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Welcome back to Sky Factory!

Where is my jetpack?! Why is everything different?

Ryan, You've missed a lot

Lots of experimentation, lots of mad science. Yeah its very similar to how i left it. Hey Ryan, look at what I'm wearing.

Look what I've got.

Diamond armor? It's Diamondtine. Diamondtine Armor. Ryan, there's a sign that says: Ryan's shit

Don't touch especially Lindsay. Where is it? It's downstairs

Why does the tower of Pimps say gay?

Um 'cause Gavin started writing his name and stopped at gay, so apparently he thinks his name is gay. No, I just had a misspelling

Oh Ryan you've missed the best part of it. Oh of what? The teeny little tower

Ok let me come up out to look at this. Did you find your box?

By the way I did. Thank you in the interim

I've also discovered that if you hit the middle mouse button you uh auto sort yeah, sorting is pretty badass. Are you serious? Yeah?

Yeah, oh shit. No, you don't


Get shit on. You sort of do in a chest? Alright Ryan right I've been playing a lot of this shit

I can fly again. Look. I'm a cheeky little tower. I'm coming


And uh Ryan I've learned quite a few things in Sky Factory. Oh look at that!

Isn't it cute? Oh my god Jack, what have you learned?

How to play heh What's up? I made these for everyone last time...I noticed I've got one oh

Why do I have a crafting table on a stick well now you have a crafting table wherever you go. It's true

Oh, really. Yeah, that's what it is. I have three of them. Well, he made a lot. He was overzealous

I'm just throwing some on the ground, and I have a cookie! Jeremy, you know the best place to show Ryan

our new thing. Your new thing? Yeah sure...oh, I know what it is, their going to take their dicks out

Well, what do you want to do?

What you want to point it at?

What if Ryan stands here? Hey Ryan, don't listen to what they're saying

I mean, I know what this is...shhhh No, you don't

yes, this is the atomic reconstructor to convert died at all alright. Whatever. Yeah, you want to be licen

I mean if you can see me right now Ryan


Did you pick that up? Yes give me that ah?

Gibby Dad just convert the meat on the wall

That's the wine eyes nothing great

What are you converting? I'm turning blocks of courts into aesthetic awards

I'm just acidic come back. What do you mean that 400 Jack's place, so this right here wine is an empower?

I immediately ignored your response our yeah, what do you want to try to make all right?

Fine back with a vengeance all right I was I'm just I'm all over the place right now

I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I feel like my automation is broken-down looks like it has because everything is full

Because the sieve guy is no longer saving ada whitney silver editing shifting unreal good, whoa? What happened?

Why is he not working anymore? I don't know. I had to give him a shit horse Gavin's got the Googs

He's still war. He's still working you have to like feed him. He's not supposed to work for food. He's supposed to just work

This guy's not working knowledge

Connect how this Ryan gets full what college side oh?

Hammer no like a collared sign

So this goes I'm curious what lawyer should does so this otto hammers home home home home?

I'll run the run truth dress on the side beating you with your I drink and I should

Yng you've beaten him to death. How do I even say it out?

I want to try you do one save yourself at all. I didn't want to kill you. Thanks, man, Lava

Just wanted to piss you off what this legally water optional you need that don't e. What does Lieber sternoff?

I don't know what leave her

The worm we're here right there now that's sitting on a sag no

We don't need the tag no okay, so we figure we pointed out how to make steel last episode

I think you already did that at some point Ryan yeah, we had to learn from soy sauce because yeah

We had to figure out how holy shit there goes 21 diamonds

Oh, we did also my solo thing here. I announced or two million roofs. Damn. That's a lot of roofs

Yeah, and I don't know what rufus but or a leaf reds. Don't do that. I probably don't need this foul

I ryan useful. That's why he wasn't sifting. He knows this other guy that was not and this guy wasn't either

I'll pull this laughs how you think chef's chickens are good. No. I can't are they healthy Ryan

How do you cropped a whip so we can get those guys back to work fucking them? Yeah? Really?

Now you want to work buddy auto hammer lot of dust sorry hang on. I'm gonna keep I'll put the diamond away for you

I'm gonna keep me in Solar queen okay. No, we're pretty good at all Er

Yeah, but I just want to keep going. I'll show io do you want to give me someone else today uh

Like the next one has 8 million roofs seems like the transport system is broken down that's here's video. Sorry

I'm distracted to snow or yeah now. You're going to your shit right? That's all good

I'm fixing Ryan my things to fit Michael today's and not bug you except for when I need shit


Wait, I already to you. I already forgot how to make a chiseled clown walk. What I've heard Kevin

you've heard tell of on the internet is that the

Solar Panels are actually very lag inducing okay, so we probably whoa

I'm not gonna make more and just want to upgrade them. I see

I've only got two so much, but if you want me to pack in my title of solar clean, I just come man again

I'm gonna say at this point. Okay, everything I'm looking at is fully charged so I don't know that we need any additional

Breaking his heart you're really you're crushing me I came cheering

I want to feel a little disappointed too, because what I was going to recruit you to do

And what we could still do to get rid of all of this shit

Oh Gavin would like to help me make a nuclear reactor

Uh yes, wow I would oh, maybe it couldn't create power is that the other oh yeah? Yes, he does oops and

Toxic Waste

All right, so what do you need? What do you have to work? We whip out my crafting table a sticker?

Hey, Ronnie wants a comical doesn't that kill me dean. What's up look what I'm doing over here. Yeah

Look what we're ready. Yeah, three shades of quartz block yeah

Damn, that's it. Greed. What do you what are you doing this for just like thing? Oh?

Yeah, I need four of them to get the empowers more yeah with exhibited wow a empower works

Yeah, what does that get you? I can shove things in dollar things

In palace things, it's true

Yeah, but you got to steal the energy from other objects pack you're working on fixing the I'm Gonna make it

I'm making another oh gosh

Enderman right I'm making another mom's phone or one that's gonna work. Okay. Awesomely really is Ryan. I'm making you a present

Oh, we should tear down this shitty old on

Which ones are still hot good?

Put that down. It's tough spawning like this. It's not our problem. Can't stand it here. What do we have? Oh?

You got sin? Yeah you soon yeah. I always knew sense for soulless. I'm not doing anymore, right?

Yeah, I don't think we need solar anymore alright

We've moved past clean energy into the nuclear a nuclear wouldn't it has to be clean just be in it

Right up sadly at the end of the day all of those vices that it's good to get the fucking sleep

No, it's not

it's actually called A

Reactor hey Ron do I or any of your automated things needed an iron Shovel I?

Don't think so you're not a break shit down like there's awakened like it takes up a part someone was telling us

Can you smoke like maybe your tools?

