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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Do a Home Perm : How to Apply Home Hair Perm Solution

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Hi, Im Lillian Garcia with Salon in Scottsdale and on behalf of Expert; I am

here to show you how to properly apply the waving lotion to your hair for a successful

home perm. Most people will think the wrapping of the rods is the most difficult part to

do and in most cases, it is. Now we are going to apply the solution. You might want to get

an extra towel and throw it over your shoulders. Its not necessary. A lot of people say

it is very wet, drippy so I will do that. You get the bottle that says waving lotion

and you might want to shake it a little bit, get a pair of scissors cut the top off and

it makes a little hole on the top just enough to saturate each rod and distribute it evenly.

So what you are going to want to do and this is what I do I start with the area that I

started rolling the hair and so you just go across each rod, apply the solution evenly

on each rod. I usually will do the entire back first and go across same way all the

way down and I usually leave the front for last in case there is dripping that seeps

through the cotton so that it wont get in your eyes. I usually leave that for last.

Just make sure you kind of just know how much to put on each one so there could be enough

solution for the entire head. Next we are going to get the plastic bag that came in

your kit and we will open it after we put all the solution and you will just put it

over your head like this, make a little twist and fasten it with one of the clips.

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