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This Disney Fairy, Silvermist

is transformed into a comic book super hero

Wonder Woman!

Ands she joins forces with Supergirl and Flash!

[Music: Rosie's Tea Party theme song]

Supergirl and Flash meet Wonder Woman

We need more superheroes on our team


Hey girls!

Oh my goodness!

Tinker Bell? Rosetta?

No. Today I'm Supergirl!

And I'm Flash!

Wow! That looks so fun!

I want to be a super hero too!

You can!

Awesome! I'm going to get changed!

I'll be right back!

I wonder what super hero she's going to be?

Are you ready for your transformation Silvermist?

Yes! I'm so excited!

Okay! Let's go!


[Music: I Think You're So Amazing]

Hey girls! Check this out!

What do you think?


Pretty awesome eh?

What kind of super hero are you?

I'm Wonder Woman!

Ooo. I wonder what her super powers are.

Ha ha

What are your super powers?

I have these bulletproof bracelets

Bulletproof bracelets?! What do they do?!

They deflect bullets!

Huh! I don't need bulletproof bracelets!

My whole body is bulletproof! Heh heh!

What else do you have?

I have an invisible plane!

Where is it? I can't see it.

Huh! I don't need an invisible plane.

I can fly!

What else do you have?

I got this cool lasso of truth here



What the heck does that do?!

Oh it's really powerful!

It makes people tell the truth!

I guess that's useful

It is! I'll show you!


I'll be right back!

This is going to be interesting!

Whoa! Is that Superman?!

Maybe. Maybe not!

Pay attention!

Okay Superman!

What is your secret identity?


C... C... C




Thank you Mister Kent!

What do you think girls?

Superman is clark Kent?!

The mild manner reporter?

I didn't recognize you without your glasses!

Awesome disguise!

Who would have guessed!

Not me! Not in a million years!

He sure had me fooled!

Wow! Clark Kent?!

A news reporter?!

Wow! That's a perfect job for him!

You're right where all the action is!

Whenever Superman is needed

you're right there to get him!

How awesome is that!

Anybody ever wonder why Superman and Clark Kent

are never in the same room?

Don't worry. Your secret is safe with us!

Right? We won't tell anybody!


That lasso of truth is awesome!


You have no idea how awesome!

I've only just begun!

I think I'm going to like her!

Can you do that again?

It would be my pleasure!

Let's go Superman! I mean Clark Kent!

I'll be back!

Who is this?

Looks like a giant bat!

Hello mister giant bat!

Tell the girls who you are!

I'm Batman!

Ah ha!

The giant bat is Batman!

And what is your secret identity?

Agh! B...




That's right!

Did you hear that girls?

Bruce Wayne?!

The billionaire?

Or is it millionaire?

Which is it? Billionaire or millionaire?


He looks like a real grump!

Hey mister Batman! Can you smile?

He's proof that money can't buy you happiness

Yeah ha ha

Yeah. He's pretty intense

Never cracks a smile

Maybe his tights are too tight

I heard that!

Whoa! You heard that?

Your lasso of truth is amazing!

This is so fun!

Do one more! Please! Pretty please?!

[Laughing] Yeah. Okay! One more

Thank you for your cooperation mister Wayne

You're out of here! Move it! Move it!

I'll be right back girls!

This one is really stubborn!

He thinks he's master of the universe!

[Gasp] That's Darth Vader!

The evil Sith that wants to rule the galaxy!

Darth Vader!

What is your secret Identity?

Get back here!


Your secret identity!

There's no point resisting!

What is it?!!


Yeah! Ha ha ha!

Did you get that girls?

I didn't hear him

What did he say?

He said Drumpf

Drumpf? Who's that?

I don't know

I thought he was Anakin Skywalker

Well, you can't believe everything you hear

This is the real world!

Lasso of truth. You get the truth!

The real truth 100 percent every time!

It could be wrong this time

Sounds like he was grunting

You want to argue with the lasso of truth?

I don't doubt that your lasso of truth is powerful but

The force is strong with this one

He could control the lasso of truth and over ride it

Umph! He can't even free himself from it!

Wonder Woman was able to tie him up and drag him here!

Yeah. You're right!

Where's the force now huh?!


The force is no match against Wonder Woman's lasso of truth!

You're not such a hot shot scary guy now huh?!

Show him who's boss!

You scum of the universe!

Your force has no power here!

Wow! Wonder Woman!

You are awesome!

Why thank you!

Kick him again for us!

It would be my pleasure!

Give him one kick from me and one kick from Supergirl. Okay?


This is from Supergirl and Flash!


She's awesome!

I'm going to take you to the darkest corner of the universe!

Bye bye mister Drumpf!

[Laughing] Bye bye mister Drumpf!


Now that you've met 3 superheroes

Which one is your favourite?


Wonder Woman?

Or Flash?

Post your answer in the comment section or

click on the icard and take our poll

Can we borrow your lasso of truth?

I have this awesome idea for it

Sure. Here you go!

Thank you!

We'll give it right back to you as soon as we're done!

Take good care of it!

It'll be safe with us!

We'll guard it with our lives!

Thank you Wonder Woman!

Okay. Let's go!

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