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what a sweet-ass run it's been

forces of darkness and light

universe now

we're seeing a lot of passing the batons of different characters to the next

iterations Kate bishop you mentioned the Hawkeye series could the next Avengers

we see be Young Avengers have you guys thought about like do you know what the

next of interesting looks like yes and it will be it will be a very different

team than we've seen before that's what endgame was all about yeah it would be a

very different incarnation of the team with some people you've already met and

some people you haven't mega this movie is going to show you what Peter's place is

going to be in this universe moving forward there's lots of Easter eggs to the

future of what my Spider Man might become welcome back everyone its Charlie

this is going to be my new video about Avengers 5 and the other Avengers

related movies like young Avengers that Kevin Feige and the other Marvel

producers have been talking about in the past week we're still doing the giveaway

for that giant infinity Saga box set of all the Marvel films all you have to do

to enter that is be a subscriber and leave your best theory about Avengers 5

on the video so recently Marvel just revealed more plans about what's going

on with Avengers 5 in their grand plan for the next 10 years of Marvel films

building up to their next infinity war and Avengers endgame level events as

those clips imply and what they've been setting up through spider-man far from

home that also involves the future of the spider-man character because not

only is he the metaphorical and literal face of Marvel Comics they've literally

used his face on every single one of their comics he's also the connection to

the new Marvel films the next 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all

the stuff that came before because he has this deep connection to Iron Man and

Iron Man is the last 10 years of Marvel now you see why it's so important that

Marvel and Sony worked out that new sharing deal because it would have

crumbled everything that they were setting up for the next 10 years they

would have had to scramble and come up with a different plan it would have been

way less cool but breaking down all the specific stuff from their interview top

5 style so they said number 5 they referenced a lot of Easter eggs passing

a Bhutan's New Avengers Young Avengers all the teasers at the end of Avengers

and game for those new people that will be joining the next version of the

Avengers team that's them just confirming that some of the original

Avengers will come back the ones that are still alive during Marvel phase 4 I

know you all have crazy Black Widow theories about her coming back to life

but Scarlett Johansson been pretty clear that she is dead in

present day there is another black widow that's coming along too but her name is

Jelena Bulova she's not one of the new characters that I'm talking about though

she's more of a Dark Avengers Thunderbolts type of character but

before I talk about the actual roster of characters for Avengers 5 the important

thing that Kevin Feige is producing partner Marvel trend Tron just said is

that Avengers 5 is going to be way way smaller of a movie in terms of number of

characters than Avengers infinity war and avengers endgame you all probably

knew that but Marvel just wanted to make it clear that it took them 10 years to

get to an Avengers movie this big and it's going to take another 10 years to get

to the next big event so that's why Marvel phase 4 spending so much time

introducing brand new characters and there's no big Avengers movie on that

roster of movies for that means for sure we can say Avengers 5 is not going to be

the secret Wars storyline and because of all the spider-man far from home post

credits scenes with Nick Fury on the sword Space Station in the scene of the

scrolls and Talos referencing the Kree sleeper cells on earth we can say

Avengers 5 will still be a relatively cosmic story as in the Avengers movies

are moving into outer space but they still invoke Planet Earth so

it's not like they're going to go to the other side of the universe and then come

