Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Yatterman - Song of Odate Buta

Difficulty: 0

I've called it "Dirillo".

This is synthesis of my ideas.

Central part represents elegance of Ms Doronjo,

while balls on the both sides express strength and power of her friends.

How wonderful. Sometimes you are just perfect.

- I must admit that you're a genius. - Thank you, Ms Doronjo.

Even a pig can climb a tree when praised.

- This pig is very intelligent. - And famous too. Don't you know she released the record?

- Really? - Of course, we are going to play it. Get ready, Tonzra.

I've already set it.

Girls liked it very much.

- What do you think? - Pretty good.

When somebody pay me compliments, I just want to dance.

Have you made fun of me?

The Description of Yatterman - Song of Odate Buta