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What is this, mom? I was going to...

...finish the last level.

Meher, return Param's tablet.

Harleen, Param had tuition classes today.

But he... - Come on, Meher.

There won't be a storm if he misses class for a day.

But, Harleen... - Anyway, you all...

...had spent so many days in that broken house...

...then did he attend his classes?

Meher, this is the first day of the year.

He doesn't study for BA.

That it will be serious if he doesn't attend it.

This issue is not that.

And when I had told him to attend classes...

...then why did he not attend the class and listen to me?


Give me fast, aunt. I am at the last...

...level of the game.


You are going to slap...

...Param one more time, right?


What do you mean?

Meher had hit you before as well?

She had hit me once... our new nest.

Param, remember one thing.

No one can touch you when...

...your aunt is around.

No one.


Take the tablet...

...and now go out and play.

Meher, how dare you...

...hit such a small kid?

No one has raised hands...

...on the kids in our family and taught them anything.

Let alone beating them...

...we've never even scolded any kids.

And she raised her hands on my innocent Param.

Harleen, when I had hit Param I had only...

...not liked it but...

If you repent after making a mistake then... doesn't reduce the mistake.

Harleen, you don't know the complete story.

That day Param... - So, you knew about it?

The situation was different then.

Sarab, no matter what the situation is still we cannot beat the kids.

She raised her hands on a small kid.

And you...


You are not well.

You go and get rest.

I will handle Param.

And as far as his studies are considered...

...then if he doesn't study for a few days...

...then there will be no storm.

And you don't worry about his studies.

Poor kid, was only playing a game.

She created such a huge scene for the same.

Harleen, Param's unit test is nearing.

If he keeps playing games in such a situation then...

This is too much, Meher! It's just a unit test.

It's not UPSC exams.

And are we going to make him a district collector?

Collectors come outside our gate and salute us.

And due to God's grace...

...we have enough money that...

...our seven generations can be taken care of.

Harleen, where are you dragging the issue?

Sarabjit, the issue has also got dragged.

I pampered the kid a little...

...and gifted him a tablet... there was a storm in this house.

And you are telling me?

Why don't you explain her?

Param was just playing a game for a little time.

How long? For ten, fifteen minutes?

What was the need to create such a big issue due to that?


You come with me, please.

Look, Sarabjit.

60th level.

It means he has crossed sixty levels.

There are hundred levels in this game.

And to cross every level... have to play continuously for five minutes.

Sixty levels.

That means sixty into five.

300 minutes. That means...

...he was playing this game since five hours.

And Harleen is saying that he has been playing since 10 minutes.

Param, now you won't play this game any more.

Okay? Say sorry to mom.

Sorry, mother.

Param, will apologize?

And what about you two?

What you both did with Param...

...for that you both have to say sorry.

You kept Param is so much poverty...

...due to Karan.

You kept him angry.

And you slapped him too.



...I have as much right on Param as the both of you.

And Param, you will never be sad...

...till aunt is here.

And you will never cry.

Aunt always wants to see you happy.



My kid got scolded so much today for no reason.

But not anymore. As long as Aunt Harleen... here no harm can befall... And you don't worry about your teacher at all.

Aunt Harleen will call your principal directly.


You play. Here.

Aunt Harleen, dad and mom are very upset today, right?

Have I become a bad boy?

Not at all, dear.

You are a very good boy.

And do you know that your mother and father... you a lot.

And I am sure, they will come to you once it is morning.

You don't worry.

You play.

Param, why are you sad? What happened?

Did you lose level sixty?

No, aunt. I was about to win. But...

...I will not play now.

Dad has asked me not to.


Are you alright?

Yes, Sarabjit. - Why did you get off the bed?

I asked you not to.

Even then... I know you are worried about Param.

But you could have told me this too.

There is no need to take stress so much.

Please take care of yourself, Meher.

Now for two days... will not move from here. Okay?

And don't worry about, Param.

He is a kid, he will understand. - I don't know why...

...but more than Param...

...I am scared of Harleen's behaviour.

I know that God has blessed us.

We have everything.

He has showed us mercy.

But that doesn't mean...

...that Param doesn't have to get educated?

That is not what she meant.

I know that too.

But Param...

He will think...

...that even if he misses the exams...

...still nothing will happen.

If he doesn't study...

...then that won't matter.

Sarabjit, kids are like parrots.

They say what they hear.

And this pampering will spoil him.

I... I am not saying...

...we should not pamper kids. Of course, we should.

But along with that...

...discipline is also important, right?

And if parents...

...scold their kids...

...or be explain anything...

...that doesn't mean parents don't love their kids.

Sarabjit, I want Param to become capable once he grows up.

And in order for that to happen...

...he will have to work hard.

He will have to study hard.

He should get used to the word 'no'.

Otherwise when he won't listen to anyone when he grows up...

...he will have a tough time.

I understand you.

But Harleen has raised him since he was a baby.

I spoke with my staff today.

They said...

...that when we left our house...

...Harleen missed Param a lot.

All night long she would go to his room and stay awake.

She used to cry. She hasn't slept peacefully even for a night.