Someone to do it alright so gavin if you hat big reactor in the search

You can see the shit that we're going to need big reactor teams Red, Sonia

Redstone II huh?

and the main thing, we're need a reactor case any uh

reactors yeah

Yes, yeah, brad. Don't know how I do how much they need and then a reactor control Rod counting for any low price um

nine plus one grabbed by

Iran were yet? I got something for you. I'm about to bail it all right here. I don't anyway

Yeah, we tried a yeah. I made that for you. Oh and z discuss what our tap?

that is a a

Iot a diamond a iot that is every single tool and a sword made out of diamond in one good awesome. Thank you

Yeah, I'm what harry. I have a Chris re knife. Yeah there. What is it? It's a iot is

It oh yeah, a sword is a hammer just got them all together. Yeah, can you do that if it's making you think?

It has to be fresh

It's an a iot oh

Man fucking cool. That's wicked


so if you can make them out of everything

So you can do a stone one you can do an iron one you can do whichever I can make an obsidian one

ObSidian is actually the strongest of all of them, so Jack even better than that's pretty then yeah

Then dot diamond ting aye, I think so me cerium a iot

This one eight thousand you can see that there if you type in a iot in your search bar

Yeah, it shows them all and gets you the durability so the obsidian one the durability is

Okay, 30 mm. Oh shit everything else, so the diamond one is

Sixty two sixty two hundred foot Miami. I have a date-time stronger

Oh my God, diamond teams not even close to what are you working on Jeremy?

Hi, Disney, Redstone allow me to make sure like Jeremy. How much evening I need more Redstone iam so I can make more

Gameplay case come over to my favorite. I have a job for you if you're interested alright

I'm almost done with this and okay that ryan you need me to get you dirt

Actually Michael you could go can I just take this? Oh go for it? Yeah? Hey?

Yo, you see this smelter that I'm staying on, huh

Yeah, I mean you have a farm

Everywhere so we need to make a furnace version of this, so I'm going down

I'm gonna work on a new mob spawners. We need a lot of feared block yeah. Oh yeah, also which?

Seared Brick, I think is made from cooking clay. It's a mixture of clay gravel and sand how many intervals do we have right?

oh We need a lot of this to make a furnace which we can then cook a shit ton of stuff in it cooks it

Using Lava, and it does stacks at a time

That sounds wicked anyone right especially because you and I are about to have to make a lot of graphite. Yeah

So it will replace all of this fucking all these

purses over here, okay um

If you wanna, I mean, that's it. That's the thing that can get done. What is let my hair out?

He's gonna block me. Okay. Let me google how to do the diamond yeah hold on

Doesn't always just see that laying around

Okay, I just want to make an IFo I

Can sort of stroke IV go to bed back if I'm I mean ah bah bah I?

need to oh

Got one now Jackie. So you needed a

ObSidian I

Mean I was going to make an iot out of obsidium that's fine. I'm cool my diamond for now

Okay is obsidian better than diamond side up sitting is the best

Alright, it's 30 mm. Our ability to break 32,000 blocks. What squatting here

Alright, so I got all the dip what?

Did you get powered you want to put solar um I don't know

We're about to make the ultimate power device. Well. I mean, I've just put the solar brown next one of these display cases

Yeah, how many uh actually Gavin?

I you know what I know something that you could work on that might help with that okay the other thing that as part of

This we can improve our power systems by going wireless, okay?

And I thought if I remember the you pick up that Tilaka did I let's see in my evidence

I might have to sorta get charged in it by - oh, I'm fine

So you know you can you can look at things for each individual?

Mod by just going to at sign in then the name of the mod so at indoor i/o all one word brings up


Lot of the power stuff, and I believe it's called like flux plug. Oh shit. I set this up wrong in your eyes. I believe

under a slug

Watching you I've look them from your face. Look sally

Flux core flux slug what's Lo Haga flux cooling heat and as I look at two parts?

It's like a cinder and receiver and then a power monitor. It's the whole thing man

I'm giving you like a big all right, so I'm gonna make a load of flux from our redstone

Where's the uh where's the Cobblestone? Oh?

Shit, there's a Michael. Who's a cobblestone generator in the back. I saw that when not making any redstone

One of the engine work that's right like we build up again. What's happening? It's redstone coming out of this guy

He's just working anything about what's going on over here

This is a business rough area as fires and various sections

It's all kinds of where the fuck is the cobble stone cobble stones in a one of these I think this big chest there

Okay, that's not much that okay in doing raster. Oh, wow Jin-Yi

Hopefully nobody is so what's crystal flocks. What is that? Yeah, crystal flux. I'm like a porn star Ryan

No, what's crystal flux don't know oh, that's right stan so you okay?

Okay, because I'm just reading about the empower

Do you not know what it does it uses?

It's used to empower items and blocks the empower requires for display stands to be surrounding it two blocks away in each side did that?

And once you empower the center item each display stand must hold a specific item and requires a minimum amount of crystal flux

All right, oh, jack. Do you have sugar cane? I do actually can I have some sure go grab it

online it changed from using red on like Lindsay

Voidling to do she just chopped it all down. Yeah, all right. So you need a gravel, right?

It was that part of your list who on you Ryan. What did you need uh?

Feared blocks by your block right to get that. You said I needed you put stone in it'll smell tiny didn't

Know okay, okay?

Yeah, I mean you do but okay, okay, okay, or no Michael

See your blocks right a maybe a quick tutorial here here so in a crafting table. Oh my God you need to play

Look at this. What are you done wait?

I got plenty wow

They hurt any crappy game I need to put Mr.

Danville gravel you in that violent way like I look like what I just said was correct

I need I need gravel as part of the

Ingrediens like you're a fucking idiot. I mean you talk about fair phrase why cause it it's certainly paraphrasing

But you gave it to me. I don't like what you told me and then once you make whatever that turns out

Which I owe that turns out um

grout oh


All right, what is this lucky six anything, but I'll sit around the wall. I heard of a punji sticks fuck me hurry

I'm going to get a bunch of your uh I'll do that here this will help you to Michael. Hey here

I actually if you come over here that I can give you gravel I give you every step of the thing okay?

Angie says here's what I was gonna

Do are gonna make all that shit first here's a there's a stack of dust you put that in water to clay oh?

God, I lose and pray like hard. Yeah, it's lagging and I'm full all right. Here's gravel

Do you need Sanzu was up? Yeah? Yeah, okay, and then in this one?

There's saying so so is this all you're making all that shit already

The Hammers have been making it and when the process got all backed up. There's a miraval fans still here Michael

Yeah, I know. I'm full. I had only three come on. You can if you hit a there's a trash can at the bottom left

Alright. I think Jeremy. Just picked up wait. What are you doing? I something why would you do that? Sorry?

