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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Identity and Blackness As Themes in The Hate U Give

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hi guys I'm miss Guevara and today we're

going to talk about identity and

blackness as seems an Angie Thomas's

debut novel the hate you give the hey

you give explores the relationship

between race and identity as star

struggles to navigate the primarily

black world of her garden Heights

community in the primarily white world

of her school Williamson Prep feeling

torn between the two star changes her

speech mannerisms and behaviors to fit

whichever circumstance she's in after

the shooting of stars best childhood

friend Khalil star is reluctant to speak

about his death with her non black

school classmates out of fear they won't

understand what happens in her garden

Heights world back at home she feels

unable to stand up for Khalil especially

after she's accused of acting like a

white person who thinks that she's

better than her neighbors the

conflicting feelings that Starr has

about her identity are also reflected in

her two father figures who have opposing

perspectives on authentic blackness

maverick her father draws inspiration

from the Black Power movement and

believes in self-reliant blackness and

improving conditions in black

neighborhoods from the inside but star's

uncle Carlos a police officer with a

house in a gated community represents

assimilation into white culture he

believes that he can support black

communities by using white organizations

such as the police force to combat gang

violence the ongoing conflict between

Maverick and uncle Carlos highlights how

difficult it is for star to reconcile

her two worlds and find a way to stay

true to herself


The Description of Identity and Blackness As Themes in The Hate U Give