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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft!

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Welcome back to another how to build video, today we're gonna be taking a look at how to build a bank vault

this is going to involve a bunch of different redstone contraptions. We're going to have large piston doors

we're gonna have security systems alarm systems and all that good stuff

I think it's going to be really interesting video, and I can't wait to get started

But obviously if you're going to be building a bank vault you need to have some form of bank(duh)

So I've been doing some building lately and this is what I've come up with.

This is my rather lovely looking bank right here as you can see I've used a bunch of really expensive

materials because you know what banks are like they love to show off that they're holding all of your money

and then if we take a look around the outside

It's quite a long building and that's to make way for all of the redstone contraptions and things but the design itself is really really

Simple, I mean we've got some quartz

We've got some quartz pillars some stone slabs across the bottom and then some slabs up at the top right here

And if we pop on inside, it should all look fairly familiar. We've got some seats

We've got some adverts for savings accounts that have like nought point one percent interest rates

We've got mortgages that have like ninety percent interest rate, and then we have this area right here

Which is where the receptionist will stand and behind them they've got that door that you always want to be able to go through

Because you have no idea what's hiding behind it. Now that is where we against your doing most of our work in today's episode

We're going to be building our bank vault back behind this thing, so I think we should crack on

So as you can see we are now behind the door and as you can probably tell it's not

Particularly exciting at this point in time

But we're going to make it more exciting by dropping down into the ground

I've already started my staircase right here

And we're going to taking it quite a bit further in fact this staircase is going to travel down by eight blocks so we're going to take

Out all of these blocks right here

I'm going to chuck in all my stone brick stairs and basically mine my way down into the floor

Until we have an area long enough

And there we go our bank vault is now ready to be situated

Underneath the ground. Obviously you're not going to build the bank vault up on the surface

Are you because then when it's very vulnerable to attack someone can just mine through the wall or if we're talking about real-life

Crash a car into it and then steal all the money stupid only an idiot will do that

So what we have to do is we're going to decorate this staircase right here. Just to make it a tiny bit prettier now

I'm going to be throwing in my stone slabs, and I think going to use some cobblestone as well to create this sort of pattern

Yeah, I think that looks pretty cool. I mean it definitely works

It looks very secure once again that cobblestone looks like it is holding up everything that's going on here

It looks like a solid entrance into the vault itself

But of course the vault is actually going to be going in this area

And we're going to have some security

Systems down at the bottom to prevent any old person just wandering in and taking all of the cash

Now that all the decorations done. I'm just in the process of clearing out a rather large area

This is a 14 by 4 area. It's pretty massive, and it's going to make way for the piston door that

We're going to be having in this space right here now the piston door that

We're going to be using is a 4 by 4 vault door that I designed in 2015

I do believe I've been building these for pretty much the entire history of my channel like my bread and butter

And I absolutely love this design

It's super fast and also super compact, but it does use quite a few redstone resources

So prepare yourselves for that. The first part is really nice and easy you want to go two blocks beneath your walkway

right here

Go one block back and place 4 blocks going across like this to match up with the length of your walkway there

Then you want to place redstone dust on top of all those then your redstone torches right there

And Redstone torches on the other side as well

And then I'm going to place in sticky pistons

Making their way across at this entire thing so all of these sticky pistons

Should be fully extended and all of these are going to have the door blocks on the front of them

Then we're going to place half slabs off like this on either side with a block in the middle

redstone dust running up like that on both sides

And do the same thing on the other side as well up both sides of this design are exactly symmetrical so if I do something

On one side chances are I'm going to do it on the other side as well

Put redstone up like this and then right here

We're going to place a block with a redstone torch

And then an immovable object right there

Once again do the same thing on the other side now this might look just a little bit of strange

But believe it or not this redstone is actually running into this block

It's just the texture of it shows it moving off in both directions

I know that's a little bit odd

But that allows this design to work

So the next thing that we got to do is place two blocks on either end

And then chuck in repeaters and set both of them to 2 ticks

This next bit is going to involve a bunch of Redstone torches

So you wanna place a redstone torch right there, then we're going to have a line of blocks

Then a line of redstone torches a line of blocks a line of Redstone torches

And then I line up blocks, just like that and on either side

We're going to chuck in regular pistons

Then we're going to need a sticky piston here sticky piston here and slime blocks on their faces now if you're wondering what this redstone

Circuit does that part in the middle is a double piston extender

And that is going to retract and extend a set of blocks a bit like this

Now these regular pistons are there to push these blocks back into place when they get retracted into the wall

So it looks something a little bit like that because otherwise the wall would look really ugly and like this

I hope that that makes sense, but anyway, we're now going to repeat the same thing on the other side

So you just want to place our redstone torch in the Middle once again

Then we're going to have our line of blocks our

three Redstone

Torches a line of blocks our three redstone torches once more then our line of locks and then at the regular pistons on either side

