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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DNA ACTIVATION: Symptoms, Bilocation, the Living Library

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Hello, my name is Isabella Greene, welcome to my channel! Today I would like to talk

to you about DNA upgrades. A lot is happening on the planet right now, a lot

is happening with the lightworkers and star beings. And I'd like to share with

you some information about what I'm experiencing and what others are experiencing

and what it is that I'm receiving through the channeled messages during my

sessions that I do for people, when we have direct interaction with the higher

selves. And these are the aspects outside of the human reality. What do we know now

about the DNA upgrades? We as human beings are literally the living library.

The Pleiadians talk about that. Barbara Marciniak called

the human beings "the living library", and now it's becoming apparent what that

really means. We carry the DNA from all over different

galaxies, from many different species that contributed their DNA to creation

of the human beings. Not only that but we have been modified genetically

throughout the history of development of the human race by various races that

came in a messed a little bit with human genome here and with the DNA structures

of the humans. There is the legend let's say, or a theory that the Pleiadians came

at some point and manipulated the DNA of the human race to change. We know that

various species contributed to the DNA of the human beings, and this is why we

have all this what's called "the dormant DNA" that we carry within ourselves. But

it's not going to be dormant for too long. Every single day

in the sessions with clients not only I facilitate the activations of the DNA, or

the activations of connection with the next aspect and the next aspect of their

higher selves, and we consider our higher selves perhaps very often

connected to cosmic races outside of the human experience. So not only I facilitate

that and I became aware of how to do that, but it also is being facilitated

automatically for the entire planet, for those who are ready.

The changes are somewhat subtle but we all of a sudden start experiencing a

different state of being and a set of skills, a set of abilities that were not

there before. And because these abilities and

"strangeness" or the "strange occurrences" have been mentioned and discussed so

much in my own experience, and I also have been experiencing that myself, here I

want to share with you what happens once the strands of DNA come online. So when

the specific strands of DNA are activated we somewhat tap into the

abilities of the cosmic races that contributed to our DNA. Let's say if

you're activating the Pleiadian strand you might be or might start pulling into the

present moment the abilities that the Pleiadians carry. The Avians, or the Taurians,

or any kind of race, Andromedans, Sirians, any kind of race that you are

carrying within your DNA structure. Once that strand of DNA or perhaps multiple

strands of DNA are activated we come online with the abilities that these

cosmic races carry. And across the board there are specific abilities that

all cosmic races carry outside of the human reality. So not only we

activate specific aspects within ourselves and start pulling the memories

and the records and the abilities of these beings, but we also become "free-er",

because no cosmic race outside of human reality reality lives the way that

human races live. And I hear that over and over in my channeled messages and

other teachers are saying the same thing. Because we in human reality live in

super restricted reality. We have restraints of time and space and gravity

and human body and it's just restraints all around. There are restrictions from

all directions. And none of the races outside of the human reality especially

the higher dimensional races that contributed to our DNA structure, none of

them are living that way. And so as their DNA gets activated within us or

reactivated, because we're carrying it, it's dormant it's sitting there we know it;

but as it gets reactivated, we all of a sudden start experiencing I would say

"holes in time" for example. Because there is a theory another theory that I heard

on the programs with Sandra Walter. She mentions that the core of the DNA is a

vortex and it has a lot to do with structure of time. What I have observed

is that once these certain strands of DNA are activated we start kind of

fluctuating outside of the linearity of time, which is absolutely fascinating. An

example of that is that we are able to experience various aspects of our own

selves simultaneously, and we literally can "sit down" with these aspects in

a non-physical space that's outside of time. And a lot of people do this in

meditation and some people have visions straight out while they're, I don't know,

taking a shower or whatever once the mind is out of the way.

