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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American English Lessons for Studying and Living Abroad

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lesson 1 interviewing for a visa

situation 1 everyone who goes to the

United States to study has to pass a

visa application interview Paul and

Cindy just received I 20s from

Metropolitan University mu now they are

at the American Institute in Taiwan AIT

to interview for their f1 visas Paul is

the first to be interviewed

have you ever been to the United States

no I have never been there before where

are you going to study

Metropolitan University why did you

choose mu they offer an excellent

selection of courses besides I like the

student body there there are a lot of

international students including many

Taiwanese I think I can learn a lot by

studying in this kind of environment do

you have any work experience related to

your proposed field of study yes I

worked part-time as a computer operator

last summer I enjoyed the experience and

I think that I had the right personality

for that field very good ok let me look

at your papers here for a minute all


situation 2

immigration officials usually ask

questions about the purpose and length

of one stay and also about one's

financial standing Cindy is ready for

these questions she confidently walks to

the interview room after Paul comes out

smiling can you tell me how you plan to

cover your expenses in the United States

my parents are going to pay my tuition

and also provide me with up to twenty

thousand US dollars per year and I

myself have saved about five thousand to

put towards my studies your TOEFL scores

aren't very high do you plan to take

English courses after arriving at the

school yes I will take some English

courses first to improve my English do

you have any scholarships or fellowships

no I didn't apply for any because my

financial resources are sufficient do

you have any relatives in the United

States yes my aunt uncle and their

children live in Florida are they US

citizens or US permanent residents they

are US citizens what are your plans

after graduation do you expect to work

while in the US no I don't I want to

return to Taiwan as soon as possible I

hope to get a job teaching at a

university in Taiwan

what's your anticipated length of stay

in the United States my master's program

lasts for two years and that is how long

I plan to stay thank you for your

cooperation I hope you have a very

pleasant stay and great success in your

studies thank you very much

lesson two on an airplane

situation one finally the big day has


Paul arrives at the airport with a large

duffel bag in a backpack on time as

usual he looks around for Cindy about 10

minutes later she arrives with two

bulging suitcases the two of them go to

the counter to check in welcome to

Northwest Airlines may I help you yes we

would like to check in please please

give me your passports and tickets and

put your luggage on the scale okay 25

kilograms not too heavy right no you're

within the limit would you like a window

seat or an aisle seat I'd like a window

seat please

I have no preference okay I have you in

seats 26 a and B here are your baggage

claim tickets be sure to hold on to them

until you arrive in New York

boarding time is 9:45 at gate number 10

for flight 633 you will have to go

through customs and transfer in San

Francisco enjoy your flight

thank you very much situation 2 after

about an hour in a crowded waiting

lounge Paul and Cindy noticed that

boarding is about to begin

for flight 633 they go to the gate and

when their row is called they board the

plane good morning welcome to Northwest

Airlines may I see your boarding passes

ok row 26 seats a and B go straight down

the aisle and your seats will be on your

right thanks I'm a little bit nervous

this is my first plane trip don't worry

all you have to do is buckle your seat

belt sit back and relax I can't wait to

see the Big Apple after about an hour

two flight attendants come with a food

cart and begin serving lunch anything to


apple juice please I'd like a coke by

the way could you please bring me a

blanket sure I'll get one for you in a


would you like beef or chicken for lunch

chicken please

I ordered a vegetarian meal when I

bought my ticket let's see you're in 26

B yes I have you down for a vegetarian

meal I'll bring that out in a second


thank you the flight attendant comes to

Poland Cindy again about an hour before

landing here are I 94 arrival cards and

customs declaration forms please fill

them out before landing Thanks

lesson three immigration and customs

situation one

because San Francisco is their port of

entry in the United States Paul and

Cindy must go through customs there

before they transfer to their final

destination New York Wow after a 14-hour

flight we are finally here what do we do

next we have to pass the arrival

inspection customs and then transfer to

