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but blame can be a way of escape you hear me preaching to you today because

blame will get you out of having to take responsibility the only problem is it

gives the keys to your freedom to whoever you blame for the situation and

now you're enslaved to the very thing that you were trying to escape from now

you're enslaved to bitterness because you escaped through blame I could do

this all day long I could talk about how when you feel trapped in something it's

important what you trust in because whatever you trust becomes your master

what are you escaping to what are you escaping from and have you escaped to

something that has now started to enslave you cynicism is an escape

because it hurts to have hope it opens the door to disappointment

so you just beat life to the punch you just expect the worst that way

you're not surprised and you put your faith in reverse and call it realism

so what's really sad about coming through the Red Sea is that after all

the miracles that God does for you and after the way that he saves you and

after the way that he becomes personal in your life the Bible says that even

after they went through the Red Sea passed under the cloud through Moses

after he references this Exodus motif that is so prevalent in the Jewish

Scriptures he says in verse 5 nevertheless God was not pleased with

most of them for they were overthrown in the wilderness and that's where the

battle is in the wilderness even Jesus went through the wilderness and what you

do in the wilderness determines whether you stay enslaved or move forward into


we don't just pass through the wilderness once in our lives the

wilderness is not something you did 18 years ago

the wilderness isn't just when you lost your first job the wilderness can happen

several times any given week I asked my friend before I came out how was your

week and I said I take it back I hate that question because you could

ask me that hour-by-hour and get a different answer there are some weeks I

have where Monday is milk and honey and Tuesday is Canaanites Hittites Jebusites

parasites termites cellulites

and when they went to the wilderness they were overthrown they grumbled they

wanted out you know where they wanted to go Egypt at least we could eat in Egypt

never mind you forgot about the fact that they gave you mud without straw

trying to get you to make bricks without giving you materials never mind that the

devil has constantly been trying to keep you all your life in a state of feeling

like you're not enough you just want to go back to the world because at least it

works for a little while so we escape we want to build a tunnel back to Egypt and

then the tunnel becomes a trap and they died in the wilderness they died in the

place where there was no water they died in the place where there was no worship

they died in the place where there was no perspective it's interesting then

that the Bible says that Jesus is a great High Priest and that he is able to

be touched with the feelings of our infirmities in fact it says that he was

tempted in every way like we are now I read that and started to argue with the

Bible Jesus didn't have kids

he wasn't tempted in every way as I am he didn't ever want to choke the very

life that he produced Jesus didn't have Amazon Prime

but yet it says that he faced every temptation because there's really only

three I know we make it complicated but the Bible condenses it and says that any

temptation you're facing today not just the external ones the internal ones the

same Bible that gives commands about sexuality gives commands about worry so

don't think that temptation is only for one person it said in every temptation

Jesus faced it yet he was without sin he was he was perfect in the ways that we

will never be and guess where he went to prove his perfection let me show you

this in Matthew chapter 4 give me the verse it says that Jesus was led up by

the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil why would God

remember the Lord's Prayer our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy Kingdom come

thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and lead us not into and the spirit led

Jesus to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil so Jesus is driven is the more

accurate word than lead lead sounds nice driven is more accurate he had to go to

the wilderness why why did Jesus have to come incarnate the word made flesh why

did Jesus have to take on the form of human weakness and go to the wilderness

it says that they were overthrown in the wilderness when Jesus came on the scene

the true Israel the true expression of God the second Adam when Jesus came

the man who is fully man and fully God Jesus who is the Express image of

the radiance of God Jesus by whom for whom through whom all things were

created that were created Jesus came to the wilderness watch this for a rematch

see in your flesh in your power in your strength in your mind in your human

ingenuity you are no match for the devil in the wilderness but Jesus showed up in

the wilderness because of unfinished business on behalf of anyone who would

believe on his name and call on him in the day of trouble so Jesus after

fasting for forty days and forty nights had to pay a visit to the devil in the

wilderness Jesus came from heaven which was pristine to the earth to visit your

enemy and pay a visit to what is tormenting you to let the enemy know

that he might be bigger than you but you've got a big brother and a high

priest who knows your weakness

and he went to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil so now this is

gonna be interesting because how do you tempt the son of God

maybe if you can get him to question his identity and the devil hits him with

three temptations remember there's only three they're all three listed in 1st John

2:15 spoiler alert the devil is not creative there's only three things he

can tempt you with to try to get you to be something that you're not there's

only three things he can tempt you with it's the lust of the flesh that's what I

feel like doing the email I feel like sending the lust of the eyes is what my

senses tell me living by senses living by surface

appearances and then there's the pride of life that's what I think I know

that's what I tell myself that I know that's when I when I start being like

Adam and Eve in the garden their sin wasn't eating an apple their sin was

that they thought they were like God knowing the difference between good and

evil that's what the sin was in the garden and that's what it is today

it's the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of life if you're 16

if you're 61 it's the lust of the flesh the lust of

the eyes the pride of life I told God I can't preach this to the whole church

this is a youth sermon he said tell them just like they told him some of them if

they would have heard this sermon when they were 16 they wouldn't be struggling

with what they're struggling with at 61 but you're hearing it now you're

hearing it now

so so the lust of the flesh he catches Jesus hungry

he's been fasting 40 days and 40 nights and he's hungry he's hungry the devil

always knows when you're hungry and if you only come to church every five weeks

when it's convenient you are going to be too hungry to be strong against the

temptation of the enemy I got six claps and one is my mom but it's true all the

same you're too hungry you eat junk when you're hungry you're susceptible when you're

hungry you try to turn stones into bread when you're hungry you try to eat stuff

that won't satisfy you try to live off of people's compliments when only God's

validation is able to sustain you that's the lust of the flesh it's the pride of

life he said okay if you won't turn the stones into bread then throw yourself

off this cliff watch this prove it prove you're the child of God prove you're a

real man prove your intelligence prove your worth

just keep earning and earning and chasing and chasing and never stop to

ask why and never stop to be generous just keep proving it just keep going out

there confident and never really admit your need to anyone so that they can see

the real you and give the water to your soul that you need to make it just

prove it it's the pride of life and then there's the lust of the eyes you know he

took him up on a high mountain showed him all the kingdoms of the world by the

way Jesus didn't leave the wilderness and go to another place because the

temptation is always on the movie screen in your mind

and he showed him something that looked like an opportunity but Jesus knew that

he came for the cross a devil said if you'll bow down and worship me I'll give

you all this and you don't even have to go to the cross just like God will offer

a way of escape so will the enemy but when the way of escape becomes just

another set of chains

Jesus said away from me Satan for it is written you shall worship the Lord God

only and him only will you serve Jesus

in the wilderness 40 days 40 nights why 40 that's the exact number of years

that the nation of Israel spent in the wilderness Jesus said I'm gonna do in 40

days what you couldn't do in 40 years and no temptation come on Bible lovers

no temptation has overtaken you the same grace that enabled Jesus the same spirit

that enabled Jesus to endure the cross and despise the shame and sit down at the

right hand of God this spirit lives in you

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