Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUB) 남친이 여친 취향 맞혀봤더니? 커플유튜버 채널삭제 위기! (한스/령령/석준이가해/나르앤나르시) [러비더비 EP.01]

Difficulty: 0

(Not this one..) Grapefruit ade!



(and not that one?!) Wow....go back!

What are you gonna have?

I picked out all the things you like!

(Choose what your girlfriend would prefer)

(to become the best couple, Lovey Dovey!

Really think about it!

(Lovey Dovey)

(The best couple) (Who are the 3 couples participating in todays Lovey Dovey challenge?)

(Lovey Dovey)

(Awkward) Hello...!

(Awkward) Hello!

Hello, its Hans!


Hello, its Ryeong Ryeong!

(Suddenly singing a song?)


We are HanRyeong

(YouTuber couple HansRyeong Ryeong) couple!

(Q. What kind of a couple are you guys?) We are...a good-looking couple...

(Awkward) Ugh!

Oh, sure, were a good-looking couple...

She's the good one, and I'm just the looking one


(The first couple, HansRyeong Ryeong!)

(Who is the second couple?)


We run the YouTube channel, "Seokjun i-ga-hae"* *Means "Seok Jun, you do it" in Korean


(What are you doing?)


(Off from the start)


We are YeoreumSeokjun!

You look nervous!

(Never) No I'm not!

(Anyone can see he's nervous)

(2nd couple, YeoreumSeokjun!)

(Who is the 3rd couple?)


1, 2, 3!

(Where are you looking?) Hello! We run

the channel, "Nar.Couple"

- I'm Narci - I'm Nar


(Theyre nervous)

(Q. What kind of couple are you guys?) We

(The real good-looking couple of the day) are the real good-looking couple out of the guests



The couple to the left feels warm, and the right side feels cold

(Warm) (Cold)

(3rd couple, NarNarci!)

(Lovey Dovey)

(Game of the day) (On our anniversary)

(Select what your girlfriend wants to do)

(Select what your girlfriend wants to do on your anniversary in 5 rounds!)

(The first couple to get it right)

(will be todays Lovey Dovey)

(Lovey Dovey)

(Q. How much do you know about your girlfriend?)

I can tell what shes thinking just by looking at her eyes

He really does!

(Is that so?)

Kimchi-jjigae vs Doenjang-jjigae*? 3, 2, 1! *Kimchi stew vs Soybean Paste stew

(Kimchi-jjigae vs Doenjang-jjigae)


(Was a little off...) N-no...Hans just said!!



We practiced for 2 hours yesterday

- Everybody else practiced - I know...only we didnt...

We dont really get along...(?)

(Youre honest)

We all have different dating duration

Its been a year and a half since we first started dating

1.5 years, 2.5 years

- 6 years! - You guys are ancient

(How would the couple, in their 6th year, do?) Honestly, we barely talk

when we are together

(Huh?) (Is there a conflict...?)

We talk through telepathy!

(Telepathy..?) We dont really talk to each other

(Receiving telepathy)

(Got it) Oh! You want to drink water?


You've been trained

No no, I wasn't "trained"

You look confused haha

(I know her that well!) No!

(Lets see who knows their partner better!) Lets start the game

- (Okay) - (Go go)

(Lets do this!)

Good luck, baby!

(Lovey Dovey)

(RULE of ) (The game consists of 5 rounds total!)

(Round 1) I want to go to 'this restaurant' on our anniversary!"

(Pick out from the 5 options!)

(Round 2) I want to have 'this dish' at that restaurant!"

(Choice 1, Choice 1, Choice 1)

(Round 3) I want to go to somewhere on our anniversary wearing 'this'

(Change into the clothing she chose!)

(A sudden mission) ("Say it together" quiz)

(Round 4) "I want to do 'this' on our anniversary!"

(Pick out from these!)

(Round 5) (Read out the letter the boyfriend wrote beforehand)

(+Low frequency) (But, if you get it wrong, youre back to round 1!)

(If you succeed in 52() seconds, you win!)

(Who will be todays Lovey Dovey?)

(Lovey Dovey)

(HansRyeong Ryeong start the game first!)

Ryeong Ryeong!

Wait, that's not it...

Love you..?

Surely its not Love you...?

Wait just a sec! Ill be there

Hans, run!

I'll be there~~~

(HansRyeong Ryeong starts the challenge!) Start!

