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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOP 5 WAYS to protect plants from frost, hail, wind & heavy rain & get growing earlier in the season

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Haxnicks has a variety of products that can help you protect your plants from

frost and harsh weather as well as pests.

They can also stop plants being flattened by heavy rain

or hail or by strong winds that could easily damage them

The Fleece Blanket is good for wrapping large awkwardly shaped plants like palms,

as well as for covering rows of plants in the ground

You can use the Fleece Blanket a few weeks before planting out your veg to warm the soil

Just pin the edges down with the fabric pegs

and when you plant out your potatoes, or broad beans or carrots you'll find they stand a much better chance

and come on a lot earlier

With Haxnicks Easy Fleece Tunnels

plants and soil are protected from the hardest of frosts

Easy Fleece Tunnels and Giant Easy Fleece Tunnels

protect rows of winter veg

Simply plant your seeds or small plants into your beds

then extend the tunnel over the row pushing the ends

of the hoops into the ground as you go

You can open the end to allow ventilation

on warmer days

but remember to pull the drawstrings closed

at the end of the day to keep the frost out

Plants will be kept warm and well protected

If you have larger individual plants to protect then

Fleece Jackets are ideal for small trees bushes and

hanging baskets

and come in plain Olive Green or in Green Fern design

which blends unobtrusively with garden foliage

Unlike loose fleece that has to be wrapped round

and can leave gaps where cold will penetrate

simply slip these jackets over the plant

and fasten with the drawstring,

On colder days double up with a second or even third jacket

to keep your plants extra warm

From time to time undo the toggles and remove

the fleece jackets to allow more light to reach the plant

For flowering plants you can use fleece jackets to protect the buds

and ensure they aren't damaged by the frost or heavy rain

especially important when a mild winter has tricked

the plant into budding before the risk of frost is past

Opening the fleece reveals perfectly protected buds

For individual plants in the ground

a Victorian Bell Cloche is the perfect protection

Fit the bell over your plant and secure it with ground pegs

The Bell Cloches come in three sizes

Baby. Original and King Size

and they're ideal for overwintering herbaceous border

plants and semi hardy perennials

or for growing winter lettuces

You can remove Bells from time to time to check your plants

and let them enjoy some winter sun

Victorian Bell Cloches can also be used to warm the soil for early season planting

Once removed the soil is several degrees warmer

making it easier to dig and easier for the plant to become established

So whatever plant you have,

from garden veg to exotic palms

The Haxnicks Plant Protection range has the ideal solution

More great products from Haxnicks

The Description of TOP 5 WAYS to protect plants from frost, hail, wind & heavy rain & get growing earlier in the season