New York is it hard no not at all

things will go smoothly so long as you

aren't carrying anything illegal

Cindy is handing her travel documents to

an immigration official who checks them

over and asks her a few questions

good morning may I see your passport

here it is what's the purpose of your

visit I am going to attend a master's

program at MU how long will you be

staying two years where are you going to

live in the u.s. I'll have a homestay in

New York

okay no problem have a nice day

situation two

Cindy and Paul are going through customs

a customs officer asks Paul to open his


can I see your customs declaration form

please yes here you are do you have

anything to declare I only have some

daily necessities nothing special

why don't you put your bags up on the

counter and open them for me here you go

what are these these are my personal

belongings do you have any gifts or

souvenirs yes I have some gifts for my

advisers what are these brown tablets

that is medicine for my stomach is this

camera a gift for someone no it's for my

personal use do you have any plants meat

or alcoholic beverages to declare no oh

wait actually I forgot about the mangoes

you see my mom gave me some mangoes to

take with me on the plane you know that

you're not allowed to bring any fresh

fruit into the United States right yes I

know I'm sorry

well I'll have to confiscate them I'm

not going to find you but next time you

might not be so lucky

thank you okay that's all you maids if

up your bag now give this car to the

official at the exit okay thank you

lesson four in transit changing planes

and changing money

situation one

after going through customs Paul and

Cindy asked an airline representative

where they need to go next excuse me

we're transit passengers how do we

transfer planes to New York

what airline are you traveling with

Northwest Airlines first place your bags

back on the conveyor belt over there

then check-in at the Northwest Airlines

transfer counter just up ahead get your

boarding pass for New York and then go

directly to the transit lounge and wait

for your flight to begin boarding

Cindy and Paul approached the Northwest

Airlines transfer counter is this the

transfer counter yes may I help you

we are transit passengers and we're on

our way to New York may I see your

tickets here they are

here are your boarding passes flight 67

will be boarding at gate five in three

hours in three hours

Thanks situation two

after a six-hour flight Paul and Cindy

arrived at John F Kennedy International

Airport in New York they want to buy

some gifts at the duty-free shop and

then meet their new friend Mike who will

be picking them up could you tell me

where the duty-free shop is it's just

next to the transit lounge also is there

a place around here where I can change

some money yes that counter over there

one more thing

do you know if there is a change machine

around yes there is one around the

corner Thanks after changing money and

buying some duty-free items they go

outside to meet Mike who has been

waiting for a long time how is it going

my name is Paul John hi I'm Mike chin

and I'm Cindy do sorry to keep you

waiting so long that's okay

you both must be tired after such a long

flight yeah I am exhausted I'll take you

to my house where you can rest up and

then tomorrow I'll take you apartment


thanks but could we go to a bank first

after we drop our luggage off at your

place why I don't like to keep such a

large amount of money on me I'd like to

open an account right away that's a

really smart idea

yeah no problem let's go

lesson 5 opening a bank account

situation one

in the late afternoon Mike takes Paul

and Cindy to a bank to open an account

I would like to open a checking account

and a savings account may I see an ID

here's my passport just a moment please

here are some forms for you to fill out

okay how much interest do you pay on

your savings accounts the interest rate

on our regular passbook accounts is 2.5

percent I see but isn't it possible to

get a higher interest rate we have

several types of one-year certificates

of deposit that have a higher yield but

that means I can't withdraw the money

for one year you can withdraw the money

early but there's a penalty for doing so

well I think I'll just open a regular


situation 2

Paul also wants to cash some traveler's

checks by the way I'd like to cash some

traveler's checks here are 10 $1,000

traveler's checks do you want to cash

them all or would you like to deposit

some of the money in your new account

I'd like to put 9700 dollars in my

account and get the remaining $300 in

cash just a moment I'll do that for you

right away would you countersign your

checks for me please

is this right yes and how would you like

the $300

I'd like 3 $50 bills

five 20s and five tens okay here you go

by the way I'm expecting some money from

Taipei is there anything I need to tell

my parents so they can wire it to me yes

you'll need to tell them your account