back to Planet Earth after Avengers 5 the whole concept of Avengers is that

you're avenging earth so somebody is trying to do something to earth it's

just that now they're moving into space because they're getting into more cosmic

stories so the threats are becoming more cosmic also meaning cosmic characters

joining the Avengers in a formal way right now the biggest Marvel comic book

stories that they could do that are set around planet Earth but are also big

cosmic stories are Secret Invasion they kind of teased that with the Kree

sleeper cells but it was a Kree twist instead of the scrolls being the ones

invading it would be the Kree there's the coming of Galactus of course they're

going to do Galactus at some point but probably not right away more in

Fantastic Four in a second - there's the annihilation storyline an eyeless

completely new character that they've never done before also a really huge

cosmic threat there's a version of Dark Avengers they could do with either Red

Hulk general Ross instead of Norman Osborn or go full Norman Osborn Dark

Avengers like the comics then there's war of Kings and realm of Kings which

are both stories that involve a lot of other x-men characters and the Inhumans

in a sounds like they might actually bring

the Inhumans back through the Miss Marvel Disney Plus series the reason why

I don't mention Secret Wars on that list is because three based on what the

Marvel producer with Kevin Feige is saying is that their next 10 year level

event that they're building up to will be Avengers secret Wars or something

similar to that they changed the comics so much so don't

count on whatever that winds up being being exactly like the comic book

storyline and I know a lot of you have asked whether or not they do the

original secret Wars or the newer secret Wars

both are really cool but the original secret Wars is mostly known as the

Beyonder just forcing all the Avengers and Marvel characters from the 6-1-6

universe including spider-man to test themselves on a distant rock just do

battle fight each other will sell a lot of toys no joke Marvel ruled out all

kinds of tie-in toys for this and it was way before they were doing big movie

tie-ins Marvel super villains and superheroes figures each sold separately

he Doctor Doom in the doom platoon

Captain America and the champions of freedom spider-man Wolverine secret Wars

the secrets out Doctor Doom and spider-man the marvel

secret Wars collection most people remember that story because it was when

Spiderman got the alien symbiote costume for the first time the newer Secret Wars

from the last couple of years was a big multiversal event remix of the original

secret wars same concept you have a world that everyone's forced to fight on

they called it battle world but the story was so much deeper and so much

more complex a group of extra dimensional aliens called the beyonders

start destroying the multiverse one universe at a time Doctor Strange the

Illuminati dr. doom and the Cabal have to find a way to stop them from wiping

everything from existence dr. doom eventually claims all their power for

himself becomes a god and in a last-ditch attempt to save what parts of

reality he can he stitches together aspects of different universes into one

amalgam version of earth populated by a ton of different versions of all the

characters it was a really cool story but even trying to explain it in a

single paragraph takes a lot if you didn't read it you're also probably a

little confused right now that's why you have to wait 10 years to build up to a

story like that because there's so many concepts that you have to do first they

have to do dr. strange to multiverse of madness to explain the multiverse you

have to introduce the Fantastic Four in the x-men characters which won't happen

till really tale in Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 you have to introduce

more cosmic concepts like the beyonders Galactus Silver Surfer and people that

live in transdimensional space they've already started to tease that during

ant-man in the wasp and Avengers endgame with the quantum energy in the quantum

realm there are infinite numbers of universes in the multiverse but only one

quantum realm connecting them all that's why they were able to use the quantum

energy to travel through time and space and travel between different realities

created by the branch timelines like that's how old Captain America got back

to this original reality because he was living out his life in an alternate

timeline with that version of Peggy Carter I know there were a lot of

questions about the path of older Captain America but the Russos and the

writers both came out after the movie and explained that he lived in an

alternate timeline then used the quantum energy to jump back to the original

timeline where we saw them tesseract Loki is also a good example

that - he created a branch timeline when he stole the tesseract so if he shows up

during Thor for love and thunder he'll have to hop between realities most of

Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 will just be spent going deeper on a lot of those

concepts so that by the time we get to Secret Wars in another 10 years it'll

all make sense to people that don't read Marvel Comics - all the Avengers

characters that Kevin Feige said are coming back include Thor ant-man

spider-man of course and the Hulk maybe Scarlet Witch envisioned they might have

them ride the bench after Doctor Strange - and even though they didn't formally

become Avengers during endgame you have black panther early prediction he

becomes the new de facto team leader filling in for Iron Man because he's got

all the money in the world to fund the team and the leadership skills but the

Avengers movies typically only involves six to eight superheroes at most and

because Avengers 5 is going to be smaller it'll be a smaller roster and

with Black Panther and Captain Marvel we already have six characters so some of

those b-list characters will still have to ride the bench because number one the

New Avengers people we have not met yet but will meet during Marvel phase four

involve shang-chi he's getting his own solo movie of course he's going to be on

the next Avengers roster I've already done a preview video for what that movie

is there's been a couple of teasers it's going to explain who the real Mandarin is

then there's the Turtles characters that they're introducing during that movie

Kevin Feige already said the kit harington's Black Knight character will

be in an Avengers movie so that confirms he's going to be on the next roster they

typically only introduced two to three new characters in every Avengers movie

Avengers 6 is probably when we'll start seeing more of those cosmic x-men and

Fantastic Four characters like Reed Richards Silver Surfer and more Galactus

stuff but I will do more videos about Avengers 5 Marvel phase forge they

announced stuff I will be doing episode videos for the mandalorian and Rick and

Morty season 4 both of those will also be starting in the next couple of weeks

- so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all the

videos when I post them but everybody click here for that new boys season 2

teaser trailer and click here to watch the spider-man producers talk about the

new sinister 6 spider-man movie that they're working on thank you so much for

watching everybody stay awesome I'll see you guys tonight!

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