Well, it's our anniversary we're talking about

Hold on!

(RULE : Girlfriend has to ask first!) I have to ask you!

Wow, Im nervous! Wow!

(I feel you, bro)

(Lets relax and start again)

(For real) Start!

(Q1. What restaurant does your girlfriend want to go to on your anniversary?)

Its either a Western restaurant or a Korean restaurant

Western food!

(Passed the first test with ease!) Okay, correct!

(Q2. What dish does she want at the restaurant?)

(Have to choose one from each category)

(How can you get that right?)

For pizza, Gorgonzola

For pasta, spaghetti Aglio e Olio!

Oh! I'm f***ed! Wait!


(Gorgonzola + Spaghetti Aglio e Olio) + Lemonade!

(Firing the low frequency) (Wrong) Go back!

(Answer is this) (Tenderloin steak + Spaghetti Aglio e Olio+ Sprite)

(RULE : If you get it wrong, you start all over again!)

(Low frequency) Whoa! I can feel it!

(Ryeong Ryeongs favorite) Ugh! I didnt see the tenderloin steak!

Tenderloin steak + Spaghetti Aglio e Olio + Sprite

(Got the answer right in just 2nd try) Ok! Correct!


(52 seconds passed already??) Ah.. already?

Hey! We got it though!

Lets do this, one by one!

(Glares) You dont look happy

You dont look happy

(Running away) Sorry!

(You dont know what I always eat?) Why did you get the dish wrong?

(Explaining time) She usually has Sprite

(Makes sense) On an anniversary, though, you would try having lemonade...

I like grapefruit ade more than lemonade


Do I like lemonade?


(SeokjunYeoreums 1st challenge!) Tell us how you feel!

Yeoreum, Ill get there in 30 seconds!

(30 seconds)

Honey, come quick


(Q1. What restaurant does your girlfriend want to go to on your anniversary?)

Korean restaurant? No, Western restaurant!

(On the first try) Correct!

(Speed game!) Come quickly!

(Q2. What dish does she want from the restaurant?)

(Lets see)

Gorgonzola + Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

(Low frequency) (Huh? No)


(Starting all over again!)

- On our anniversary, - You would have Western food,

to be specific, Gorgonzola + tomato pasta

(Clenching her jaw)

(Low frequency x2)

You would have Western food,

(Right this time?) Gorgonzola with...


(No no no!)

Ugh!! What is it??


I dont understand

I picked out the things we had together!

(Rummaged through 6 years of memory together...)

(Still, couldnt find the answer...)

Ok, ok, ok, dont be mad at me :(

(Panicking) Huh? I'm not mad

I picked out all the things you like!

(Answer) (Whats the answer?)

She doesnt like ros pasta

(Actually, ros pasta is the answer) I said everything except for ros pasta!

(NarNarci's 1st try!)

Come here

Ill answer to your call


(Q1. What restaurant does your girlfriend want to go to on your anniversary?)

(Japanese restaurant...?)



For me,

Right! (For you) Chinese restaurant!

Hey, you!!

It's not Chinese restaurant?

(Surely this, then?) Western restaurant?

(Got it wrong again) Western restaurant??

What are you going to have?

(Remaining options : Southeastern food restaurant, Korean restaurant) (Disappointed...)

Korean restaurant

(Barely managed to get it right) (Korean food lover)

(Ended on the first round)

(Shame on you!) What's this...?

(Its the boyfriends fault) He crossed the line!

(Here's your low frequency!)

(HansRyeong Ryeongs 2nd try!)

(Lets do this quickly!)

On our anniversary,

- you would have Western food - Okay!

(Quickly passing through the correct answers)

(3rd round) Okay, correct!

(Q3. Ill go on a picnic wearing 'this' on our anniversary!)

(Whats a good picnic outfit?) Picnic! Okay! This is perfect for a picnic

(Going to the picnic wearing pajamas?)

(Pajamas) What the? They're pajamas?

(So fun) Wait...

I think I picked the wrong one!

Ah, you're being talkative! Hans, quickly!

(Just a sec!) Ill be there!


Its so small..


Wait...this is...

You can't tell me if I got it right?

(The couple 6th year into dating is still on their 2nd round) You still didn't get the dish right

Im so disappointed


picked the dish you like!

(Its not my fault)


(SeokjunYeoreums 2nd try!)

On our anniversary,

we would have Western food!

(Correct this time?) I specifically want these dishes!