number and the correct name and branch

number of this Bank and what about an

ATM card and checkbooks you'll need to

order numbered checks but for now you

can use this ATM card and these starter

checks can I use this card at any ATM

machine yes you can use it at any

machine which bears these symbols and if

I lose this card who should I call you

can call this number here it's 24 hours

great thank you very much I really

appreciate your help

lesson six homestay

situation one

two days after arriving in the United


Cindy visits the house where she will be


it is a two-story brick house in the

suburbs she walks up the front steps and

rings the doorbell sue her host mom

welcomes her here let me show you around

the house that'd be great

here's the dining room and through that

doorway over there is the living room

every room looks so comfortable we like

it now let's go up to your room on the

second floor

they go upstairs

this is your room wow this room is going

to be great

make yourself at home you can hang your

clothes in this closet okay do you

happen to have any spare hangers sure

I'll bring them to you later

by the way is there an outlet where I

can plug in my computer yeah I think

there's an outlet under the desk let me

know if you need anything else

situation too

after looking around the first floor of

the house and taking a moment to check

out her room

Cindy joins Sue downstairs in the

kitchen this is the kitchen what a big

beautiful kitchen you can help yourself

to whatever's in the fridge Thanks

that's really nice of you we're pretty

relaxed and easygoing here are there any

special rules I should know about well

not really just try not to come home too

late and try not to play music too loud

we don't want the neighbors calling the


sure no problem I probably won't be out

past 10:00 on most days that's fine do

you need help with housework cooking or

anything no that's okay we all try to

keep the house neat is there really

nothing I need to do as long as you keep

your room clean and do your own laundry

that should be fine when can I take

showers we all seem to use the bathroom

between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning so

it tends to get a little congested then

other than that any time is fine okay

well I usually shower at night anyway oh

good what else oh yeah let me show you

the utility shed in the backyard Sue and

Cindy walk out to the backyard

what a beautiful backyard I'm going to

love living here

lesson seven renting an apartment

situation one

Paul is decided to rent an apartment

rather than live in a dormitory at

school he shudders at the thought of

sharing a room with a roommate

he loves cleanliness and not everyone

loves cleanliness as much as he does

Paul decides to go through a realtor to

save himself the trouble of running all

over town looking are you looking for an

apartment yes I'm interested in finding

a one-bedroom apartment near Washington

Square I think I have just the right

apartment for you oh good

can you describe it yes it has one

bedroom a large living room and a full

kitchen so there's a refrigerator yes

it's brand new

it sounds great how much is the rent

it's 850 a month when can I see it we

can take a spin by there now if you

would like the landlord left a set of

keys with me okay that would be great

situation to

all takes one look at the apartment and

decides on the spot that he wants to

rent it

the realtor calls the landlord and asks

him to come over to sign the lease when

the landlord arrives he produces a

rental agreement

Wow it has a balcony yes complete with a

nice view how many windows are there in

the apartment hmm let me see I think

there are two in the bedroom and one

each in the living room and kitchen it's

just what I want I think I'm ready to

sign I'll call up the landlord right now

20 minutes later the landlord arrives

before you sign the lease do you have

any questions yes

does the rent include utilities it

includes everything except cable TV and

telephone how much is cable it usually

comes out to about $40 a month also am I

allowed to sublet the apartment no I'm

afraid subletting the apartment isn't

permitted I see do you allow pets

sorry that's out of the question I don't

have a problem with it but unfortunately

the building doesn't allow it it's a

building regulation I see the realtor

mentioned a parking lot could you tell

me a little bit about that yes you can

park in front of the building the rental

fee for a parking space is $60 a month

okay I'm ready to sign should I pay by

cash or cheque it's up to you

lesson eight shopping at the supermarket

situation one

several days after Paul and Cindy move

into their new homes they meet up with

Mike and his girlfriend Tina to go

shopping they go to the supermarket to

buy some food to take with them on a

picnic the following day Tina and Cindy

talk about what they plan to buy let's

get a shopping cart first let me get out

my list every time I go to the

