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Today it's going to be a little more serious, as on the 4th of February we we celebrate the national day of fighting cancer.

Cancer diseases are an important social issue

and almost every one us of have encountered them in his immediate surroundings.

The incidence of cancer in the last 30 years

has more than doubled.

They are now the second cause of death

right after cardiovascular disease.

In the event of illness we are drawn to do a lot to help our loved ones,

and every method that gives hope seems promissing.

in the media or the Internet there are many conflicting information about the medical role

of cannabis in the fight against cancer.

That's why in this episode we will try to figure out how it really is.

The film was created solely for educational purposes and presents information that contributes to the reduction of potential harm resulting from the use of psychoactive substances. Its purpose is not to encourage anyone to use any psychoactive substances.

In the social consciousness, cancer disease stigmatizes

and connects with the fear of losing,

with the prospect of suffering and mutilation caused by the disease

or with an inevitable death.

In the past, patient often underwent passive therapy

asking no questions to the doctor.

Today, thanks to internet,

each and every one has access to an unimaginable volume of information regarding cancer treatments.

These are difficult subjects, but when it comes to our health and lives we are able to spent hundreds of hours

going through advance medical stuff, just to be sure

that we've found all avaliable options to get better.

Hope itself is very important in this case, because

a positive patient who believes in the possibility of curing, achieves much better results.

Everything is complicated by the fact, that we distinguish over 100 types of cancer.

They differ significantly in prognosis,

also, much depends on the stage of disease.

None of the currently known methods, such as radiotherapy, immunotherapy nor chemotherapy,

gives a hundred percent chance of cure.

There are modern and expensive drugs that can extend a patient's life by several months

or works only on up to 20% of patients

who decided to use the therapy.

The rest is dying, but despite that those therapys are being called

a breakthrough in treatment, new effective therapy, new hope for patients.

We constantly seek for some medicine that would cure cancer.

Many people think that this medicine could be cannabis.

Every now and then the media circulates information about

people who have recovered from cancer thanks to hemp.

One of the most known stories is a tail of Jacob Bartol who was suffering from brain cancer.

Often these information has a dumb headlines such as

''doctors are shocked'', ''pharmaceutical companies hate her'', etc.

This topic will always arouse great emotions, because it combines several undeniably important issues such as

First, the struggle of sick for their lives, and second, the big money

not to mention, as third; prejudice and controversy

that marihuana brings along with it.

Family and loved ones will always do everything in their power to

save lives of their closest, most loved people.

Pharmaceutical companies earn huge money selling their medicines

for this you also need to add companies that produce radiotherapy equipment or all of the others that

produce equipment for radiotherapy or any other that direct their offer to an oncological patient.

This is a huge business, in whose defense always will be

recognized experts who have been functioning in such a system for years,

system that they know very well and

they simply choose not to pay any attention to cannabis, which is..

plainly a 'bad drug' in their opinion.

Regarding the specifics, studies in rats and mice

have shown that cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth by

causing cell death, blocking their division or

inhibiting the development of blood vessels necessary for tumor growth

Laboratory tests and animal studies have shown that

cannabinoids can destroy cancer cells

while protecting normal cells

Such studies in the laboratory on human or animal cells,

indicative of anti-cancer effects, are a good argument

to be able to suspect that in humans it will produce good results as well.

Of course, I hope that the number of such examinations will increase each year.

Marijuana and cannabinoids can also

benefit humans in fighting cancer symptoms

and side effects of oncological treatment.

I myself, in closest surroundings, had people who were really helped

in the treatment of oncological pain.

In clinical and laboratory studies, it was also evaluated

to reduce discomfort associated with vomiting, anxiety

or loss of appetite.

The latter has a very big impact, because in

30-85% of cancer patients

going to the hospital, have symptoms of malnutrition or even cachexia.

Repairing this has a huge impact on later prognosis.

In the media, we could meet headlines that marijuana cures cancer

but on the other hand some sources stated that it most certainly does not.

In my opinion, the matter is much more complicated.

We should rather say that cannabinoids

they have great anti-cancer potential

and definitely help in relieving the symptoms of cancer.

Additional research is definitely needed

as well as abandoning prejudices.

I totally do understand people who decide to

heal themselvs with marihuana

when all other resources have failed them.

Currently, there is a bizarre process of Mr. and Mrs. Dołecki and Jakub Gajewski

who in 2015 imported RSO oil from the Netherlands

to the ill mother of Mr. Dołecki. She had pancreatic cancer.

She had already taken this oil before and felt much better thanks to it.

During their three-month embedding in custody the therapy was discontinued,

there was a return of the cancer and unfortunately the mother of Mr. Dolecki died.

Who knows how it would go

if they could continue this therapy.

While we're at RSO oil, it's worth to mention Eric SImpson

who claims he cured cancer in over 5000 cases.

He is often accused of too much fixation at the point of thc

and omitting other cannabinols such as CBD

which also has an anti-cancer effect.

Sometimes, in the case of some cancers,

the combination of THC and CBD is the best.

As I mentioned earlier, the subject is very complex due to the fact that we do not have only one type of cancer.

Similar wiin cannabis - we do not have one and only type of it.

Individual varieties differ in the content of cannabinoids.

In a perfect world, the patient could talk to a qualified doctor about it,

until this is available,

I recommend a rational approach. Not believing in promises like:

"Our oil will cure cancer 100%,

so it's worth giving up conventional methods."

I also wouldn't believe anyone who says that cannabis for certain cannot cure cancer

and you should avoid even touching it.

At this point we just don't have enough information.. but in this whole fight,

the good of the patient should be in the first place.

That's all for today's episode, the subject is so complex,

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presenting the issue from different perspectives.

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