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hello everybody adam savage here in my cave with another drill press modification video i know

it seems like only yesterday that uh i was adjusting my drill press to obtain a lifting

mechanism using an old closing lifting mechanism and also i replaced the spindle but while i was

doing my research about my drill press model 1150a uh powermatic uh well i can't show it to you just

yet because i'm in the future the build has already happened this is an intro happening after

that uh i was doing research about my model powermatic 1150a drill press

and i started to covet a a more industrial table than the standard drill press table and

i couldn't find one for the 1150a but i found one for a different uh uh drill press but the

main column of that drill press was two and three quarters inches in diameter and the column of the

powermatic drill press is three inches in diameter so what i'm going to have to do

is take this brand new drill press table put it on my mill center its two and three quarter inch hole

underneath the spindle of my mill and bore that hole out to three inches and i will

tell you that the last time i moved my drill press around i pulled something in my shoulder

look i could pull something into my shoulder reaching for a glass of milk at this age but

i'm gonna ask for help here as i know that norm is over at tested doing some filming today so

when i get to the key moment i'm gonna ask for his help this should be a pretty straightforward build

that's what i thought when i started


this drill press table was great it was inexpensive but i want to fill in this so

i'm going to use a brazing rod to do it

yeah and uh this will be kind of like time lapse actually it's definitely gonna be time


all right so uh that was successful i mounted the table saw table

upside down onto my middle table on some three two one blocks so or one two three

blocks so that it i know that what i'm boring here is exactly perpendicular to the plane

i have measured the outer diameter of the powermatic drill press which is three

inches plus about three thousand i've given myself an extra three thou yeah i've really

tried to dial this in so it is about as exact as it gets with a little bit of heavy grease in there

it'll be a nice fitment um so i think it's time to unmount this i'm going to double

check the measurements one more time and then i'm going to unmount this and then it's time to uh

yeah it's time to drag that drill press over here again

all right i am uh i'm wearing a mouse because i've got some help here because

well as you've been watching on the time lapse getting this thing on its back

it's a lot especially because this this model is getting old and he's got a fresh one

um but now the trick is i got a drill press with a naked shaft and it's time for me to dress it

and here's the table so hopefully if i got it right this is the exact same diameter

as this my fingers are crossed uh here we go oh my god put this here

yeah we're filming this because it's what you'd call a moment of truth moment


you can just stay there right there i'm totally good i just need the stability all right come on


all right this says it's exactly three inches

on the money and this i measured out is five thousands over let me just double check this one

yeah about the same okay so i'm just gonna try this again

all right there is this one aspect

yeah that's exactly where i want

no 15 thousand

somehow i was milling it on a cone but i don't see how that's feasible because if i go here i'm sure

yeah yeah i get some seating but none there okay uh i had all the measurements i wanted and yet

it was going in trying to think about how to quickly remove seven and a half thou from i'm very

sad about that i took the mask off because normal home um this thing sits here naked and it can't

be finished until i've removed what is officially 12 thou from the diameter part of that hole

we're going to try and do it tonight because i just want to be done tonight this was my reward

project because getting this table going was like i only had two hours today everything else was

meetings and i was like i'm gonna do this cause it'll be a really nice reward and man every time

i do that i get boned here's the thing here's what i wanna talk about here's the phrase i wanna use

i was thinking about what it would feel like to finish the project before i'd started it

i was like yeah that'll be a fun one to finish i think of that that's akin to counting your money

at the poker table when you've got pocket aces and yeah yeah flop a pair you know you flop top

two pair kings and aces on the on the on the flop right you sit there you're like i got top two pair

and you start counting your money another guy turns over two aces and he's got three of a kind

don't count your money at the table man kenny rogers said it

i only just remembered yeah every time i'm counting my money

i get a little lesson in humility

i'm smiling but i'm not feeling great i'm i'm an unhappy camper about it but

nothing to do but uh get the milling machine set up again with the wiggler

all right here we go

this i'm doing this in time-lapse so i can listen to some music


so hi again it's me

all right

after everything didn't go according to plan everything went to plan

the drill press tables went back on the mill trued it back up with the wiggler

board it out and now looks like it is a tube instead of cone

my measuring devices tell me that it will clear that

i think there's only one way to find out yeah um

there's an interesting i i want to there's an interesting moment here i i

after i turned the camera off talked to norm just like it's not like i don't know i've got to do it

it's not like i don't know that i've got to do it but it was at that point it was like 4 45.

was it 4 45

sorry back when i discovered the scrub it was like just about

5 30 which was about the time i was hoping to head out of here um i was just checking some texts and

when it turned out that the finish was not the finish it was the middle

that sucked i didn't like it and i liked the feeling so i had to kind of

sit there for a few minutes and be like what am i going to do i'm going to go home and feel crappy

i'm going to add an hour and a half to this day that's what i'm going to do i'm going to add

90 minutes because that's what it'll take and that's apparently what it took so

hopefully norm's gone home he has a child uh but ryan should be here soon and ryan can help me

lift this thing without breaking anything in this thing yeah okay i guess it's just time to

pop bad boy off well you'll be able to watch it uh because i'm gonna do it all in front of you here

i have a new shot practice now though which is when i set up a clamping rig

and i'm done with it i don't take away i don't fully dismantle the clamping rig yeah because

it's just it'll be if i if i have screwed up well it just means that i'm that much further along to

fix that screw up oh yeah i need a better way of knowing which side of this is the one that i need

all right uh i have a tightening pin in here

which i didn't even talk about because there's other stuff going on

but um the way in which the drill press tightens is there is a this is the tightening

handle uh this is the back end of the tightening nut and there was a missing front end of the

tightening nut so i basically made one here uh and this should grab the the main shaft of this

thing quite nicely i might have to and small in it just a little bit but we'll see okay

yup you do you do live at the bottom

and you are in the correct orientation cross your circuits weibo



got a new drill press table ladies and gentlemen

god goddamn

she's back uh i needed lots of help to move it around the cave and i found lots of help

which is great ryan and norm helped me and here is this beautiful new table ah it is level and square

to the shaft and to the spindle uh it can move up and down like the old one on the same closing

actuator i may motorize that someday we will see uh but dude this is just much more serious and i

think i can even use my milling machine t-nuts in here if i can't i'll make a set myself um

yeah that was a butt kicker right there um i figured out what the problem i was having

with my mill was actually i'm going to get a part to show you here hold on let's see okay

so this is a boring head it's not boring it's for boring uh and uh actually hang on

all right class is in session this is a boring head it's adjustable this way and you can tell

how much you're moving it with the increments here on this little dial a thousandth at a time

and this is a um a heavily modified uh boring head with a carbide tip braised to a steel shaft

the problem i was having the reason i got a cone in the in the drill press table was because

it looked to me like this cleared this but it didn't and this was

rubbing on the edge of the hole once i got down to the bottom and it was actually pushing the whole

shaft in a little bit the shaft of this boring bar yeah look i would have used an indexable

tool head boring bar but the one i have isn't long enough and i'm remedying that

today online i'm going to order one but this is one of the pitfalls of using a boring bar to drill

a big deep hole as you end up with this heavily cantilevered force out at the end and steel moves

way more than you think it does and that really kicked my butt i'm glad to be on the other side

of that project thank you guys for joining me for this one day build and i will see you next time

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