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Do you want to learn how to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot

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Hello, My name is Aekta

The first question that arises is why should you turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

What's the need for this?

Often in our homes we have the internet connection on one laptop

If we wish we can turn this laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Other devices can use this Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Internet

How do we do this

All laptops nowadays are Wi-Fi enabled

and have a wireless network card or Adapter

To turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot you will use the wireless network card or the adapter

and this becomes like a router

You don't need to buy a separate router

and you can create your own network and share the internet connection without spending extra money

You would have experienced that if you have 3-4 rooms in your house

The signal is good in one room, ok in another and very bad in the other rooms

You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop and get a good signal from a distance & can connect all the devices

If you run a restaurant or cafe you can provide free wi-fi to customers

People can access the internet in your cafe while dining

By creating a Wi-Fi hotspot you can provide internet access without spending money on a router

Let's learn how to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

I have Windows 8.1 installed on my PC

Type in the browser

Please note that the domain name ends in .me and not .com

Please pay attention to the domain name since it is slighly different

We are on this website

Click on Download

A new page opens

Click on the blue Download button

Save it in the Downloads folder

Click on Save and the .exe file is being downloaded

This is a 16-17MB file. If your internet connection is slow it could take you some time to download the file

The file has been downloaded.Click on the file to install it

Choose the Installation folder and click Install

My WiFi Router is being installed on your computer

"Run My WiFi Router" is selected

Click on the Finish button to complete the installation

My WiFi router version 3 opens

By default it has given a name to the connection and it has selected a password as well

You can change the name and password of your hotspot connection at this time

Let's see how to do this

Click on the green Deactivate free WiFi button

You can now choose your preferred name here

For now I will enter "Test" here

You can change the password here

Enter the new password

Click on Activate Free WiFi

We have successfully changed the name and password of the WiFi connection

If you want to connect a device to the WiFi connection you will need to give this name and password

Since this connection is password protected

This is currently a private connection

If you click on this button it will become a public connection

A public connection means anyone can access it without a password & can connect to it

I want to keep the WiFi connection private since I do not want strangers to be able to connect to it

Click the button to make the connection private

Let's try and connect our phone with this hotspot connection

This is Connection Management and as of now no device is connected

Let's connect one device to the connection

This is my mobile phone screen

My WiFi is switched on

My Mobile data is also switched on

Let's switch off the mobile data

So that the phone can only connect via the WiFi connection

Click on the WiFi button

WiFi connections in the range are being displayed

Switch off the WiFi button and switch it on again

After switching it on it is now displaying the test connection

We just created a hotspot with the name test

Click on the "test" connection to login

The signal strength is very strong and it is displaying the security details

Click on Connect

It is authenticating the connection

It is prompting us to enter the password

Let's enter the password we selected for the connection here

Enter the password. Click on Show password so it is visible

Click on Connect

Our mobile is now connected with the "test" connection

We have successfully logged into this hotspot

In Connection Managament it is showing that an Android phone with this IP is connected

So we have connected our phone with our laptop hotspot

If you teach in a school and want to share videos with your students

You can share them using this WiFi hotspot

Let's see how to do this

On the top you can see My Videos

Click on My Videos

It is saying that you can share videos over WiFi

It has chosen this path by default

You can click on browse to change the folder

If you click on browse your folders will open

and you can choose the folder from which you wish to share the videos

For now I will leave the folder as Videos

Click on Ok

Click on Start Video Sharing

You can scan the QR code and view the videos from your videos folder on your mobile phone

Let' see how to do this

Let me open the QR Code reader on my mobile phone

Scan the QR code with the QR Code reader

Click on Ok to Open the URL

All the videos in my videos folder on my laptop are displayed here

I can click and play them on my mobile

Let's test one video

Click on one video

The video starts playing on my mobile phone

Let's pause the video

In this manner you can share videos on your laptop with a phone through this WiFi hotspot

It is displaying the status that the sharing was successful

You can click on this button to stop video sharing

Click to disable video sharing

How can you block internet access for one device but enable it for other devices ?

Next to Friends there is a BlackList

Click on BlackList

Currently this is empty

Click on Friends. If you connect more than 1 device they will all appear here

Right click on the connection and a menu will open

You can add the connection to the blacklist

If you add this device to the blacklist then it will not be able to access the internet via your hotspot

Click on Add to blacklist

It is asking if you are sure that you want to add this device to the blacklist

and that this device will no longer be able to connect to your hotspot

Click on Ok

It is displaying that no device is connected

The phone now appears in the BlackList

To remove it from the BlackList click on delete

The BlackList is empty now and the device again appears in the Friends list

It is extremely easy to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot and enable internet access for other devices

You have now learned how to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot

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