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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Don't make these MISTAKES!! How to pronounce common English words correctly.

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hi I'm Lisa in this video I will teach

you how to correctly pronounce some very

confusing English words many of my

students are surprised to find out how

these words are pronounced they realize

that they had been saying them

incorrectly let's learn the correct

pronunciation so that you can feel more

confident when you're speaking English


look at the first word this one is easy

right how about the second word how do

you pronounce that one are they same or

different they are exactly the same

there there many of my students say they

are for the second word there is a

contraction of they are so we say they

are happy or they're happy same as when

you say over there when you're saying

they are as a contraction don't

pronounce the letter a it's simply there

they're American there are my friends

they're happy they're sad did you know

that and how about the next word it's

also there it's not there that AI can be

confusing to a lot of people this is

their house all three of these words are

pronounced exactly the same repeat after


they're already there they're already

there and now a sentence with all three

there's they're upset that their luggage

wasn't there they're upset that their

luggage wasn't there let's look at the

next word doo doo yes I do that one you

already know right look at the second

one doo doo the first word and the

second word are pronounced the same in

American English do in British English

it's do in American English it's do and

do means when something is scheduled to

happen when something is scheduled to

arrive for example

the Train is due in a few minutes it's

coming or when there's a deadline when

something needs to happen every month I

need to pay my rent on the first day of

the month my rent is due on the first of

the month my rent is due on the first of

the month the payment is due next month

and when a woman is pregnant when she's

going to have a baby what question do

people ask they say

when is your baby due when is your baby


and another expression is simply when

are you due when are you due it simply

means when are you going to have the

baby when are you due and the date the

baby is coming is called the due date

due date and we have the word overdue if

something is past the due date it's

overdue I forgot to pay my bill on time

and now my bill is overdue so we have do

and do and there's one more due de W do

you know that one what does that mean

when you go outside in the morning and

you see the little drops of water on the

flowers and on the trees that water is

called do morning dew the grass was wet

with Dew so we have doo doo doo

different spelling same pronunciation

and by now I'm sure you have figured out

the pattern of this lesson how do we

pronounce the next word it's the past

tense of the verb to win how do you say

it it's one one maybe you said Wohn

that o is pronounced like this a 1 1 we

won the game we won the game he won the

lottery 1 do you know the other word

that's pronounced exactly as one of

course it's one number one so we don't

say 1 2 3 we say 1 1 2 3 did you know

that they won only one game they won

only one game let's learn one more set

of war

this word is easy so so I think so I

think so round your lips so it's not so

put a little you sound at the end so I

think so and you probably have not been

pronouncing the next word correctly s e

W most of my students are surprised that

this word is also pronounced so the

spelling is kind of unusual that II W is

usually ooh for example blue new and we

just did the word do but this one is an

exception and two so means to make close

sometimes you do it by hand and

sometimes you do it with a machine what

is that machine called sewing machine

sewing machine let's dress the first

word sewing machine that's a compound

noun I bought a new sewing machine so

it's not su it's so and the third word

is s Oh W maybe you don't know that word

- so is to plant a seed in the ground

a farmer sews the seed and then later

there will be fruits and vegetables from

the seed but the first part is to put

the seed in the ground and that is

sewing to sew and we have an expression

in English you reap what you sow you

reap what you sow if you do bad things

later bad things will happen to you you

reap what you sow and if you do good

things good things will happen you reap

what you sow whatever you plant the

results will be the same later you reap

what you sow which of these words

surprised you the most I'm sure some of

these words were new for you and I'm

sure the pronunciation was new English

spelling can be irregular you have to

memorize the exceptions review this

lesson again and practice pronouncing

these words correctly thanks for


to learn all of the rules for a good

American accent you can buy my online

video courses at accurate English calm


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