Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ron Gill - BQA - Three primary focus areas of Food Safety

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Deal primarily with three

focus areas in our food safety

training. The first will be injection site

management. If you look at injection site mangement

it is more perhaps a Quality Issue than a Food Safety Issue

Particularly in the cow and calf, but if you

have issues with injection site reactions or abscesses

the no scholarship to market then you can really have a food safety concerns

whether or not

there is a real risk they are not, so the public perceives injections site lesions

to be a Food Safety risk. Then we have to treat them accordingly

So we put em high on our priority list, when we are dealing with food safety


and realize they also have an impact on Food Quality

in the Eating Quality of our Beef. The other area that would be concerned with will

be raised to abort

The residues were concerned with primary antibody and chemical

the other areas that would be concerned with would be for object to avoid it

that Bieber job but shot in broken needles. So those areas very simple

that are areas to manage

but we need to be cognizant know the problems that occur in area

industry and across our systems

individual ranges that can lead to those particular problem.

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