I'm sowing I've been playing Minecraft for the past couple of days

I'm so in Minecraft mode of like all the traveling my tori get that shit out of here

No, is it why would you do that? I've made an entire machine just to make that ground okay?

I'm gravel. I've got dust and I've got sand

Ryan now time for some more fun plus. You're getting red wool

Red wool yeah, I've got

Okay, and it's Gonna go alright

Hey guys, I made a I made a ladder down from bottom instead of a waterfall

Okay, I'm a little concerned about you. Hey purple Jeremy what?

What is that? It's the chicken pick it's a chicken on a

scooter with the googly eyes oh

The rice fuck he kicks. What are you getting ride?

Alright alright. Entering the final result remain Kickin back what you're trying to do. Oh and all right? Oh, man listen wrath

Wrathful rat arrived

System shifting around oh Jack Yuri, Yuri, Bob Rock is ideal the farm

Do you have a floral obedient stick I do not have a floral

What looking what what are you making Gavin is going nuts with steak do I want everything to be honest um it's pretty funny

I'm not going to lie. So where should I go about turning this dust into clay?

But I need that put it in water you just put it. So there's some barrels of water over there

Just throw it in there

you're going to need to get like an infinite water source and just keep taking buckets put it put it in the

Wooden crucibles if you just right-click on it with dust it'll become clay yeah

I don't know what you just said right click on it with dust right click on a on mission. Yeah, right? It's Gonna

It's gonna go away, right. It's gonna become clay right, and then I need to define more water

They just right click on it you get the clay and then yes you put more water in oh another redstone piece

I need to empty my bloody in the tray spacing. We write down

I am dude louder hold on so I have an idea about this water situation waterson

We can we have someone watching on storage solution now, right?

Yeah, I need to do that - its man. This is - anything uh yeah, because there's good

There's gotta be better ways to organize on crap. I think I have an idea about this hold on

I don't need to see it all. God damn. It Michael. I have an idea. Yeah

I did can you get a bucket of water food?

Ok Michael KP. Did

This please dance everywhere

Forward I take them Jackie weren't about stuff. You don't even worry about it

Ok all right

I've got a bucket of Daniel Amy

Don't follow me by the way. I don't know peg

So I told me that I was reading into how to get something called the cloak of sin

And it went too far the clothes edge like am on some kind of Demon and killing taking a spirit this is for

sounds also don't light and all kind of guy get into they even spawn the

Demon thing you have to kill the wither to get another to make a beacon I get the worst Jeremy alright. I'll spawn the wither

Also apparently Ryan almost killed all of us what I do know it a chance Cube

Yeah, apparently chance Cube can basically in your world if you get a bad


Oh, what did we get from it Jonathan? It didn't do anything. I thank God

so Jack Eva

Bloody just been playing this outside of what I have been your bloody widow on yes

I am and II uh bloody weirdo

So now do you know a bunch of so got water I do ever you want

I don't know you want with it so ryan. You need us here

What do you need seared block I get you know what somehow? I've managed to do this myself be aware

I'm now working on eight projects again. I'm sorry. I'm not I'm not blaming anyone I don't fault Ryan

I'm gonna say that now I've chosen. Poorly whatever you do. Yeah, do not turn on the

Atomic reconstructor alright, why just that's all I'm gonna say don't do it

So I need to do what's and let do we have ender eyes. What a look at it. Oh?

Yeah, now I see. How that would be a bad idea

But I'm gonna leave it there they run as a temptation

No, one's Gonna do it. Yeah, what's up?

You need a reason to your blocks or a seared bricks is what they need for the furnace Ryan

We need so much redstone for this flux thing right? I feel like that's a Jeff job. How many do you need right?

Actually, I'm going to take it out now. I'm nervous and Michael get me out

You got to see something cool sure all right come here. I'll show you some neat

I'll show you some is good. Save you a lot of time. Yeah, there's your seared bricks. Let me show you to do that

I raise a bucket line, not a lot of time

It's in my hand alright, so Michael if you right-click on this thing here on the left is smeltery controller

Mm-Hmm. It's going to open up the smeltery and then if you get a bunch of cobblestone which you can get for free

Or from the Cobblestone maker hold shift tab you can drop a bunch of min at the same time

that's going to put no weight to your stone into the smeltery and then when that all cooks it's going to make it into

Seared stone you see in that little smeltery like filter thing at the bottom it says one blocks

I put a bunch of Cobblestone now hit this that's going to bring this into here and then the seared stone

One way to say so I fucking did say so and then it becomes it

Turns into this which is this is your stone, you can then go over to any?

Table you want drop your seared stone and the middle it becomes seared paper moves your paper back into the crafting thing

Becomes seared bricks, it's that easy just that is that I have that work place. It's actually 10 times easy

I didn't say it was better not been how I built this entire

Yeah, as soon as you get enough to make one here. Yo, there's a seer broker here bucket of water, please

There you go saved you much time. Oh, I never mind what I was about to do doesn't matter anymore

Shit, Little abbas. I was left to automate a clay creation, but now I don't ask well. You know what give it to me

I'll go ahead and automate. No. Thank God

How the hell I dropped in there you go? That's labor

I don't know where the refuge is I got a market or good can't all afford an iron Dodgers I

Make a bit somewhere um now. I know actually to figure out what the hell jack just said to me all right

You know like oh today. Well the thing is you I kind of went fast like I can show you again

I just kind of looked at your character, okay, Michael, so

I'll walk you through it

Yeah, yeah, Cobblestone on you. I'm holding it man, okay?

So you got a right click on that smell tree control?

Of it right now okay now if you if you see your cobblestone air into inventory yeah shift and then click on your Cobblestone

I hope Jeff's chicken. Okay. That was traveled wasn't going to come back in Tianjin. I

Was why so let's take all this out? Let's get

These things been laying eggs, or what what's going on it? They've been shitting, okay, alright

So now hold shift and click on Cobblestone cool. I don't do it again. There you go

He's pay attention this okay. So you see it cooking though

Yeah, a little thing and then if you mouse over that blue kind of thermometer looking thing yeah

You can see if the little grating at the bottom. It says seared stone seven blocks

Mm-Hmm okay, so when that says well right now. It's a seven block so what you can are oh wait

No, you want a brick actually I was like oh

My God wow now Jack is living my life or hangout will avoiding these chickens Gavin shut the fuck up, okay?

