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Another more that you can come in Bangkok is MBK Center Mall.

So what all is there in this mall, lets have a look.

On this Tuk-Tuk I'm taking you to MBK Center Mall Bangkok which is a most

legendary shopping mall popular with both tourists and locals and busy with

shoppers everyday. There are eight floors which are packed with two thousand eight

shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather

product, luggage, furniture, mobile phones etc etc

And this episode is all about

Bags so ladies ladies ladies if you are really interested in buying bags whether

they are the original ones, original branded bags, the first copies, the second

copies etc, This is the mall for you to come and purchase things.

This mall is a paradise for bag lovers so if you want to purchase the high-end bags like Gucci

Chanel etc you can really get these kind of bag's first copies in this mall

So if I am talking about the first copies of the branded bags which means that these

bags would be on the higher end side of the pricing so maybe you have to shell

out few extra as compared to the normal bags which you can get from this mall

So in my previous episode of Terminal 21 Mall shopping experience in case you have

missed you can see this here, after clicking on this link above so in this

episode I clearly showed you certain shops which were selling the animal

products like crocodile leather like snake leather which is a result of

Animal Cruelty so I specifically told you to avoid

these kind of products so what you do if you love them the answer is - MBK Mall

from this mall you can even purchase the snake leather products you can even

purchase the crocodile leather products but with a twist; these are not the

original crocodile leather these are not the original snake leather and that is a

beauty of it so if you have the urge to purchase these kind of products better

buy it as a first copy from the MBK Mall

I wonder if he means "Holesale" or "Wholesale" ?

So what we observed while shopping from here is - Most of the shops may have same

kind of Bags and they are pretty good at making sure that you get the same

price from all over the shops but at the same time you should try your luck in

bargaining things up which is not a bad thing to do when you're in Bangkok.

MBK Central mall doesn't only offer us you shopping it also offers you some

Passionate Art. So in your family if the lady's are shopping and your kid is getting

bored why not to get to this gentleman and get something designed for you

In Bangkok there is fair amount of chance that you shop more than you can

carry back to your country. So what to do ? Answer is get a luggage from MBK central

mall in this case I would really advise you to purchase a Cabin Size luggage

which comes for around 1,000 Bahts and ensure that you carry it as cabin

baggage. Do not give it as a check-in. as quality is as manageable for a cabin

experience and not for a check-in one

Just an off track update - If you are really an aviation geek like me then

there is one shop on the first floor of MBK mall so you can go and purchase the

real scale aviation models from there. Just a heads up.

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