supermarket I make a shopping list so

that I won't forget things what's the

first thing on your list lunch meat for

our picnic tomorrow the supermarket has

prepackaged meats in the back what if we

don't want it prepackaged then we go to

the meat section and a butcher cuts it

for us what else do we need for our

picnic well other stuff for sandwiches

cheese and bread and then things like

mayonnaise pickles and mustard where do

we go for all that these supermarkets

are so big well the good cheese is over

at the deli counter and the bread is in

the bakery section I'm totally lost

situation too

Tina and Cindy decide to buy some cold

cuts and other picnic favorites at the

supermarket's delicatessen counter they

take a number from a ticket dispenser

number 56 oh that's us can I help you

yes I need one pound of smoked turkey

1/4 pound of cheddar cheese and a half

pound of potato salad ok anything else I

also need a half pound of ham please cut

it in very thin slices will that be all

yes here you go thank you always having

a hard time finding some things he needs

so he decides to ask a clerk for help

excuse me hi what can I do for you can

you tell me where the frozen pizza is

yes make a right at the end of this

aisle and walk straight ahead the frozen

food section runs right up the side wall

the pizzas are at the far end of the

section also do you have soy sauce it's

in Aisle eight thanks no problem after

Paul fills his cart he goes to the

checkout counter with tax that comes to

fifty seven dollars and 21 cents he

hands her sixty dollars let me see if I

have a penny here you go all right your

change is two dollars and 80 cents here

you are have a nice day Thanks

you too

lesson 9 shopping at the mall

situation one

after buying some essential items at the

supermarket the four friends decide to

check out the local mall upon arrival

they split up and go to different stores

Paul is browsing through an electronic

store how may I help you sir huh I'm

just looking Thanks okay if you need any

help just let me know a few minutes

later can I have a look at that CD

player sure we just got these in the

sound quality is excellent and there's a

15% discount - how much is it with the

discount let me see it comes to 162

dollars including tags ok I'll take it

cash or charge charge here's my credit


after the transaction would you sign

here please sure thank you here's your

credit card and your copy of the receipt

situation - when Paul went to the

electronics store

Cindy and Tina decided to take a look at

a nearby clothing store Cindy is about

to try on some clothes hi can I help you

can you tell me the price of this coat

it's 160 dollars without tax hmmm I

don't really want to spend that much how

much are your t-shirts let me see I

believe those are on sale yes they've

been marked down to 1699 can I try one

on sure the fitting room is over there a

few minutes later how does the shirt fit

it's too big do you have it in a smaller

size hold on let me check for you a

minute later

okay I think this one will fit better

I'll take it

Thanks I'll bring it to the counter for

you thanks for your help Mike is in a

clothing store he wants to return a

shirt that he bought the previous week

he is asking a salesperson if that is


hi I bought this shirt here last week

and I want to return it is that possible

what's the problem with it it's too

large do you want to exchange it no I'd

like a refund please okay do you have

the receipt yes here you are

lesson 10 eating at a restaurant

situation one

after spending the whole afternoon

shopping the four friends are exhausted

they decide to go to a fancy restaurant

to reward themselves after a busy day

welcome party of four yes we'd like a

quiet place by the window if possible

certainly sir

this way please they follow a waiter to

a table by the window and he gives them


welcome to Appleton restaurant my name

is Andy and I'll be your waiter this

evening are you ready to order

yes I'll have a green salad and the New

York steak please oh right how would you

like your steak rare medium or well done

medium please and Yumi's I'd like a

turkey sandwich with potato chips please

and you sir I don't know what to order I

need a bit more time to think about it

sure I'll come back in a few minutes

situation 2

not sure what to order Paul and Cindy

decide to ask the waiter for his

recommendation what's the special today

rose chicken it comes with soup salad

and your choice of a baked potato or

french fries I highly recommend it well

let me see I think I'll have the special

all right and what kind of soup would

you like today we have french onion and

cream of broccoli I'll have the French

onion soup and what kind of dressing

would you like on your salad we have

Italian French Thousand Island and blue


I'd like Italian please Italian okay and

would you like a big potato or french

fries french fries please

and what would you like to drink

I'll have a coke and what would you like