Gorgonzola + tomato pasta + Grapefruit ade

(Its ros pasta) Wrong!

On our anniversary,

Western restaurant

(Is she upset?)


Ros pasta!


Grapefruit ade!

(Orange ade :( )

Wrong? Right?

(Not grapefruit ade) Wrong! It's wrong!


(SeokjunYeoreum fell into a dish choice loophole...) Can you just pass them...

through the 2nd round?

(About to choose all 125 options) What do we do?

(Gorgonzola + ros pasta is correct)

You dont like ros pasta!

You like it..

- Aw - You shouldve chosen what you like!

True love

All of a sudden...

I feel guilty!...

(NarNarci's 2nd try!)


On our anniversary, what kind of restaurant?

We would have Korean food!

(Lets choose the dishes) Right

Pork belly, cold noodles and soju?

(Bye bye) Ugh! Go back!

Huh? Go back?

(Quite obedient)

(Low frequency) Wait...what level is..

(Out of order due to low frequency) Quickly!!

(Out of order due to low frequency) You'll have Korean food,



Pork belly + doenjang-jjigae + soju!


(Loading..) Outfit!

Quickly quickly quickly!!

Wait, hold on, I...

(Q3. I want to wear this and go on a hotel vacation on our anniversary!)

(Got it)

I cant squeeze my feet in


(Im embarrassed of my boyfriend)

Oh, hi!

(??? What is this?) Im here

(Nope, not it) Go back!!


What kind of an outfit is that?

Its a school uniform!

School uniform?

(For a hotel vacation?)

(Q. Why did you wear a school uniform?) Since its a hotel,

we dont have to think about other people...

Do you mean you want to do cosplay?

You like those stuff


You dont deny it!

R-right...I dont hate it..

(Tentative results)

(HansRyeong Ryeong, 3rd round)

(SeokjunYeoreum, 2nd round)

(NarNarci, 3rd round)

(The couple with the longest history is in last place as of now)

(Lovey Dovey)

(HansRyeong Ryeong's 3rd try!)

(Q. What's your plan this time?) Wearing something twice, quickly

(Nope! Not a good idea) Thats a bad strategy!

- What, the plan? - Yeah

Is getting it correct the first time the plan?

Really think about it!

(3rd try starts!)

(You gotta pass through the 1st and 2nd round quickly)

(to increase the possibility of success)

(Quickly got to the 3rd round)

Have to wear jeans on a picnic!

Have to wear a sweatshirt with jeans!

(No time to lose!) Quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly!

(Wearing as he goes) I'll wear as I go! It's the right one!

(Have to wear jeans with a sweatshirt on a picnic!) Correct!

Ok, a sudden mission!

(Plain fried chicken VS sweet chili fried chicken)

- Sweet chili! - Plain!

Incredible haha

2nd mission! Game of charades!

Do a charming gesture!


(Mission successful!)

(Q4. I want to do this on our anniversary!)

(Dating exam, Jenga for couples, Truth or Dare, Chocolate on the body and a dice for lovers)

Wow, whats all this?

(Jenga for couples?!)


(How did he get it right?)

(The final round! Reading out the letter) Its way too long

(Actual letter) Ryeong! Hi! Im forever your cutie, "Hanjoong Corgi!"

- (Why is it so long) - Did you have a hard time because I was depressed these days?

(Out of air) Thank you for always smiling so brightly, even when Im said or tired

(Is it...) My baby is the most beautiful, sexiest, cutest girlfriend in the whole world

Im so lucky

(Would they make it..?) I don't even need to win the lottery

- (Please) - That is how much I like you


(Such a shame)

Wow, he wrote it so long!

(I hate the old me!) You wrote a long letter?

(I had no clue I would read this...) I thought we would make it!

Did you write it short?


(The guys who wrote the letter short feels comfy) Mine was just okay

(Q. How did you get the Jenga for couples right?)

When we do drinking games,

- you would say, Should we buy one and try it out? - Right, right!

(I remember) She said, Should we try this in the pension*? *type of accommodation in Korea

(everything you said...) I remembered


(Satisfied) Good job!

They might surpass us!

Thats okay!

My feelings for you is whats important, not the game...

(No) The game is more important! is? Ok

(SeokjunYeoreum on their 2nd round) I like what you like

("You like what I like, I like what you like" plan) You like what I like


Not exactly

(What did you say?) Its so hard!


