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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TWO GIRLS ONE YOONA l MAFIA RETURNS: OFFLINETV EDITION ft. Disguised Toast, Pokimane, LilyPichu etc

Difficulty: 0

Hey guys

We had 20,000 likes on our last mafia video

that means you guys get a second one what

if you guys want to get a third one

Let's try to make it 40 likes this time

[40 million? WAIT did he say only FORTY]

You guys wanted a second mafia this video, let's look for 40,000 likes for a third mafia video

There are seven total players and each are given a card by the moderator

There are three villagers, one doctor, one detective, and two Mafia

The night cycle begins and everyone is asleep

The Mafia chooses one player to kill

Then the detective chooses one person they suspect maybe the Mafia

and the doctor tries to save one person from the Mafia

During the day people can discuss accuse who they think the Mafia is

the cycle continues until all the Mafia is eliminated or the Mafia kills everyone except one

Fed: Alright so the first night cycle begins our everyone goes to sleep


Fed: How's everyone doin?

Fed: Alright so Mafia wake up

I actually thought when I first saw that Chris was my partner like we're fucked

he's just so see through sometimes

I don't know. I just thought we lost

ok mafia. Go to sleep

all right now the detective

Wake up

Alright, detective go to sleep

now the doctor please wake up

Fed: Alright alright alright everyone wake up the sun is shining and day one is over

Fed: Discussion may now happen

Scarra: okay, I think we should kill lily the first time

Yoona: I think it's Poke, I don't know why

Poki: POKE!?

Yoona: no you!

Poki: Oh, Poke-IE, I was like Poke?

Yoona: Here's my reasoning why

Lily: Wait, Orlando has a reasoning

Scarra: okay

Yoona: So when we're in the night right

When we're like all right mafia raise your head Poki started snoring

Yoona: so

Yoona: so maybe she was trying to pull some reverse Poki: I was snoring before that actually

Lily: meta-gaming

Lily: I like it Poki: And then someone else tried snoring

Exactly the two mafia right it's reverse psychology

Scarra: whatever

Mark: are we ready for the first night?

Mark: I'm ready for someone to die Fed: so there's 30 seconds left

Fed: We can just skip tonight, up to you guys

Lily: Doctor *some words* Josh: Nah we should just keep talking

Scarra: yea we shoud just keep talking Josh: Doctor save me

[Doctor save me]

Let's all go to sleep


Let's uh let's have a good good. Uh good hold on

alright mafia

Who's it tonight?

Scarra: what the fuck was that

Poki: what

Mark: what's going on

Lily: He *laughs*

He was pointing to Scarra,

but Fed didn't know who he was pointing to and I was kind of confused too-

This is really mean

So Chris was trying to like convey scarra's uhhh

Physical *giggles*

Physical *more laughs*

Scarra I love you

Don't watch this

I thought Fed messed something up, and I heard Lilly laugh

And um

It was confusing because the only reason she'd laugh is if she can see what's going on

Mark: why were people laughing, were those the people with their eyes open?

Fed: Please if you're asleep do not talk

Fed: I won't repeat that again

Usually when I hear laughter, I laugh at anything so I laughed too

But my laugh was kind of delayed and then my brain kind of like

Slow-motion re-listen to the laughs and I was like wait

Chris laughed

Chris doesn't laugh

Something's fishy here.

Fed: Alright. Mafia go to sleep

doctor wake up

Who would you like to save

at least being a doctor I know I can keep the most important person alive

Alright doctor go to sleep,

alright detective

Wake up

I didn't really know who to investigate because

Chris and Lily on the ends sounded like they were the ones laughing

Yoona also was laughing a lot

So someone on the end was who I kind of wanted to investigate,

but I decided to stick with the meta

For like the last month, we've played a bit a good bit of mafia,

and there's this kind of meta that's evolved

and the meta basically revolves around either

You kill toast or me

or they're mafia,

and that's just how it goes from now on

alright everyone wake up

it's a beautiful morning

so unfortunately

scarra was streaming


His computer blew up. I don't know how but

guts everywhere blood everywhere. I'm sorry scarra you're dead

Lily: I like scarra getting hit by a car more Yoona: good riddance

Who's dead now scarra.

Sorry, I really wanted to say that

Obviously in mafia, you kill the largest threat

Josh: Who would kill scarra first, thats the

Mark: Well so the three people who kind of set themselves

The biggest targets on their back

were you three

Josh: I didn't even do anything

People are like oh, he's mafia

I want the detective this, this round to investigate me so I can clear up my name

Poki: mm, I'm hearing actor Josh

Josh: what the

Mark: this is... uh

Mark: this isn't all chat, Josh

Poki: so when we were all, we all had our heads down

and Fed did some shit

and people laughed and stuff

I noticed something, peculiar

Mark: something shifted in the night?