Keep an eye on the chicken. I'm click that so she's get the bucket you gotta get a bucket. Okay pulling eggs out

Okay, Michael. We're almost there. We're this terrier. Sorry geminate if I do it that's right

I just I just read are you killing his chicken? No? I just pulled it like a load of redstone. I was right

Okay, I thought it was metal you just yanked it out of the way Ryan while you're flying around

Yeah, okay grab my belong out, so it's all that so it says 18 block on ingots

I mean you have 18 blocks worth of seared stone

So what you can do now Michael is go ahead and get out of that, okay?

Where you see a little this little knob thing poking a little bit coconut like right click on it

Right back into it that makes a block. We say if you mouse over do you see if you progress going up right now?

Yeah, wait for it to hit hundred. Okay now right click on it and now click on the knob again

Okay, so that's making another one now while that one's going Michael

You can come over to here to this to this crafting table

So right click on that now put that block in the middle of the crafting is there anywhere on the crafting thing

And now grab the thing I think it's a paver on the right grab that and then move it right back into the crafting window

Well, it turns it into fancy seared brick

Okay, that's fine

Okay, that's what's in the middle, and then I'll pull that out and put it back

It should be seared brace right I forgot you made it fun

The Fancy seared brick that's interesting that it's fancy, but I mean it is fancy uh yeah, that's fun. All right well

Yeah, you basically want to craft it into something move it craft it again

And that becomes the brick that beacon seared Brick zach

Are you fucking with your garden a little bit fancy see your brick into square seared brick

Did you put just one in there?

What do you mean can I see what you have a crook who didn't close the door of the farm yawn?

Oh whoops my bad and your lucky everyone hanged

That's what I have all right. Let me see what you got here. Oh, this is it's there a reason. That's glowstone

Hey turn that what I just pulled into that okay?

Apparently oh yeah. We may have gone one too many times reading the comments apparently on nethers meant to be avoid as well

But it's not yeah

What happened? Yeah?

Most of you admit to be avoid yeah, it's Gonna be like this

It's gonna be nothing a little seer breath, but we can just like go in the nether and - of your jaw

I'm not exactly mad

It's cheating you're cheating me. This is how it works every I've started whether he's at home as well

And it that's how it works there. Well, you made the same mistake twice. Oh alright

I said I you made so michael. Yeah a seared bricks. I got I got them for now. So here you go

There's the three you made

okay, and so to do so basically you're going to put what you get out of that that that the casting basin uh-huh just put

It in there once

Are you also got a couple more casting basins of speedy up here? Let me let me take a look at it again

Are you you handle it? And then you let me know so Michael it starts to Sear it starts a seared stone

That's why we get out that basin. Yeah, put it in there once it becomes seared paver

Then move the seared paper into crafting and it becomes seared bricks and there you go and then you're done. There you go

I throw the question out do I up at 4:00?

Anywhere. I'll go you got a generator right now

And then remember if you need more you just put more in what are you drive it because you man

I'm just I'm trying to help. I'm taught me

I'm you know. I'm tired of Ryan having to do all the work for all of us saying

I want to help out, so I learned like that, so it's all contributed here Google Ryan

That's a nice what I throw Google Jack no no, it's been aided by Google Job Aid

Also, I made a ladder going down instead of the den water model. That's when I threw, okay

I got sucked up through my fucking crafting table on a steak is there more

They're very easy to make comes out only well. There's only one that's mine. All right now. We're generating

An excellent site so now our bottleneck is redstone

And ender ice it

I've got to make sure I get into I've got a shitload of redstone

Jeff was working on an indoor chicken place you'll and what's your red centre. How much do you need hold it?

What are you making? I'm making flux. What is for what do you need flux for again for told me to make it?

No, I run you're good. It says flux. It. Just cooks register. It's just you let it dry

So I'm just cooking it Jack into flux

and it's going to aid the

Nuclear reactor of some sort no this is for the wireless power for the wireless power what am I all, right?

So it's over by my farm it's over by the the inferior farm

There's a chest of sugar in it so bad. Now loads jack. Yeah, I don't I've been working on it

All right, so we good on redstone. We just need end up. I'm gonna make this shit out of these seared bricks

We keep running into the same bottlenecks

And I feel like end up oh is that the biggest bitch if the girl is absolutely a problem right now

And that's the Magnus honor is what that is we need we need the mob spawner functioning, dude it just doesn't give many ended

I'm gonna work on I'm working on another one. It works, right? I'm working on mob spawner version three right now. So okay

Well, I'm on so before you uh catch up Jack. Oh

Good book Harsh Ryan. Oh

Good fuck. I was helping you

Don't forget to F7 or body so you can see your body what needs to be uh?

Everybody in the club at that. Hey can we know is there any chance I can convince you all to go to sleep?

So we can get to the next day or do we have enough bed?

Why do we want to do that because I want to I want to?

Put torches down here in the lower level, so we're not surrounded by monsters while I'm building this new Mob spawner

They will come soon enough Jack. What well you said day will come soon enough?

Oh, I think they will come with their rTQ. That's a railgun

There's a what whoa that's get working. You need an electrical of an hiv


Right I mean it's not

Hiv because an aide come below it with an I and then I read out of the ones on my on

Wow, it's a railgun, and it has eight hundred eight thousand fluxes in it eight hundred or a thousand thousand okay?

It's lower than nine thousand Ryan. You said you're making you have an obsidian automatic thing now. Yes

Cool that exists. We got three hundred pearls over here all right now Redstone is being processed live an idea

I'm gonna Grab these interpreter Trombley growing Magic blaster

do we have

Gold we have lots of wool somwhere

Wool, I don't think Jeremy is a wool in here. I don't we get sheep

Those are my magic flowers and that why are there zero sheep in here? Oh, there's one sheep

How many bricks we need Ryan giant oh see here? I've got one of my magic flowers

Oh here, you can I have that's throw over there by the by 36 alright. That's what I'm waiting for I need a white one

Can you get those back to brick form they are bricks? What's that or their bricks or there's a blocks or bricks?

They're seared Bricks, but are they block the block blocks can you break those down into bricks uh?

What do you need just like individual it like again bricks. Yeah, these tell you pour them into the casting thing

You may have to do it

From the castle table this plague here. Yeah, you can you can make individual ones right there

And they go super fast to they don't do they cook super uh okay?

Let's see so we were working on the furnace honey. Would you you couldn't liquefy end okay?

So can I turn the blocks back into brick?


Don't track 36 bricks that are now we're uh Michael. Give me one of them. No. No, we still need it, okay guys

I don't know how to give you away. Go get something you can get upside down buckets, okay? Well, what's the point of that?

The end there's so much if you just type in ender. There's so much cool sounding shit. There's a ender glove

Hand Avenger can you check the Bricks back into the for the smeltery?