But we're able to interact with other aspects of our own selves be that other

incarnations from human experiences or other aspects from outside of human

experiences, the specific race that we are connected to or multiple races that

are in our DNA structure. So we are able to literally have the interactions with

them. And we become able to perceive ourselves as the human and also the

nonhuman or that other human and interact with them in a non linear

manner. Also the type of the DNA that gets activated in our selves gives us

access to the records of that specific race. And each race in the cosmic

structure in the galaxies and the Universe are carrying a vast body of

knowledge that is not available to the human race at this time. And so we become

the library that we can read ourselves. We literally can become able once our

DNA, specific levels of DNA, are activated we become able to read ourselves like a

library. I heard that in the channelled message recently in one of the sessions

where the higher self said: "You are able now to read yourself as a library of

history and knowledge from all over the Universe". Because these super-advanced

civilizations outside of human reality who have contributed to the structure of

the human DNA carry that access. They all know

things that we have no idea about. But once our little DNA that's connected and

carrying all of the records of that knowledge of that race, once that gets

activated within ourselves, we are able to tap into that knowledge as well. All

we need to do is remove the filters. And this is why a lot of people get awakened

in the middle of the night after the activations are facilitated or if they

went through the activations based on stargate events or powerful solar events

or just events of that are evolving the planet. So once that happens you might

start waking up in the middle of the night because that knowledge that

information is trying to come through into your awareness when the physical

analytical 3D brain is out of the way. And the best time for that is 3:00 in

the morning or 3:30 in the morning. A lot of people after they had

activations or after we had another massive celestial event start waking up

at 3:30 in the morning every single night and they get frustrated. But it's

important to remember that that is your own self your own structure your own

access is knocking, and this is why they're trying to get to you when your

filters are down. So we gain ability to experience ourselves as other beings. And

we call this "bilocation". But the "bilocation" is really not the accurate term

from where I stand, because we're already there. The reason we don't see

and know that what we're already there that we are connected through DNA through the

physicality, which comes with consciousness. We know that every aspect

every cell, every part, every DNA everything that the human body

consists of has its own consciousness. And we are the field of

consciousness of our own and other consciousness that we carry in

our DNA. So once we come back online we are all of a sudden able to observe

ourselves elsewhere. Observe ourselves elsewhere. And people call that

"bilocation". "Oh, I bilocated". No you did not bilocate

because you did not go anywhere. The filter came down and you're now able to

observe yourself living this human reality but also at the same time living

as a different aspect of yourself in a different reality. We are

multi-dimensional we're infinite, we're connected. And some of us carry more DNA

from specific races and less from other races. And so we will be more connected

to that specific race that we happen to carry more of that DNA from, and a little

less with other races. And so this is where the confusion about the "cosmic

origin" comes in. "Oh, what is my cosmic origin?" Well, you are everywhere. Your

cosmic origin is infinite. But there are specific strands of DNA specific amount

of strands that you're carrying within your own essence, withing your own physical

structure, within your own inner "library", that connects you more to some races and

a little bit less to others. And so that would give you predisposition towards

thinking and that was your origin. Or perhaps this is where you decided to

come into the human experience and here you are now. So this is really exciting. A

lot of people are talking about bilocation at this time. Like an example:

that I was just driving in my car and all of a sudden I experienced myself

in the whole different world. And it was not of this world, it was not of terrestrial

nature. And I was fully aware what was going on around me as I was driving. I

was fully aware I went to a store and was doing

things. But simultaneously I was observing the life in the whole

different reality. And these stories are becoming more and more common, especially

with the ones who have been doing the work. And the ones who have been

doing the work and prepare their bodies. We have to help our vehicle, we have to

help the physical and emotional and energetic structure, so that you can

receive that DNA activation. If we are in density and are eating,

I don't know, steak cake and milkshake every day we're not gonna go anywhere. So

it's important to lighten up the physical structure of the body, so it can

pull in the information and pull in that DNA activation. And also to lighten up

the mind. Because the mind and the consciousness are influencing our

structure. What we think about we become. It influences everything: our energetics,

our physical composition, our emotional composition, everything. We are a complex

mechanism that is now preparing to receive these activations of the DNA

strands that will give us access to incredible unbelievable experiences and

incredible body of knowledge. And we are here and we have to assist, from this

human perspective. So I hope this is just as exciting for you as it is for me.

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I'll see you next time!

Take care now. Namaste!

The Description of DNA ACTIVATION: Symptoms, Bilocation, the Living Library