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two years ago I lived in a mobile home in the high desert. I rented it from a wonderful family who lived on the

property. it was about 10 acres and we lived on opposite sides

I would see them every now and then but I really enjoyed my privacy my brother

James used to come over all the time before he moved away like a little bitch

we would watch movies and play video games all night one we were doing

exactly that we heard something during a quiet scene in the movie it was a coyote

it wasn't that strange to hear coyotes out here

they come around quite often and their howl is creepy as hell sometimes they

do this thing where it sounds like they're laughing we paused the movie and

were listening

we can only hear one which I thought was weird because it's usually at least a

few of them it was really close as we listened something felt wrong like the

coyote was making noises wrong I don't know how to explain it I didn't have

blinds or curtains have always used old sheets to cover windows I lifted one and

looked outside it wasn't a coyote at all it was a naked man he was really skinny

and was hunching over he ran out of sight

I made sure the door was locked James asked me what was wrong I said there's a

tweaker something out there

he said bullshit because I've messed with them a lot growing up but he knew I

was serious when the door started jiggling the guy started scratching at

the walls and different places all around the mobile home and growling

it was terrifying

I called the landlord even though it was one in the morning he was a little pissed when

he answered but I told him I was going on and he said he was coming

we waited

after a couple minutes we heard his truck getting close and the

scratching stopped then a gun shot we went out and playing time he said he saw the

man take off running and fired a shot to make sure he stayed away we called

the cops but they just told us there's nothing they can do but to call if we

saw him again we didnt

I walk my dog every day we have a few places that we go

this day we drove about 20 miles out of town to a new spot

well not really a new spot just starting further than we ever had we mostly walk

on an aqueduct so we parked and started our walk

my dog angus is a big bull mastiff hes really nice but people get scared of him

so I keep him on a leash unless we are alone

that's why the aqueduct is so great because I can see anyone coming either way

had walked about a half a mile and it was a beautiful day next to the path on

the opposite side of the water is a concrete ditch for runoff or something

Angus loves to go into and haul ass

I let him and I went down behind them the ditch starts going downhill and I

see Angus standing at the lowest point I get there and he's acting really weird

there's a tunnel and he's staring into it it has a lot of graffiti and I can

see rocks and dirt for a few feet but past that it's pitch black so I tell

Angus it's ok and started yelling and making loud noises to show him the echo

hes still just standing there of a sudden I hear a whistle from the darkness and I

can start to see something moving towards us

Angus goes nuts I'm getting goosebumps writing this I grabbed his collar and

get the leash on it and have to pull him away

I see a person coming out of the tunnel it's a homeless guy or something that

has this bizarre smile his clothes were really baggy like he's just lost a bunch

of weight was this asshole living down there? we up on the path of start

running back to my car this guy's following us but he's staying in the

ditch so when I look i only see his head with that smile he never gave up and I heard

him whistle again a few times he was still coming when we got in the car and

sped off we will never go to that spot again

and I have warned other people on the aqueduct about the weirdo from the


my name is Madison and I live in New York I've lived here all my life in 1997

I went to a party at a coworker's house I met a really cute guy there I don't

even remember his name so let's call him John and before I went home he asked to

see me again I said yes and gave him my number we talked a few times in the next

couple of weeks I had been busy on the weekends but was going to be free and

the next one so I let him know he picked me up on the corner of the block I

worked on we went to a bar and started drinking we shot some pool and threw

some darts they had a Galaga machine which is my favorite well it was my

mom's favorite so I made it mine I started playing and was gulping beer

every time I had the chance john was really not into it but he was mingling


I was having a great time I was so wrapped up in the game I don't know how

long I was playing I was getting pretty wasted I looked up to signal a bartender

to get another beer and there were only a few people John wasn't one of them that

asshole ditched me I wasn't upset that he wasn't interested I was pissed

because he was my ride thats just rude maybe he is in the bathroom I thought I had a guy

check for me nope the bar was closing I asked if I could use the phone and the

bartender said there was a phone booth around the corner I stumbled outside and

found my way to it I had plenty of quarters from a date with a Galaga table

I tried to call my friend Becky but she didn't answer it was way too late

anyways I found a taxi service in the phone book and they were sending someone

when I turned to leave I almost peed myself six men were surrounding the

phone booth

they have black hoodies on and we're wearing those blank white masks the door

was one that folded inward in the center so I pushed my foot against it

one of them started knocking lightly on the window I picked up the phone to call

911 just then I saw a police car drive past the end of the block luckily he saw

us he turned around and drove towards us the men scattered I was never so happy

to see a cop he stayed with me and radioed other cops in the area the taxi

showed up right after and I went home I always wondered if john was behind one

of those masks

i was driving to Las Vegas in 2011 to visit an old friend I like to drive at night because I hate traffic

it was late and i had to go to the bathroom

the next town was too far away and I couldn't hold it anymore I was hoping to

come across a rest area but I decided to pick an exit I drove past a couple

houses pulled over it was a wooded area and I hadn't seen any cars so I felt

comfortable I walked into the woods a little bit and relieved myself I

finished and was looking around it was a beautiful night moon light was shining

down through the trees it felt really peaceful I see a woman in a nightgown

deeper in the words she's walking away from me

it might seem a little creepy of me but I started following year I was curious

to see what this lady was doing out here in the middle of the night I was trying

to be quiet but I wasn't doing a very good job even though I was crunching

leaves and snapping twigs she never noticed me or pretended not to I thought

maybe she was sleepwalking

we came to a small lake I stayed in the woods watching

she started walking into the water when she got waist deep I said hey lady are

you ok she kept going

never acknowledging me when the water was up to her neck I yelled lady what are you

doing she went under her long hair and nightgown we're moving on the surface

for a second

but they were pulled down soon after I thought she was messing with me to freak

me out and I was working I waited I could see the entire lake but didn't see

anything not bubbles not ripples

not anything 1 minute 2 minutes

5 minutes nothing I stood there for twenty minutes

she never came back out of the water even if she drowned where was her body

I know I followed something that night I'm not crazy

I continued on to Las Vegas but I couldn't stop thinking about that woman

I think about her every now and then and wonder what the hell I saw that name

hey guys and ladies thanks for watching

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