Oh, you can't have blocks yeah

You can so you can throw this in the smeltery then you get serious on it dust so you can do that

So if you need to get individual ones you can make them in one at a time

But you weigh their dust that sounds cool you could just melt them again. Yeah, you can melt the blocks back

I mean honestly at this point it might be just quicker to make new ones

I mean, I'm going to hang for Future Jeremy

You can mix with a dust with an end a pail to make an understable and oh

You'll have a lot of those uh hey gavin yeah have any ears on you do you yeah can I have a sure porfavor whoops?

And only the best see you jack. Thank you oops

Got given to you there you go. Yeah, you diamond sheers. Yeah, well dude why was what I was king of the dirt

Yeah, you know it makes diamonds years well back when Gavin was king of it very arousing my lease my leaf production

Yeah, you need those when she is gone in one clip it's it's bullshit. I went at Jack. I went through several pairs

I'm a shit

Damn it. They don't make them like they used me like there's my seeds over here Jeremy

I don't know if they're more of your lot. I

Don't know what I was God I've got cotton seeds. Oh

Well, I'm finding what you're trying at all. Let me just tell you what okay, I know

I'm Gonna

Go out on a limb here after your tank, and I'm gonna guess we don't have blades and a furnace control hey ron

Do we have a bunch of string anywhere sure so I give you string to me?

We have any dragons other where we don't have any dragon are you cookin fagin?

Ah you can end up uh we should get a dragon on let's go kill a dragon

Right like the easiest way sticks. We can a killing stuff though Ryan. I'm listening um do we have

Blaze Rods

Nope, we're gonna go to the ender on the way Anderson is on my way again or another's broken apart. I was just there

We need to get a sustainable income of end upon

I don't know how well get jasper half Jeff was Gonna make a ender chicken. I'm Stephen figure

I think he was gonna make it. He says he has everything he needs for he has a log chicken. Which is what we needed

Damn it you see. I don't I don't know mess with any of this over here. Well, you should I?

Shouldn't yes, you should oh

There's a lot breeding things Gavin monk who knows what you'll make okay?

I'm just going to say I definitely then bitch me luck good luck for you

I'm gonna go try and find some boys your book mmM alright

I just need to make one piece of stained glass

I think this regular glass will work it flips through a bunch of options

Oh does it yeah, so you just need like a piece of glass. Yes?

Dude, this is shitting so much all right uh exit. Yeah, uh

Someone come here. What's up Bryan what stand right here on this white blocker Michael stand on that white block then hit shift

What down back a little later back up a little bit? Yes stand right on it does it not go back up?

Doctor day it's paid for on it. Oh yeah. I was standing on it that teleport. Yeah that elevator now hit shift see, haha

But it doesn't go back up. Yeah, just jump it's before oh

Jump does it so it's like crouch and jump. That's great. That's pretty cool alright

Make a very cool sound so you go all the way up to the top feel mumps moaning like that?

I can we go to the bottom. I'm gonna drop down to the bottom I get back

I'm gonna try to go down in that'd be cool as hell anyone more

Um yeah shows nothing we get teleporters man. I got leaves and dirt. You're at home filth is paying off

You're welcome homes his shit famil. I figured something else up penny stick would you figure out riding?

Fun what I need up here we go. Yeah, let's not put down more low stick susie

I put it in a less than just play those things are nuisances. You know it's my chanel

I didn't match without someone do we glass around somewhere

Yeah, he just cook some real quick fuck. I could come uh

147 Blues 49

147 to Traverse Collins not Jeff Jack, sir uh

Do you have another one those teleporter walks? I'm working on something right now 147 249

I don't think he'll go this far, but we'll give it a shot. How far how far up. I don't think it

goes like 20 blocks

But I'm gonna try we have to make a couple stages of it. Can you make a more powerful version?

I don't know all right one four seven two four nine check this out

DDDdd in and I'm gonna put that there could you place that on nothing behold a new land?

What happened Ryan make a new land? I've made a new land Ryan terraforming currently accessible only to those of us with Jetpacks

Welcome to Ryan toria elysium of the one more similar to farkas that one right there also it cached upon your land

Wow, the nether is probably scary though. Haha. That worked alright check it out. Come here. Where are you I um

Oh hang on cuz I'm like a scientist for Michael get on there hit shift and then hit shift again, holy shit in an instant

Hello, not make another one. We can jump up to this level. Oh shit the bed

That's which well that is pretty fantastic. You can get rid of that fucking ladder. Well, we've been sustained

We just like jumped ahead to the space age you still get sick from raw chicken. I'm not

Well done jack. Maybe a bunch of time really need to build oh Jack's fucking making elevators, and I'm eating raw

Chairs, you're the kid in closet eating paste

Right, so I've got flux out of my a net without I just need end is there now there's more land up there

I don't know why but there is you guys if I don't come back. I just want you know looks back

Again, what's up? Yeah, a great friendship who?

Darling from cognizing who did you and who in game all of you you guys blew up the other mob spawner?

Huh? Yeah make the mind work better to make an even better one now Ryan well, we gotta need that soon

This has nothing working on now. No end to pose. Isn't spawning at all right now. Oh. Yeah, that's one of my crazy


That's working on

Your ones looking great jet the good dog Sprint

One cat created you have a lot of leaf bags anymore should we open these readily back. Yeah, sure do it

I'm Jack can I open these Radley back, too?

For a piano yeah, you go ahead. He's fine with it. Sorry. I was counting. I heard yeah you were going nuts

Wanna See if there's any

Enda stuff in it

Tell me there's a blaze Rod just anissa


Nether fortresses man. I need I need some torches damn it. They're a rare breed

the cow head in this

Right was the other thing you wanted a seared tank and a furnace controller correct. I can't find furnace oh jacket

We have a glaze seeds

Please see they love black not preheater. No it was if you just look up if you look for seared, oh

Maybe it's under seared furnace controller. Here's the thing. I'm gonna be real

Real Goddamn lost Stanley. No now will do


Where you going man? I'm in the nether dude. Why would you be lost?

I'm trying to find another fortress because I need blaze I needed blaze Rod, but uh

Not going well, I own one and I ran out of food a while ago. So I'm killing the other chickens and eating him Ross

Jesus did you not come back? I mean I could be gone feral I

Mean I could come back. Oh wait. Can I toss them and they'll be back a failure? Oh

Yeah, I think you can't do that actually ryan fucking holiday

Cooper's alright, I don't know

Sack all right. I threw all my might after my chicken supply in the fire is all gone

He threw a chicken in. Oh jack. Do you have a purple slime sapling? I do not see one one short

and tonight

I did not expect that follow-up question text via a wall one text the plant guy picking grow up with one

That sounds wicked. I don't see here there we go. Oh

Ryan it's Gonna be awesome

Alright right there. It's real

I've broken my pickaxe and


One there as I see ain't contagious

Alright. It's in a drawer. Jack put it in a drawer bike that's alright

Is it happen again?