Poki Chris laughed

Poki: Chris doesn't .... laugh

Poki: I will laugh at annnything


Chris laughed

Uh, see you later Chris you're gone,

you're ******, it's over, you're just gone

Mark: oh, so what's interesting is the people on the side laughed,

like Yoona laughed, Lily laughed, and Chris laughed

Mark: I didn't laugh

Mark: I have no idea what's going on Lily: I laughed because

Lily: Chris laughed

I threw him under the bus I think that was the right move to do

Lily: Why did you laugh, Chris?

Yoona: Why'd you laugh Chris?

Chris: Cause your leg touched my leg

Toast: Is that laugh worthy?

Poki: nah nah nah

Chris: Cause, what my brother and I used to do

Josh: do we just go for it? Toast: ah here's the story

Poki: This story, mm-mm-mm

Mark: My favorite this is like "why'd you laugh" .... "what?"

Chris is just like the most transparent person ever when he's trying to lie

he's fucking awful at it

Lily: why did you laugh?

Chris: Cause his leg touched my leg

Lily: alright, can we lynch him

Chris: I was, I knew I was ******

Fed: Time is up, any nominations?

Toast: I nominate Chris!

Fed: anyone wants to [gets cut off] anyone

Fed: Shh. No- anyone want to second that nomination

Fed: going twice Poki: I second

oh shit

Okay, so now everyone votes on whether or not to kill Chris

So if you'd like Chris to die tonight raise your hand


Fed: Oh Sh*****

Fed: Chris

Fed: Chris, I'm sorry

Fed: you're dead af

All right mafia


Alright, alright what's the plan Mafia

I actually killed toast before Josh

because I felt like if I left Josh alive people would suspect him to be the Mafia

Mafia go to sleep


good morning or sorry it's not morning. It's like middle of the night, but what's up?

So after saving myself the first night,

I can't pick myself again

So I picked the other

you know

genius of mafia, Xell


All right everyone wake up

tons of things happened last night actually

Poki: tons? How? Mark: That means the doctor did something? Finally?

Fed: Actually the doctor didn't do shi-

mafia killed toast

Fed: it was it was disgusting Poki: noooo

Fed: I Don't can't even describe it. It was just

Yes, I'm sorry.

Well. No surprise. Second night. Dead.

Understandable, gotta take out the big guy.

I hope to get another shot

if I'm villager or something innocent

I'm never gonna reach the end of mafia.

I think, uhh, I can do some real damage

Josh: *coughs* So one thing I noticed

Josh: Was that on the first night, Mark, you kind of hurried us into the vote

You know I'm just putting that out there as just a statement of fact

Not an opinion but

Just cuz we need a lead somewhere you know

Poki: I don't even remember that

Josh: I mean okay, so also theoretically if Chris was 100% mafia, which we're still not sure on

and if the detective is alive

The detective at this point probably has a pretty good understanding of what's going on


Lily: Then should the detective just out themselves right now then?

Poki: Come out of the closet

Josh: In terms of determining

Mark: I am the detective

I had investigated Toast.

He was a villager.

I-I investigated Josh as well because he didn't die on the first night

Poki: and?

Mark: And he was a villager as well.

Josh: Yeah Mark: So

Mark: We might have missed on Chris. I'm not sure

But the only other person I know in the game who's clean is Josh.

Poki: Yoona you're way too fucking quiet

Poki: Pissing me off

Yoona: I'm thinking... seven seconds Mark: I... I ... I'm still

Mark: I investigated him

Poki: Kill Yoona!

Mark: I'm just suss as fuck on the people in the ends

because they were the ones who laughed in that moment where Fed was doing some shit over there

Josh: well you should investigate one of them and then someone

Josh: Doctor should save mark

[Everyone agrees to saving Mark]

Fed: time is up

Josh: Or save me and do the mix-up

Fed: everyone go to sleep

So mafia


What's the plan

Mafia go to sleep


wake up


Doctor go to sleep


Everyone wake, wake up

Mark, you're dead

Lo and behold, detective outs himself as the detective

probably the most important person in the game

He comes up dead

and then Mak actually just dies

so that means that it was quite possible that the doctor

was actually just dead

the whole time and so I

at that point I assumed that both the doctor and the detective now have died

and I felt kind of panicked at this point because

We had such a lack of information

Poki: I'm sorry Yoona, I don't think you're the best liar, and I think you're mafia

Yoona: My first guess, where Poki was the mafia

I think she has just been playing us the whole. Damn. Time, baby.

