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In 1998 an Italian supercar brand was in trouble

Clients were not very happy

The cars would break down a lot

and they needed service very often

Audi decided to take over Lamborghini

To make the product Lamborghini better

They improved the production process

the materials and the people

But Audi also decided to take something

Audi didn't have an exciting engine

One with some emotion

And so the Gallardo V10 was stolen

and used for the S6 and S8

which we are now driving

A sweet 5.2 V10

In the Gallardo it's a 5.0

They increased the volume

and made further changes to the engine

To give it some torque at low revs

To suit the S8

In the Gallardo it has 510 NM of torque

And in this it has 540 NM

The difference isn't that big

The power has been downtuned

to 450 HP

in stead of the 500 HP

It actually does not make sense

This engine is a revvy V10

And the S8 is a car aimed for comfort and speed

So you want the power at low revs

But still that combination makes this car so interesting

So desireable..

Every petrolhead knows how special a V10 actually is

And how sweet they are!

You can drive the S8 very calmly

which it is made for

Speed and comfort

but not too much drama

But it is now known that this engine needs revs

once in a while

Let's do so

That is necessary

to get all the oil in the right places

If you only drive it slow

That does not happen

So if you're wife is sitting next to you

and you rev it up

You can say that it's necessary

or the car will break down

This S8 has the fantastic B&O System


the ceramic brakes

This was one of the first cars that offered those brakes

It was, and still is, very expensive

12.000 euro's

The B&O system, 9000 euro's..

Take into mind that those options combined

represent 2/3 of the current price

It now costs just 29.950 euro's

It used to cost from 140.000

It has all these options, like carbon interior

Ventilated seats

and much more..

So that's a minimum of 160.000

It is (was) now for sale at our friends from Vaartland

Who we really want to thank!

Lets see if we can pick up something cool again there!

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