Denton just

Negate my chicken hike all right Ryan. I've made the seared furnace controller and tank mine coffee

I'm now Gonna kill myself. I'm done

Seems Harder finally, how does accomplish two tasks boy Michael? Who's no going up from here?

It's only downhill so when do we learn that the nether like since it wasn't supposed to even be here

It doesn't have a fortress in it

You learn that I think you're learning that right now while you're sucking on that chicken blood chicken

Blood stop getting big what do you want me to do with these things Ryan? I'll come get them leave them somewhere


Right here, huh? Thank you, so uh did I just help build a doomsday device or something yeah?

I'm the innocents are gonna be killed professor

You helped me build a crematorium. Don't worry about oh, God. They're already dead

What's your name is Dr.. Ming? Glove box? I do I do

You want them all here here is 35 of them. That's perfect

Thank you, Sir. Well done Mm-hmm excellent job. I'm just gonna stand here and see what you're gonna do with a minute, please oh

Oh, I see her your your Aioli weapon. Yeah, whatever the fuck

It's called a oh yeah oops. I love chicken

Hey, Rhino, even the iron


I'm sure we do I need 12

You know what I take that back. I'm not sure that we do. What do you what do you need iron iron?

I don't know

But I can just go look I'll start looking through jazz sure we have a lot all over the place

Behold a furnace amen

Torch what the hell is this going to do do we cook brisket in here? You can cook anything in here?

You can cook it by the stack. It's a are you serious

Yeah, it's a big fucking furnace fuck all this normal furnace shit. He wasn't cook everything at once damn cook everything

Mm-Hmm look all the same no no raw chicken oh

Fuck. Do you write nice what am I I'm getting yell aureum dust oh, I just threw that in there, okay?

I was like. What did what happened? That's how I'm gonna make the next step the nuclear reactor stone slabs

Do any actual stone? I got any like cooked stone. No, you can throw it on to the furnace okay?

I don't know if we had neons. I mean come on standing here

I can make them right I found some super furnace over cook stone. What Cobblestone Cobblestone

In in a in a furnace, I think I can actually I can make you some right now to take this up a notch, too

So here can make it bigger. It would actually hold more

I don't look we need to but why not I do not know such a thing as soul stone

Open those silver shit

They good. Oh man these drops more Lava in yeah, something build-up the Lava tank. I'm I like that. I'm

Learning some things now

Oops, I just missed the first 50 steps

chickens, yes


Ryan where's our sieve our uh?

gravel sieve

over here

What's top this one locked is giving gravel, okay? It's got the diamond

Did it that cleared it where does the non diamond should go to?

Nothing. There is no automation built up past this everything does the end up in the sieve and stays there

So where can I collect from it? Oh there? We go look at of itself iron ore there? We are. I'm what you need

Me yeah, iron hums good. Okay. I'm grabbing it from here

I'm from this guy unfortunately the gravel guy I've got a diamond in there

So we're not getting any we all you get is gold ore let's have every type of thing

Uh the problem is you need we can have it doing every type of I?

Can break it down into each of the individual things?

But then we'd have to even make it extremely over complicated to have it running through every different type of mesh dinner right dreamy-eyed

Every night. Oh creeper, holy shit go

button oh

I got is a good one. Thanks guys. Let's see

ObSidian supply, right uh

It's kind of buried behind all that shit sits back here. Oh, we have an obsidian supply

Yeah, I know that is if we have an obsidian generator, or just a supply

Well, we're down to a couple. I may have borrowed something man. There's like so much stone

Jack you don't even know what to do with it. All. Oh, yeah, right I?

Got 53 pieces of it that Michael. You know what I'm gonna give you this there you go? Oh?

Something for your trouble. Oh, thanks


You make him shoes I got them some slime boots ah I do anything um

I don't know they looked nice probably the edge of Vanetta. I mean I look I look real slimy Jack

Can you see what I'm holding you're holding do their chicken on a stick no, Jesus Christ

I can see we're holding the cow in the bag. Oh, there's our big inator

You know that's the you notice we have a jar. It's a cow in a bag what it looks like it looks like

Literally, it's called a baconator this one's a Jeff kunia. It looks like a sleeve that you get a hash brown in there

Pull it in there. I'm just putting meat in it just a

Drop area it's like an under the I know my I mean okay had too many. I had one too many. Why is our?

Why is our smeltery not and more like we don't it's not big you only put in nine blocks at a time

Something might be broken on it the smelter. Yeah

The welder should to have a lot. I know it's out of shimla. Oh yeah, I noticed that earlier by the way

There's something inside by accident. I noticed that earlier when I was making shit it definitely dropped to nine

I was only doing nine and Michael time is broken here climb up about three or four block em here and right

Oh, you know about this right here, baby get on top of here and then jump off Toward Kevin

do it


Does that actually work jack you fucking piece of shit is awesome

Kevin look at theirs. Look out groans with a cooler than you fuck you, baby

Come even bats in here and there and everywhere

It's fucking gummy bear shoes you gave me gummy bears here. Well we have those in the first pot the slime

She's uh I she never warm I've had him for a little bit, and I figured night. I'm not taking advantage of them

Damn, dude, man. I thought climbing up might help me find another fortress, and then my pickaxe broke

Okay, oh shit. He blazed paddle shit on your dick. Do we have any of that?

I need to make this an ender iron and all right

Punching Nanoracks okay, so now all the things are back, so what broke tit? What broke that?

I don't know. I just looked so earlier. I accidentally chiseled a tiny little nugget of the side

I just told you the whole time. I didn't realize that broke it. So I just swapped it back

Are you chisel that dog bro? No I did not celebrate

I just chose with them one by one little and that also what you do if you chisel it until it broke how when I?

Say wasn't wrong the true

Jeremy I'm sorry I

built that

Okay, let's the equivalent. Is there an item?


Sadly no

maybe ear Ira lays generous yes to us for flux cause

That sounds awesome. Yeah so much enough for a flux plug

Then we know like the transmitter the kind of eight more flux. Cool. Yeah, is it daytime where you guys are?

No, okay?

Next time it's daytime can you move?

Looks cool or panel to a different display case

Form hope yeah, what do you want? Just whichever one isn't there's two that aren't full

To the on full yeah like if you right-click on the display case you can see if it has anything in it everyone just wire

Them all to it

Oops, you know I don't want to work


Do you like the ones I put on it Jeremy I?