He just kept acting more sus

and then I like hardcore suspected Yoona

Yoona: I'm trying to think

Fed: thirty seconds

Yoona: Well, we gotta

we gotta hang someone

Poki: who has been quiet this whole time

But is suddenly talking so much after being

Yoona: [stuttering] Poki: Accused?

Yoona: we finally got through the whole match

Yoona: I gotta say, it has to be Poki or Lily

Yoona: It has- Josh: Why

Yoona: I would guess it's Poki, purely based off

Yoona: especially because you've been acting innocent the whole, damn, game, baby

Poki: I play innocent because I suck at acting and AM innocent

Yoona: And blaming people to be mafia too? come on

Yoona: I didn't say anything, at least I got a little

Poki: but that's what sketchy, not saying anything

Yoona: i mean

Fed: Ten seconds

Yoona: just analyzing the game baby Poki: IMO

Poki: But doesn't mafia get free kill?

Yoona: and then mafia gets a free kill tonight right? Poki: WAIT

Poki: and then you just eliminate them

Josh: Yeah, okay, if there's a free kill tonight

Poki: and then it's donzo because there's two mafia left I think Yoona: you still have to guess

Josh: No, no there's only one mafia left

Poki: I thought there was... oh, there was

Lily: no there's one left

Lily: If there were two mafia right now

Josh: Wait, Poki didn't even know how a mafia there was,

how could she be mafia

That would be such a crazy lie

Uh, I noticed a slip-up that happened when pokey was talking

and she somehow thought that there were three mafia which for me

I was like either poki is an evil genius

And somehow managed to come up with the most believable lie ever

or she actually just you know messed up

And she's not mafia.

No I just am stupid

Alright everyone everyone go to sleep


What wake up?

Mafia, mafia go to sleep

Alright alright everyone wake up

exciting night

Poki: no I know who died

It's gonna be Josh

Fed: And you were right Josh fucking got slaughtered

Lily: that was the one smart person in this group, I just want you guys to know that

So when Josh got killed I knew we were fucked

I think if I didn't kill Josh at that moment he would

Definitely pin me as the Mafia

and it looked like Yoona and Poki were fighting with themselves

which is perfect for me

So if I kill Josh they fight with themselves and I win!

Yoona: now it's like pure RNG right, you don't believe me

Poki: But how so

Yoona: I mean one of us has to convince the other to hang the other right?

That's basically what it is

Poki: So two of us are legit and one of us is mafia

Yoona: I believe that's what it is.

Poki: Okay

Lily: I think it's Orlando

Poki: I think it's Orlando too

Yoona: Lily... alright theoretically say, say you think it's me

Lily: Okay

Yoona: So why don't we think it's


Lily: You can think it's me

Yoona: You don't think it's LilyPichu?

Poki: Oh because I was suss about both of you, but I was way more sus about you

And if she's willing to say it's you

then we can both just say to you, and then you die than we win

so if she was pointing fingers at me

Then I would be sus about both of you

Lily: Why do you think it's her

Whenever Orlando was like don't you think Poki's a little suspicious

I be like yeah, she, she's a little suspicious

whenever poki was like don't you think Orlando's being a little funny

I'm like yeah, he is a little funny, so I just kind of egged both of them on

Yoona: It's not all looks

Lily: There's a slim chance she could have pulled off that reverse psychology, but

Yoona: I think

we should go off this, say Poki's smart, say Poki's a genius. Just one round

Lily: There, there is a chance, I'm not discrediting that

she didn't know how many mafia there was in the game

Lily: like was she faking that then, Orlando? Poki: whoops

Yoona: she missed out on every single time we're like

Fed: One second Yoona: two mafia

yes, all right time is up top time is up time's up so

I'm gonna count to, I'm gonna count to three and at three you guys point to who you want to kill all right?

Alright ready,?

is everyone ready?

alright three




Yoona dies

Yeah, fuckin knew it he gets left with two girls in the room

And he just loses his brain

As per usual, I win again

I knew when I got the mafia card honestly. I was gonna win again

I wasn't too sure when I saw that Chris was my partner, but thankfully I carried the game and

Here I am

bragging about it

Thank you so much for watching our second mafia game that I finally got to participate in

if you want to watch another one

Let's go for

what was it double the likes so 40k likes.

And what else do I say

Make sure to like, comment-

I should not clap

make sure

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