And then your sticky piston the sticky piston, and then the slime blocks right there and for the final parts of our piston door

We're going to do the top half of our vault door

So you want to chuck in a bunch of sticky pistons up at the top here and

One thing that I just want to mention is I'm well aware of the fact that I say 'chuck in' way too often I

Can't seem to stop myself from saying it so let me know some alternatives down in the comment section

I would be really happy to know some but anyway, we're going to throw in a half slab right there


then a half slab above the top like this and

All of those half slabs have to make their way across like that now the reason that these half slabs have to be half slabs

Is so they don't pug power these pistons because that would interfere with the redstone circuitry and we don't really want that happening

So then we want a repeater running off in this direction

then we're going to have a block that is running into we're going to have another block down at the bottom here and then a

block up like this

With redstone dust right there, and that should power both of these pistons and also both of these pistons now

We have to repeat the exact same thing on the other side that is redstone dust right there a slab a slab another slab there

Redstone dust running around like this

And then we need our repeater

And that's going to be going into our block with our block in the center, and then a block right here

With redstone dust powering all of those and believe or not that is everything finished. We have done all of the work

There's no blocks on the inside of the door, but you should be able to see that when we flick the lever everything retracts

so all of these blocks would be retracted all of these blocks would be retracted all of these blocks would be retracted and

Then when flicked lever once again everything extends really nice and quickly, so let's do decoration

I guess it goes without saying that this part is personal preference

But for me personally iron blocks are just the bee's knees when it comes to making things look heavy-duty

so the way that you fill in the blocks for the vault door is we're going to throw in a

ring of blocks out the back like this and then

you place your two blocks in the center

Just like this

And then blocks go around like that making their way around and you should end up with something that looks like this

So that looks like a very solid piston door and if we pop down to the bottom and sort of break our way through

We should be able to see the full opening and closing sequence here goes

Nice that looks awesome. So let's fill in all of these blocks here

we can fill in those blocks now one thing that I will just say is that these blocks here have to be

Immovable object so that has to be an immovable object

And that has to be an immovable object because otherwise if we pulled along by the slime blocks

And that's not very good, but that should be just about everything

Awesome. The door is done that and the door is brilliant

But as we established earlier on not much of a bank vault if anyone can just wander in so what we're going to do is

We're going to create a small lever combination lock with a lever request system

Now this may sound a little bit strange we're going to have a lever a combination lock

That's a very simple system, but the button request basically means you have to lock in that combination

So you put in your combination with the levers then you hit the button if you get the wrong combination

Then something bad will happen to you. I'm going to design an alarm system, but you can do whatever you want with that

I'm thinking TNT

I'm thinking flamethrowers killing the player

You guys get the idea so the first thing you got to do is create the lever combination lock just placing it three levers

Next one another and then behind the middle lever I'm going to place in a redstone torch

That's going to be the only lever that. I want to be flicked down and on the rest of the levers

I'm going to be running in Redstone dust just like that

But here's the deal what you need to do is you need to break this redstone right here

You need to place a block up like this

And I have some redstone right there, and then we're going to take a redstone torch output from that one

We're going to be running it out into a repeater

And this is where you have to make a decision if you want the button request system

Then you're going to have to just stop right here if you want to build a lever

combination lock with no button request run this repeater

into that block right there

Simple as that

For those of you who want to do it the harder and build the button request system first thing that I want to say

Is nice work I quite like you I'm going to show you how to do it right now

So the first thing you have to do is

Place a block down on the bottom here

With some redstone dust next to this button so when we hit this button obviously this redstone powers that is going to power this sticky piston

Which is going to push a block in front of that repeater so far so good

Then we want to take a block go across like this a repeater

We're going to run that into a redstone torch

With a block up like this and the redstone torch right there and on the side of this block you want to place a redstone

Torch and then a block with a repeater there

And that is everything done that is your button request system this redstone torch is going to be the output

Which is going to travel off and do something bad to the player if they get it wrong right now

We're going to use a dropper. Just to test it

so let's give this thing a go what we have to do is currently we have the wrong combination when we hit the button as

You had just then the dropper fired which means that something would have happened that Redstone is triggered

but if you put in the correct combination hit the button

We don't get any dropper noise

Which is good that means we can run the output from this into our piston door

It will only activate if we have the correct combination and if you don't have the right combination, then it will do something bad

I'm going to show you how to make an alarm. The reason I quite like the alarm is because number one

Banks Tend to use alarms

They don't just blow up or set fire to the person that's trying to Rob the bank even though

I think that would probably stop people from trying to Rob Banks

I certainly wouldn't if that was the case, but more importantly it uses some nice redstone

And I like showing you how to do nice Redstone

So we're going to create a pulce extender first and the way that we're going to do that is by running two comparators across like

This block right there and redstone

So that's all done then we're going to take a repeater output from that one and run it off into this