Didn't I didn't see them all so I'm I'm still horrific we lost, so oh

Like literally, I'm not getting back and less a rescue mission. Hath wash'd every I will come rest on yet, not yet, though

I want to find another path really bad, so I have a Jetpack that to get around that that will react impact

It's in my chest you can have it dad. You should take the jet packs

I should have taken a jet pack II I kept torching my plants with it. It's flags. Oh, it's that shit on fire

Yeah, that's awesome. How have you not done that yet by accident?

I don't know why I never go over to the farm jack the purple slime flowers over this like I'm not even like oh

Yeah, hittin the chickens with swords anymore. It's like I'm beating them to death with a sword comes up

Not a good

Fire I

Guess I'm just gonna wait for enda minh, and that's the only way I'll get this crap. Oh, what is this? Oh everything in sword?

you want

ObSidian sword is fucking awesome. I guess who made it oh

Alright fucking oh

Yeah, oh, oh, and then the pulse. I put in my inventory all that was the greatest thing that could have happened to me oh

Well not not completely, but ideas were good. Okay, I?

Opened a uncommon loot bag and it had an obsidian pick accident oh, hi


Kevin Yeah, hi. I don't I don't see you Ryan look

At you I don't give up do you Ryan?

That evil laugh right there

Whatever, I can do you use the love of that's really obsidian yeah, I need that to build flood

What he built, what has he done look up? Yeah?

Jack's way down. He'd have to look away. Yeah. No way. What do you guys tell me anything?

I don't know. I don't see anything weird Michael. Where are you look up? I?

Said oh no Bowtie. Just a little platform up there. We'll have you seen what he's done on it. No. Oh tower pins

No, nope then I can't tell oh, it's a throne the throne

You started look like vidiian. No, it's mostly mostly gold. We got a lot of ears ten obsidian together. Oh

Sweetie, you can't really see any of it. Just like a cobblestone floor Mike in Flux bucks

Yeah, I don't care how old or second you got meeting Jack Ryan making plugs plugs. Yeah, okay Ryan go back to dirt

You know you said makeup looks yeah, I did all right. So what do I do with it don't know yet? I'll get in your

That's next thing. He's like a power controller, and you also need a thing that my branding this shit

I think you need to flux plan

All right

Yeah one sends in one whenever creeper. Yeah like I'm also blocked. Oh there we go

Oh, wow, I put it on this place for this. Oh yeah, well back you up

It's like a nitro selling fucking go crash Bandicoot dude

You can't touch those you gotta hit the green switch at the end of the level. I don't know once okay?

What is a flux plug the one is a flux point?

Don't you meet with a guy jeremy so I'll be for nothing if you die, right

So do you need a flux point as well? I one of them sends one receives

Yeah, you need you need definitely need the both okay. I need to make a redstone block

Which I've cooked all of it in day to day

Terms it's Dark over here. Hopefully we're making more but

We're afraid we have a bunch of iron somewhere. Hi, I'm annie I cooked a bunch. I'm using anion chicken somewhere right there

Was I had begun really reach into one of the chicken. Maybe I already try and just plunder a ship under

Wow, whoa thunders buggered stop stop when you need to fuckin

blow Those I

Hear somebody oh, it's Trevor. Don't not Jeffy

I think I saw that entire um it seems so weird to do a video in this when he's here, but not here

I mean

He said he'd be right back setting the bourbon waited a whole 10 min ayman

Glowstone for the clothes wrong chicken he's got a lot of chickens. Yeah, I'm not doing a good sob chicken

I do it with wasting them by not quite reaching up all this game is really struggling right now

And I chicken something so you just kind of grab a fucking lagging is worried

I think just open the house right this cocoa chicken just shit pepper look at in the head out look like Martin

I am so taro nesting what happens when the hen house is full though it stops collecting

I guess

Which where's the iron chicken so our chickens right here will take a dive a chicken iron chickens right in front of me

He's right in front of me. He's right next to this henhouse

behind you gotcha

This one right here this ugly motherfucker. Hey

Michael can you reach up the redstone chicken to see if there's any wrestling I've got two redstone

You look so pleasant you off on googly-eyed out

He's made a lot of iron chicken eggs

That makes more of him, but I don't know how to get the iron

I only see two redstone nears to iron some of these chickens have full slots, so they're not seemed in

Their dirty chickens their daily David last I think there's a way you can like guarantees they spawn Harvin like hatem

Put we're gonna put an egg black in me. God. It's so laggy now. Yeah, I can like what ah well

Have you done well? I think the damn throne. Maybe no, it's a thing that's probably a throne oh

What's your end and lily me at all I?

Grew one of those does it make end of stuff. It does actually oh, why we plot this you can

People getting upset because I was like I don't know what this does and it actually makes ender pearls

Why do you tell me any cheese because I'm making a mob spawn. I'll get us under pearls yeah, alright

What we hosted what he gets them out? Yeah, I grew that while I was making my magic flowers, how do I?

Seem I have to put on war. It's a reward. What does it need special to live how do you know ask it?

How do I?

Jack do you have like a pond a

Pond right Here behind Rossa

Maureen Ponderosa there I can't fit in a one by one it might need more space

Alright ok. I'm gonna make a pond over here Jack. Well don't do shit. No. No no, what are you?

What are you talking about? What are you doing? I need pond ah you just tore all that up

What is a pond if you need water? Just get there's water, right?

Here you haven't yeah, but I don't take it fits in a 1 by what what?

What you think what are you? What are you trying to do trying up a chance on it flower lily. It's a lily

We're trying to plant a flower here. We just tundish it right here what there's plenty of room. It's a merry

ok no, put it in water like a

bad idea

Agent I've said I don't de go fit in a 1 by 1 wall

Then make it bigger like you're always good should I build upon ok then come here here like oh, jack there it were you

Were you is that sauce? It's not you'd have a bucket I

Okay is Gonna have to be nine everybody because I put in the Middle one

I think right well, then have a fuck you then do with them rels

Or how about right here?


So they don't want to try and come save me. I'm just not sorry

Come save me all that. I'll come save Jeremy. I've got an obsidian sword that he'll I mean I can defend myself

I'm just like how could I put all my injury I'll come get you

I just need to know the coordinates of where I need to go cam

You could do that literally anywhere, and you do it right in the middle of my shit

This is well. We closed

What curve I'll get whatever his right is ugly shit. I've moved on to bigger things

He's a bigger man than you know like how do I get out I feel that I'm setting my head of yours at

Google water

nice down here in the

Foyer we literally make space anywhere. You've made a powerful enemy

Yeah, yeah, jeb no no no fucking I'll hang on

I'll help devin right I'm commenting on Gavin stop getting coming popping off like the throne aegon

What's wrong jack?

