Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 6-year-old Boy Receives Bloodless Heart Transplant at Nationwide Children's Hospital

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You might expect little Andrew Craver to bounce back from surgery like this after

a few weeks. But what he went through, and how well he's doing, has medical experts

taking notice. "He was up walking around

the next -- was it the next day? Yeah.

I think within a few days he was riding a bicycle again!"

But it wasn't just any routine surgery Andrew had.

His case was historic. "One of the smallest

children to ever receive a heart transplant

without blood." And Dr. Mark Galantowicz of Nationwide Children's

Hospital led the effort -- one that required meticulous planning and teams of medical

experts in a growing field known as "bloodless" surgery. The approach was a

religious preference for the Craver family

but is becoming a technique of choice for a growing number of doctors.

Galantowicz, who is also with Ohio State University, says the idea is to

perform operations without using a single drop of donated blood. "The more


blood and the more foreign stuff you're exposed to,

the more revved up your immune system is." Which can lead to an inflammatory

response that could impact the new organ. To keep that from happening, doctors

limit how much blood they take for testing before surgery - modify

heart-lung bypass machines to make their components smaller

and employ newer technology to make it safer.

"We used what's called the 'cell saver' which captures any shed blood during the


processes it, and puts it right back into the body." Studies show using a

patient's own blood cuts infection rates by more than

half and costs are cut is well.

It was that team approach that put Andrew on the road to recovery.

Despite the thousand-mile round-trip to get here. "I think they take a

personal interest in not only the patient, but also in the family. And

they have a great respect for everyone's

individual beliefs."

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, this Clark Powell reporting.

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