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Good morning everyone!

In today's spotlight we'll be analyzing the Canadian Dollar with the Singapore Dollar.

The Canadian Dollar is trading against

the Singapore Dollar at one dollar and five cents today.

After a decline a year ago, the pair is makingits way back to rates that were seen pre-pandemic.

With a continued rally of oil prices,

the looney regained some strength at the end of February.

Bulls will be looking to see if the looney will be able to sustain growth

as crude oil barrel prices move closer to the 65 dollar mark.

There have been more coronavirus varying breakouts across Canada,

which may impact the long-term success ofthe looney if case numbers continue to rise.

And with no major surprises from the government, the Singapore Dollar

is expected to continue following bearish trading tendencies moving into March.

Daily Forex reported that Singapore's government earmarked an increase in spending

to help the economy and social endeavors against COVID.

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