Alright, you daddy fucking is bang-up

Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm gonna make you a whole fucking life for me

Do whatever the fuck you want on it either second, era started even a water every realize about this game

God look at this fine piece of enemy all over here. I'm in a cave with no chicken not getting hungry

I lost the clary guy right through it. Thank you dick. You're like looking doing come on stop lagging. God

This is running so bad. It's running great in the nether alright, okay?

We have an infinity pool or whatever you think I was gonna say do you think that's part of it?

I'm sure it is I bet I bet it is

Alright coming to the other oh in the client. I don't know we know that we have in trouble kids. I'm lost in cave

Yeah, I can't open chests either. I think we lucked out


Transition to the nether so come that yeah, it's free card

Oh Brian. Are you here okay? I mean not I see the direction you are I see you do oh, yeah

I need to get there my God coming your direction

I'm flossing cave alright. Yeah, man. I need to make a waypoint here or something carefully muck bucket

Can I add a waypoint there gavin look at that - here's a fuckin platform for you?

Whoever the fuck you on your way over there. I know really it has some really ran out over

All right, let me get this uh my lovely odd world really

I am young michael you uh I guess thank you can reel it off forever defense for the morale if I scream

Jacket means, I'm hate Lava alright. Wait. Why me I don't know because I'm stan I'm just telling you okay

I'm coming your direction. I think I know how to get back from here now

You're so close Jeremy. You got to be right here somewhere. I don't know where we have

Rawr do we have seeds for a tree buried indicate with soil?

I got fuckin sapling right a button let's be on Cosby's a police leader can thank you. What's your y-Coordinate here?

I'm at 72 what are you oh God? You're below me can I be there yeah, I'm at 112. There's a few for you

Thank you, Michael Jeff Andy bucket Jack


Actually don't think I don't have a bucket on me hang on

Okay, I'm gonna Dig down. I don't have any I I am now at

103 for

93 I mean I a three okay?

I'm in a cave at 93 need three pieces a minute like up next to you on the Max 49

He's Gonna give it to me


130 okay, I'm at x 48 z 122 y 105 where did you go Jeremy?

nether all right you said you're why 95 pretty clearly yeah 5 x

Here okay, now. I do you you're like through this wall. I hear you crying right? I'm here come on


Guys what you waited all that time and died oh my God?

oh I dug over because I saw rhyming through a wall now the ride

Not realizing Ryan had tunneled straight opposite or something so I fell straight in his holding, huh?

I could get mad about it

I got a bucket of water you you want to come back for the certificate what I've died?

I don't I won't be able to get there without anything. Let's fill my aquarium

I just walked here alright. Yeah, going down to live in real

Get it and then I guess let's see now you have a Jetpack right now

Do you think you can fly around and find another voyager today? I can pull out right?

My grade my Jetpack because this one doesn't hold a lot of a that's whole thing nice peaceful

I'm just gonna do how do you how do you make infinite water you go like I can't believe at how that

And that was actually the larry


Ruse to safety and just fell into the hole I used to try and find here

Of all the places you could have come through you came to right over to the hole. I don't it doesn't need whatever my


What do you need just me flower?

That you surrender, there's more and more

Like every all of Jack's screaming at you is like more than justified. Thank you. Especially like it

It was justified being as it was happening, but then the end game is oh, I just need dirt

That's it exactly I didn't put a flower in dirt that could I borrow your water fuck you

Do you know what kind? I do have a watering can can I borrow it?

alright two seconds I

Better yeah, I need upgrade my penny any sign of it Ryan no

I'm not I can't fly around too much right now vegetable this jet pack the live is another special guy

Oh, yeah, chance want me to go straight. It that I can fly around for don't fucking lose that I'll be money

It's a special water. Yes, you are

Are you turning back? Yeah? Yeah, I like the rails you built. I didn't do it yet. Whoops. I really would like oh

It's not gonna happen right all right. Yeah, one one

Colombier bump up my jet pack or you grab jacks to on top of that yeah mine is Jack's upgraded no

I mean it this one does okay? It just you have to use a little bit more spirit

It's swirling a lot, but it's not teleporting me. I'm gonna vomit


Can we call a flag which is I'm going to the indoor cooking area well

Then get me a blazer on there won't be an issue. Uh-uh

Alright. Oh, and there goes the game well that's pretty good stopping point right now. I'm just jump oh wait

No, there goes jumping around came out no wait no

Okay, I finally came out. It's still open to land what everyone said I'm out. Yeah

Yeah, we should wrap it up. So general are so close to building my thing hey. I almost built railing Jack

Where's that jump hide the area that Gavin doesn't know maybe it takes charge. I've got in my sight over here another rack

I'll give it to you. You can have it from here on how do you do waring?

Right-Click Gavin don't work, I didn't Jeremy. It's in my thing here

Conductive yeah, you got iron and jet pack. That's the one all

right well should we wrap it up for the stuff and yeah, I'm so close to getting my

Long Johns well, I gotta wear it instead of armor

Hey Ryan. I need three obsidian. I get my item collector. I can almost get the mob spawner up and on POp POp Pop I

Need three porfavor. There's probably a lot of it here all right. All right guys. I don't next time

Next on it look at the worm I got this sword. Oh perfect got this sword

I found there's exactly three in there right there you go I?

Learned a lot I learned a lesson

What was your letter than the flower don't take a tiny little chiseled block out of this united smell everything?

What's a good good lesson now the time? I didn't just break it though

It just brought it down the nine block right? Yeah, we didn't did not warn us it generally

Fuckwits into one of the scepters. I'm get well

Maybe the sun sets on day six a tellurium dust lots of gold right. What do you need to invoke their full sky factory?

Oh, wow that Ryan is flying in the night

So who would have tried to plant a lily on water I?

Think anyone here would have immediately tried. Just put it in dirt like every other plan, huh did your fucking war?

I mean all the internality my first thought did it all right? No need

so close oh

Shit, all right. I got a man. I'm taking a cake. I said yeah, let's

Nope suck, you can stop

Ryan I'm helping us. I know I

Do that are we not actually I'm something to more check

What it what are you doing? What what what can I do to just beat this? I'm done. I've got all my good now

It's gonna put it down and turn the shit on we're going to do a gTA now

I'm gas hime

You up totally have time. I'm going to fucking eat food get this pasta. You keep saying big finish Pop that I

need uh

It was fun, and I start cycling there and hook it up this one thing and on on

On all right, it's good okay. I'm good this thing will start collecting shit like crazy

I promise as long as get away from it Ryan yeah, yeah alright. What's up?

The Description of Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 272 - Sky Factory Part 14