Comparator Redstone clock that we're going to chuck in right here, so we need a comparator

Set it into subtract mode and then redstone dust running out like that

We're going to take the redstone output from that and sort of snake it round like that with Redstone dust on top of all of those

Some dirt down at the bottom and then some note blocks, and you can set your notes now

I'm going to go super high-pitched here because alarms generally are high-pitched and horrible for the ears

Let's just do all of that

And it can be totally out of tune the more out of tune it is the better you want this

Be a horrible sound so I would say that's good enough now. Let's give it a go

Let's see what happens when we get the incorrect combination, so this is wrong

Awesome. Well, that's just perfect

It's a horrible noise. I'm just glad that my volume is low right now

We just have to connect up our piston door to this mess of a redstone circuit, so the redstone output for this thing is

From this repeater here, and it's going to travel through this piston's block extension

So you want to place a sticky piston facing upwards with a block on its face to create a monostable circuit

And then a repeater

Running out into a sticky piston facing across like this with a redstone block in its face to turn that monostable circuit

into a t flip-flop

Then we want to place some redstone dust just going across like this

And we're going to run it into that block with a repeater

Running into the bottom of the circuitry of the door, and that should be everything completed so currently our door is closed

We chuck in the wrong combination

We get the horrendous alarm, but if we get the correct combination then the door will open and we don't get any alarm

Fantastic it's actually working okay, so we can fill in these books right here

We are now done that for this side of the vault. Now we need to build the bank vault itself

I've been busy mining in

MCedit I have cleared out this area right here. Now this space is eight blocks wide it

Is six blocks tall going up to the top right here

And it is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine blocks long right there

So now I'm going to do is I'm going to start throwing in all of the blocks

We're going to have iron blocks for the flooring because obviously that's like quite a solid choice as we mentioned earlier on iron blocks

in real life

I mean, you're not going to be punching through that with your fist

and we're going to fill in all of the walls as well with iron blocks and once all of that is done

We will start building the bits for the vault itself. So here is the bank vault we have got a bunch of iron blocks

It's all looking very solid we've got chests in place. Which could store bunches of diamonds or money

I guess emeralds would probably be money in Minecraft

We've got some lamps up at the top

The only thing that I would say could make this look tiny bit more legit is to throw in some trapdoors on

Either side just like that then drop down to the bottom and power all of these blocks either using redstone

Is or by using levers that's probably what I would consider doing because it looks pretty cool. Don't worry

We're not quite done with the redstone yet. We've still got a bunch of things left to do, but there we go

It looks like all of the chests are being held in place by trapdoors

So if you do want to do it, that's how that you do that

but the next thing that we've got to do is we've got to punch out these books right here, and

Place some blocks behind them just like that because we're going to be creating a laser security system now

I don't know if banks actually use lasers

I like to think that they use lasers to protect their things highly doubt it

But I like to think that they do so we're going to be using some trip wires

Running right the way across the length of the room the trip wires are in place string

It is making its way across the chest these are our laser systems. It's not quite as cool. Okay?

It's not quite as cool as an actual banks laser systems which I'm imagining in my head a bit like something from James Bond

But it's definitely going to do the trick so behind each one of these blocks

We're going to place in some redstone, and that's going to meander its way around here

And basically make its way across into this area once again now. We're going to be adding another part to this circuit

We're going to be placing in a sticky piston

And then a block right here and redstone running across like that with a repeater

And then some more redstone

That runs into that block if the piston is extended then we're going to take a repeater output and that is going to go across

Like this and basically go into our pulse extender

Wherever you really want it to so I'm going to place another repeater

And then some redstone up right there

Now the reason that that's important is because we do not want the alarm system to go off

Every time someone enter the bank vault okay, that's a really bad idea because right now. We've got in legitimately

We've entered in the correct code. We're meant to be in the bank vault which means that the alarms

They don't go off okay absolutely nothing goes off however if we were to head outside

We close the door like this, and then we flick this leaver. We have the wrong combination, okay the wrong combination has been submitted

We hit this button the alarm is going off, and we still decide hey, I don't care about alarms and things like that

I'm just going to break through if we break through and trigger one of these as you

can see the alarm system is fully functional so the alarms in the inside will only activate if someone is in there

Isn't meant to be in there I think that's pretty cool

So we have a guys we have now created a fully functional bank vault system

We've got a secure and large piston door and also some alarm systems and lasers and stuff like that

I'm extremely happy with it

And if you do want to check out this world in a little bit more detail then of course there will be a world download

Down in the description chuck it into your Minecraft world saves folder and have a bit of fun

But unfortunately ladies and gents at that is all I've got time for today

Let me know down the comment section what you want me to show you how to build next

But if you have enjoyed this video be sure to hit that like button if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe

But thanks for watching guys. this has been Mumbo, and I'm out. I'll see you later

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