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hi everybody and a warm welcome to the first episode of a bi-weekly series here

on get indie gaming where we package up and deliver you a selection of the top 5

indie game related news information we think you as newcomers or fans of the

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stay up-to-date with all things indie gaming first up comes the news following

a survey conducted by games industry top biz at rezzed the largest annual games

event held in London back in mid-april which suggests the Xbox one is the least

popular platform of choice for indie game developers while not a huge sample

by any means 61 indie devs were asked to rank the

platform's they most prefer to work on perhaps not unsurprisingly given the

heritage of the indie gaming scene and the open nature of the platform the

results indicated the PC to be the chosen platform of preference with

nearly 50% of the responses in second place came the switch and while only out

on the market for less than a year and a half it gained an impressive 32.8% of

the vote though is responding to the survey said the switch offers a strong

and credible alternative route to market with it offering the biggest

opportunities for Indies right now again this isn't surprising given the growing

consumer demand for the console and how well it's been received within the

developer community at the bottom of the pile came the Xbox one with only 1.6

percent of the share with the PlayStation 4 and mobile taking 11 point

five and six point six percent respectively while the survey didn't

drill down into the reasons for the lack of India support for the Microsoft

platform the low numbers are likely due to the perception of a lack of

accessibility in being able to bring indie games to the service with ìiî only

a few weeks away were eagerly awaiting to see what Microsoft will show within

the idea Xbox section of their keynote at the event to help change the

industry's perception and us the players of the platform as a delivery option for

indie game developers in some terribly sad news for the industry earlier this

week we saw the announcement that Foskey productions a studio behind law

and the recently released Battle Royale title radical Heights was closing its

doors for CEO cliff Belinsky a former Epic Games design director said in a

statement as of May 14th bosky Studios is effectively no more four years ago we

set out to make world-class video games and I hired some of the best talent in

the video game industry lawbreakers was a great game that unfortunately failed

to gain traction and in a last-ditch attempt we scrambled to take on the huge

Battle Royale genre with radical Heights while well received however it was too

little too late radical Heights hit the market a little over five weeks ago and

came fresh from a public spat on twitter between cliff and epic games after the

boss key CEO accused his former employer of poaching talent from the lawbreakers

team naturally our thoughts are with those impacted by the closure and wish

everybody well for the future as for cliff

he stated he'll be taking some time out of the games industry to focus on his

family and loved ones although were pretty sure he'll be back within the

game at some point not too far in the future while perhaps not specifically

indie game related although no doubt of huge interest to many as reported by

Kotaku earlier this week Sony is to end the physical production of Vita games

although the company has said they remain committed to the support of

digital production for the platform Sony's American and European branch's

plan to end all video game car production by the end of the 2018 fiscal

year with this news having been confirmed to the media outlet via a Sony

spokesperson while not the end of the platform the Vita since its launch back

in 2012 under the slogan console gaming on the go has ever been thus the

bridesmaid within this part of the market having lost ground to the mobile

and tablets and of course Nintendo's 3ds while popular in Japan the console

failed to make headway in the US or European markets and by 2014

sales in these regions were almost non-existent Sony's demand to only

support physical memory cards made the platform expensive to develop for and as

alternative platforms offered an easier and less expensive route to market the

big players ditched their support while trade

a platform for nice Japanese and indie games the switch has all but taken what

was left of this market and with this news were closer to seeing the end of

the Vita as a viable options for developers and gamers alike something

that caught our eye earlier today as we pull this news review together it seems

credible and possible the epic games are looking to launch fortnight a battle

royale title a few of you might have heard of or even played on to the

Nintendo switch this potentially rather exciting piece of information came via a

job posting via ion galaxy Studios the company that brought the Elder Scrolls

to the platform the job posting since altered was snapped by a number of

Twitter users one being shown on the screen right now as you can imagine

Nintendo fans and those looking for a better handheld experience of the game

have all their fingers crossed this wasn't a type of naturally Epic Games

Nintendo and iron galaxy haven't gone back to the table to offer any sort of

clarification in any case Donal mustard epics worldwide creative director has

previously been on record saying here to like the game to come to the switch and

with III just around the corner such an announcement may very well be imminent

our final piece of news for this episode comes very much hot off the press with

an ever increasing demand for limited edition physical indie game copies a

number of publishers have popped up to fill this particular niche in the market

one of these firms special reserved games was hit by a huge and orchestrated

denial-of-service attack on their website just prior to the release of

ruiner the latest edition offering in a masterstroke of disaster PR handling

customers and those looking at their website once it was back up and running

were directed to a message addressing what had happened why the website had

fallen over and what if anything might have been accessed by the perpetrators

the good news here from the team at Special Reserve games is that no such

customer information was lost compromised and the payment gateway

remained perfectly safe and secure using industry compliance software sadly these

type of attacks are hard to mitigate against once they start it's a question

of isolating the inbound traffic to help bring the service back online

as of the time were recording this may 17th there's no news on when the website

will once again be up and running and we wish everybody at Special Reserve games

a speedy return to business if there's one consolation with this at least none

of the ruiner games went out to scalpers that's it for our first top 5 indie

games news wrap-up video we hope you've liked this episode and you'll continue

to support this new series we'll be back later this month with some more indie

game reviews our Kickstarter showcase for May and the odd other item here and

there many thanks for watching and we look forward to welcoming you all here

again soon for more videos

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