practice English Speaking&Listening with: King's Bounty II – Unite Them or Fall

Difficulty: 0

The Balance is off.

Our land Nostriadances on the knifes edge of fate.

KingClaudiusMy fathercannot lead.

And his absence has set the realm in motion.

Something iscoming.

Now the burden of the crown falls onto me.

Nostria was flourishing, but there is unrest.

Conspiracy. Sabotage. Necromancy.

They all threaten this land asunder.

But we must unite,fordistortedterrorsare advancing.

Rumours tell of a false prophet.

Putting our hope in something thatDoes. Not. Exist.

A seerforetells, that our savior.isamongus.

People of Nostria!

You laid faith in my father. Do so to me!

We must looktowardsthe horizon.

Fight back thedarkness.

And preserve the light of our land.

For Nostria!

The Description of King's Bounty II – Unite Them or Fall