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so a couple of weeks ago while I was working on at this video I was listening

to some YouTube in the background an old X and Y playtrough to be specific. when

all of a sudden I hear this:

Uhmm, so Burmy..

I Hate burmy...

Burmy is dumb.

Yeah, does bug resist bug?


Didn't think so..

Which made me think_

why is everyone hating on burmy? seriously whenever I hear someone

mention this little guy it's either because they either really dislike it or

they talk about how useless it is but I feel bad for this little this little

whatever it is.

So let us investigate and see if Burma really does deserve all the

hate it's getting or does it maybe deserve some more let's find out

you see Burmy is actually kind of an interesting Pokemon it's got this little

cloak mechanic where it changes its jackets based on the location of the

battle you've got your plant Burmy when you're

surrounded by Nature you've got sand Burmy when you're in a

cave or at the beach and you've got your bubblegum Bumy when you're inside the

building because buildings are usually filled with trash I guess but you're not

here just to listen to me talk about this this is a video so let's go and see

this amazing mechanic in action so here we have Burmy in a nice forest and like

you would expect it's in this plant form right makes sense and now let's just

change the surroundings to something like cave let's see what we can use oh

oh I have this cave background I drew from my first Pokemon video actually I

so uh let's just put that in here and oh yeah yeah there we go

no wait that's that's not a sandy form, why why did it change into this one

what's what's going on that's not right it's oh well you know what let's try

this again later because believe it or not Burmy actually has even more going

on for it you see bur me actually has quite an impressive move pool it's got

these four great moves and since pokemon can only remember four moves at a time

anyway it's actually really convenient since

you'll never have to forget one but the most impressive thing about it though is

that it can learn protect at level one meaning Burmy can protect itself from a

hyper beam right from when it's born I'm sure you weren't able to do that when

you were a baby no you would probably even lose from a Bidoof even if it was

trained by Ash it might still have had a chance against you

Pikachu use Thunderbolt on Bidoof hitting it with electricity will give it

thunder armor which will help it fight against that defenseless child now go

just how did this man ever win a Pokemon League another thing where we can do

straight from birth unlike you is stress himself see here we have good old trash

cloak Burmy me and when we change the surroundings into a cover it's

disgusting naked body with lease from the forest and why why is it not

changing into the right form why is it still covered in trash or are you saying

my art is trash Burmy? is that what this is this is a beautifully drawn forest

you picky little piece of trash Burmy also has a split evolution if

it's male it evolvs into Mothim which is pretty great and if it's female it will

just become an even Burmy called Wormadam..

More like don't give a damn..

yeah no this makes sense actually welcome to the great Pokemon zoology

show this episode will be featuring Burmy! One interesting fact about Burmy

is that they are pack animals this is because they always like to hang around

each other do you know why Burmy can never learn how to rest well it's

because they just spent all night swinging Burmy are also very shy and

self-conscious see actually got two small white cheeks but always tries to

cover them with something like leaves our sand and personally I can blame

them those just look really awfull and I would have done the same get out of a

despicable looking but the most fascinating thing about Burmy is it's

amazing cloak mechanic see it's in a trash from now but then you change its

environment to a beautifully made grassy area and then it will change into a ...

you know screw it there there you go it changed from cloak are you happy now? good

then then I'm gonna end this video now because this guy is really starting to

bug me Oh bug me, burmy, oh that's why they

made it so dislikable annoying people is literally its name oh man that's messed


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