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Hello My name is Lee Chun-hoon and I'm a coffee cup in Daegu.

In this video

I'm going to go to a cafe and order some coffee and talk about how you can drink it.

To tell you a little bit of coffee

There's an espresso brewing machine

And There is a side called brewing that is extracted by hand.

Espresso comes out of the machine For brewing, there are drip tools now.

Grind with a hand mill or grind coffee yourself

Getting off by hand is called hand drip.

There is something called cold brew.

Cold Brew literally talks about brewing coffee with cold water.

Yes, I will tell you how to enjoy your espresso.

There aren't so many espresso eaters in Korea !?

Among the people watching this video, I am very unique if I eat espresso often, if not every day.

I haven't seen so many espresso eaters

I wonder why I drink espresso I went to a cafe and it was one of the ways I found it.

at first Let's have a cup because the crema is on top

Shake it and smell it.

Like this.

This is said to enjoy aroma

Enjoy the fragrance first, and the trick here is to assume the fragrance and anticipate what this coffee will look like.

The trailer of the coffee is the scent from above

Enjoy the incense, and then say your first sip? Drink the first sip.

You will drink three times in total and you will have your first sip.

(Espresso Mukbang ...)

(I think I'll write it .....)

Usually a lot of coffee puts in my mouth and smells a lot

It's good to turn the espresso as soon as you get it in your mouth.

So after drinking with the body, I enjoy a lot of reverberation.

The taste is really irritating and bitter, but it's an unusual drink that's very rich in what's left.

When you drink your first fundraiser, there are many people who usually take the first one and never eat espresso again.

You have to keep eating until the second and third The first donation is the strongest, bitter, stimulating.

As you enter the second time, you will feel a little better at what kind of coffee this is.

(Espresso ASM .... R)

There are coffees that are very heavily extracted or really good bitters.

There are coffees that are really sweet because the bitterness is concentrated

Those coffees use the first one, but they feel really sweet from the second sip.

I don't know why, but this may be due to the person's senses and illusions.

The bitter taste is extremely strong

It may feel sweet

It's fun to eat twice and the espresso is quick to extract but the time to eat is short

If you go to a cafe, you can have an espresso

If you don't bring your seat to the bar and drink it,

You can eat twice and drink three times.

(Sweet this is sweet ...)

You can eat espresso three times like this.

You can think of it as a drink that you enjoy after drinking rather than aroma.

Now let's finish the espresso story We will continue the story towards the hand drip.

Through an entertainment program called Coffee Friends The hand drip was known to more people

It's called hand drip, and it's actually brewing.

Everything that brews coffee is often called brewing.

But the reason for being called hand drip

The process of falling down by hand is analogous

I think people talk so much because they look so relaxed and nice

What's important in coming this way is It's very important to use ingredients

From the consumer's point of view

For those who just drink coffee at the cafe Is it too hard to know which cafe uses good ingredients?

I'm so confused in the old days, and what cafes do I have to get good coffee

Let's talk about what kind of places sell good ingredients.

There are some characteristics of a cafe that sells good coffee.

I have summarized them in four ways.

first. It is a cafe that sells good Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopia is the origin of coffee, so you can never separate it when talking about the good ingredients of coffee.

In Ethiopia, there are cafes with unusual names.

For example, Ethiopia Saligeligloo, Ethiopia Harosoresa Natural.

When you listen, there are some words you don't know what you mean.

But that's the name of the farmer or the name of the area

People began to pick where this coffee was processed and grown.

To meet that demand, many of these fine names are included in coffee names.

I don't know the name or when I first heard Places selling Ethiopian coffee are likely to use good ingredients.

second. There are many places in the cafe that have a lot of details about the beans.

There's just names, where did you get the beans,

There are a lot of places that contain detailed information that consumers may not want.

There is a good chance that coffee is quite good at such places.

Because you care about the ingredients, I don't know if it's hard to make one or not.

There's more to go than you think.

If you care about it, you pay so much attention to the coffee you choose.

Second is where the details of the beans are now detailed.

And the third one doesn't go to every cafe

These days, specialty coffee shops do a lot of cupping.

Cupping places are likely to sell good coffee.

Some of you may have heard of it for the first time

If you go into the cafe instagram or publicity,

When they do what and so on

If it's floating, there's a good chance you're selling good coffee.

And the last one is where you sell geisha coffee

This is not always sold because geisha coffee is so expensive.

But if you have a history of selling or if you have geisha coffee on the menu,

Perhaps this cafe is very cautious of ingredients.

Two of these four?

If not, if at least one is included

There's a lot of possibilities for selling good coffee, so think about it.

If you go to the cafe, you will see it.

You've just enjoyed coffee before, but if you know it, you'll see it.

I talked about cafes selling good ingredients.

Then I'll go to the cafe and talk about how to order a hand drip coffee.

Let's start with the assumption that you have no knowledge of hand drips.

But when you thought I wanted to eat it

First, I go to the store Not too old

Because you have to take well-managed hand drip

If you look at one side, it's greasy

One side is not very greasy There are some beans that turn dark as soon as they are fried.

Depending on roasting point

But when you go and see, it's too oily

So the coffee I'm recommending right now isn't this dark coffee

If you have a lot of oil It's likely old.

Then you may not be able to eat it.

The best thing to do is go to the store and ask when it's time to roast the coffee you're eating or the coffee you're ordering.

So if it's roasted within 2 weeks, it's perfect for hand drip

Selling in stores seems to be okay up to two weeks of coffee.

The last one is about Cold Brew

There are so many people who enjoy cold brew in Korea.

It's called cold brew

That's why it's actually a little inefficient to eat cold brew in a cafe.

It's just the end of the cafe.

So cold brew is better to use for a while in busy daily life.

So is it a bottle?

Bottled in a cafe that handles good coffee Buy a cold brew and just eat it in your daily life.

I do not recommend going to a cafe to have cold brews.

But if you want to drink cold brew, you can buy it with a bottle and eat it everyday.

How to enjoy espresso in this video

And I talked about how to enjoy hand drip coffee.

And when you go to a cafe, I talked about how much better coffee you can have even if I spend the same money.

I hoped it helped you a little bit in your coffee life. Thank you.

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