Now that she has got him back...

...she has become emotional and possessive.

And Param had used the tablet after a long time.

So he got excited about it.

I am sure, everything will be fine in a few days.

You don't worry.

Rest, okay?

Hurry up and...

...have your medicine.

Meher... will not think about this for a few days.

Promise me. - Okay.

Wait and watch... morning Param will get bored and leave the tablet aside.

Hello. - Thank you, Meher.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for what? - For helping me.

He has hired me.

Really? - Yes, Meher.

I am very elated today. - Nice, Amrita.


I am really proud of you. - You should be proud of Meher.

This was her idea.

Believe me, Sarab.

Meher thinks about the future.

She knows everything...

...that what impact it will have on the future.

That is why I trust her so much.

Sarabjit, Meher...

...I will disconnect now.

See you. - Bye.


Jagga. - Yes. - All the spices that mom told me... - Yes.

I have ordered all of them. - Nice.

Now I will go home, finish work and...

...will join office from tomorrow onwards.

Okay, ma'am.

Mom, sit.

I will drop you home today.

Is that so? - My son!

You kick...

...and show first.

Come, Amrita. Sit.

Dad! - Yes?

I want to become as big as you soon.

Then I will wander around on the motorbike everyday.

My dear, son!

Someday you will become bigger than me.

I am taking you around now.

You take me around when you grow up.

But, dear. Always remember... not speed up your bike.

Always have fun and ride. Because...

...when a tiger has fun and walks...

...then all the animals of the jungle run away.

Get it?

Come, dear.

That's it.

My dear son had a bath. Right?

Who had a bath?

'Meher, I hope you are feeling better now.'

'Medicines are on the dressing table.'

'After having breakfast, have it without fail.'

'I have asked Ajay to make vegetable soup for you.

I had to leave for an important meeting...

...that's why I didn't wake you up.

Once this meeting is over, I will reach home in no time.

Take care, monkey. I love you.

Saw that, Karan?

Your dad still calls me a monkey.

I am fine, don't worry.

I love you too.

Mr. Jatt in toilet.

'Mom, stop!'

'I will put powder on Karan.'

'Other than me no one will apply powder on Karan.

'Did you forget that we both have made this rule?'

'Sorry, Param. I thought you were busy.'

'Here. Take it.'

'No matter how busy I am...

...but no one except me will apply powder on Karan.'

'Param will forget about his tablet with Karan by his side.'

'But Param will never forget to do his duty.'

What happened?

You want Param to apply the powder on you. Right?


Come here, Karan.

I know that no matter how much...

...interesting Param thinks his tab is...

...but he will definitely come and apply powder on you.

Just wait for two minutes.

I'll go and get Param right away.

Come here.

That's it.

That's it.

Two minutes.

Take this. I'll be right back.

I need to hurry up. It's my first day at work.

I can't show up late.


Mom, where are you going?

To the office.

What is it? - How can you go to office?

Dad goes to office.

But from now on, I will go to office.

Yuvi, I have a request.

Don't trouble anyone while I'm gone.

Yes, I know that.

Hurry up! Grandma is calling you.

Mother! - Amrita!

I'm coming, mother!

Here, I've brought turnips and cabbage.

Keep it down. - Yes, mother?

Listen to me.

Are there spices, turnips and cabbage kept on one side...

...then will it become pickles automatically?

No, mother.

How can it happen?


So will you father come and make the pickle?

Keep quietly and make the pickle.

Where are you going all decked up in the morning?

I am...

...going to work at Jagga's office from today.

But mother, I already...

...did my share of chores in the morning.

Your share of chores! - Yes, mother.

Wow! Before you leave for work, please tell me...

...whose share of chores is making the pickle, Amrita?

Oh, mom! You have three daughters-in-law now.

Teach Ginni and Jeeto also how to do the house chores.

But Jagga, Jeeto has gone to her mother's place.

She will return after a few days.


Oh, my God! My hand!

What happened, Ginni? Are you okay?

Watch your step.

Amrita, I'm in a lot of pain!

Just a minute.

Jagga, you go to the office.

I will come after I'm done preparing the pickle.

Param! Where is Param?

I'm not coming to play cricket.

I don't have time.

You go ahead and play.

I will play game on my new tab.

I don't find anything more exciting than my tab.

Do you know when I was sleeping at night...

...I was dreaming about this game only.

Now, you don't find anything except your tab interesting.

Okay, Param. Wait and watch.

Ajay! Soni!

I have bathed Karan but I can't find his powder!


Ajay, that...

...I have bathed Karan but I can't find his powder.

Ma'am, Karan's powder is kept in that drawer.

Is it? Please get it for me. I can't find it.

'Param has now started ignoring Karan to play games on his tab.'

Aunt! Give me the tab fast!

I am on the last level.

Yes, Param. Sit down. I'll give you the tab.

Here's your tab.

Aunt, will you also brush my teeth with your own hands today?

Okay, Param. Here is your tab.

Good morning, mom.

Aunt Harleen, don't disturb me.

I've reached the most exciting level of the game.

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