(The girlfriend distracting him haha) She makes it harder!

Ah, telepathy (Take it!)

(Telepathy haha)

(Would he pass the devilish second stage?)

(Trying the 1st round for the 10th time..)

Gorgonzola + ros pasta + orange ade

(What about this time...?)

(Ding dong dang!) Correct!

(Oh, finally!)

(Q3. Ill wear this and go to the amusement park on our anniversary!)

(Whats the perfect outfit for an amusement park date?) Where is he? Where is he?


(Cleared 3 rounds all at once!) Oh! Correct!!

(A sudden mission) (Mountain VS beach)


(Q4. I want to do this on our anniversary!)

Couple exam Q&A's


(Anxious) (Making it to the 4th round without hesitation)

(Quickly!!) 10 seconds!! Come on!

(Such a quick rap) Yeoreum, hi! Thank you for being my girlfriend and always being there for me

I wrote you a letter

(Would they really....)

(beat the other couples and win?)

I know Im flawed, but

I can adore you and love you more than anyone out there

Let's always be this happy and cute together



I almost finished it! The last line!!

(This much left) Ill be a better boyfriend, I love you and that was it

(Such a shame)

We should definitely finish it the next time

(Q. How did you get the school uniform right?)

Yeoreum always wanted to try a school uniform date

(So touched)

(3rd round, NarNarci's turn!)

Not your style

Only my style!


On our anniversary,

you would have Korean food

(I can handle it on my own) Pork belly, doenjang-jjigae and soju!

(Whats a good hotel vacation outfit?) What do you want to wear on a hotel vacation?

34 seconds left

- Wait... - Dont think! Just wear one!

(Have to wear pajamas on a hotel vacation)

Good job! Good job!

(A sudden mission) (Texting VS phone call)

- Phone call - Texting


(Game of charades! Do a charming gesture!


(You sure thats a charming gesture?)

Dipping VS pouring

- Dipping - Pouring


They really dont get along haha

(Get it right already) Soju VS beer

(Of course) Soju!

(Q4. I want to do this on our anniversary!)

- (Truth or Dare?) - No! Not that one!


You like these stuff

Weird ones!

(A personality trait: Likes weird stuff(?))

(Q. Are you confident?)

Yes, Im feeling confident

I think I need at least

20 seconds left

for me to complete reading the letter

- We have to pass the quiz in an instant, okay? - Ok!

(This time, we will succeed!)

(Would they be the last?)

(On our anniversary, you would have Western food)

Tenderloin steak + Spaghetti Aglio e Olio + Sprite

(Wow! So fast!) On the anniversary,

(Im in such a hurry!)

(Wearing as he goes)

(It's not the time to be calm) Good! We've got some time!

Soju VS Beer

-Soju! -Beer!

Say one letter each, "Oh Ee"* *Means "cucumber" in Korean

- Ee - Oh

(Got it!)

On our anniversary,

you would it called..

The love..

Jenga for couples!!

(Wow, they're doing great!)

(The devilish stage! Long! Letter!) Ryeong, hi! I'm forever your cute, "Hanjoong Corgi"!

(Would they really make it this time?)

(About 500 letters in a minute) I still can't control my excitement

whenever I think about you being my girlfriend

- 5 seconds left!!! - It makes me smile

(Hurry up, tongue!) My baby is the most beautiful, sexiest and cutest girlfriend in the world!

I'll be the Hanjoong Corgi who wags my tail beside you! Love you!

(Would they make it..?)

(1 second left before completing!) (Incredible)

(What just passed by?)


(A ceremony of victory)


(We did it!!)

(Lovey Dovey)

Todays Lovey Dovey couple!

HansRyeong Ryeong!!


(Delivering the gift) (A special gift for the winning couple)

(What is it?)


What is that?


(SO HOT shot glasses!)

Cheers, as a celebration

Let's go on a sweet alcohol date!

- Sure! - Great!

(Q. How do you feel about winning?) Because of what we did today,

I know exactly what she wants to do on our anniversary

I think I can definitely make it a

(Anticipation) perfect one!

(The final victory ceremony)

(Looking away) Sorry!

(Moving away)

Let's be friends next time!

The Description of SUB) 남친이 여친 취향 맞혀봤더니? 커플유튜버 채널삭제 위기! (한스/령령/석준이가해/나르앤나르시) [러비더비 EP.01]