ma'am I'll have what he's having

except I'd like cream of broccoli soup

Thanks oh all right thank you I'll be

back in a moment with some dinner rolls

after the meal the waiter comes to the

table how was everything it was


do you want some dessert

no I'm full what about you guys are you

kidding we're all stuffed I think we'll

just take the check

Thanks sure I'll be right back Mike I

really appreciate your help this week

let me take care of the check oh no

let's go Dutch this time let me pay

today and you can pay next time how's

that okay

it's a deal Thanks thanks Paul yeah


lesson 11 making a phone call

situation 1 now that he has moved in

Paul arranges to get a phone line

installed he calls the telephone company

from Mike's house I'd like to get phone

service in my new apartment okay can I

have your full name please Paul Jean

that's CH ang and your address number

201 University Avenue and what's your

mother's maiden name go can you spell

that for me

Kuo Thanks your date of birth August 18

1976 alright your new phone number is

five five five seven eight four nine and

you'll be able to use the line within

three working days if you have any

questions please feel free to call our

service line again thanks for your help

situation to paul's telephone line has

not been connected yet so he uses a

public phone to make a collect call to

his aunt in st. Louis later when his

number is working he calls a friend in

Los Angeles to tell him about his new

number may I help you yes I'd like to

make a collect call please

what's the number you're calling the

area code is 3 1 4 and the number is 5 5

5 9 O 3 4 and the name of the person

you're calling Amy Mason and your name

Paul John alright please stay on the

line the operator calls Paul's and you

have a collect call from Paul John will

you accept the charges

sure I'll take it the call is connected

go ahead please Thanks

once he is able to use his phone Paul

tries to call a friend in Los Angeles

hello hello Jesse I'm sorry there's

nobody here by that name

is this 555 4 703 no it isn't you have

the wrong number

oh I'm sorry

lesson 12 at the post office situation

one Paul and Cindy are going to the post


Paul is buying stamps for a letter to

Taiwan he also wants to mail a package

to his parents how can I help you I'd

like to buy stamps for this letter to

Taiwan alright

anything else yes I'd also like to mail

this package where is the package going

also to Taiwan how do you want to send

it Express Mail please

are there any valuables in this package

yes I want to insure it alright I wrote

the address in Chinese and then added

Taipei Taiwan in English is that okay

yes that's just fine oh and I'd also

like to buy 10 postcards please here you


situation 2

Cindy is sending a package to her sister

in San Francisco and a letter to a

friend in New York next please

hi I'd like to send this package to San

Francisco how do you want to send it

regular or priority what's the

difference between regular and priority

priority is more expensive but it's

faster your package will arrive in two

days then let's go with priority can I

help you with anything else yes I also

need to send this letter to New York

what kind of special delivery do you

have this is a very important letter

well you can send it by certified mail

it's that certified mail is for

deliveries within the United States the

person who receives it must sign for it

that way you can make sure they actually

receive it do you have any other

services you can also send it by Express

delivery the rates are much higher but

it will arrive by noon tomorrow why

don't we do that

this letter is worth it all right let me

weigh it that'll be $16.50 uh-oh I only

have $100 bill can you take a hundred no

problem you are and your change is

eighty three dollars and fifty cents

Thanks she starts to walk away wait

here's your receipt oh thank you

lesson 13 inviting friends over

situation one

Paul is thinking about having some

friends come over to his apartment for

dinner he discusses the plan with Mike

one day after class hey Mike I'm

thinking of having some friends come

over to my apartment for dinner next

week that sounds great

what day how about Monday hmm

I'm afraid Monday is out for me I have

to work at the computer lab on Monday

how about Tuesday night

Tuesday's out I am supposed to join an

English conversation Club what about

Wednesday night Wednesday I'm supposed

to go see a movie with a friend I don't

think there's any way I can get out of

it are you free on Thursday

well unfortunately I'm tied up on

Thursday I have an appointment with my

dentist to have my teeth cleaned are you

free on Friday night actually I am

I guess Friday is the best choice I'll

call Cindy and Tina to see if they're

available on Friday night okay tell me

what you guys decide on I will I'll call

you later

situation 2

Paul make some phone calls he is asking

Cindy if she is free on Friday night

hello hello this is Paul may I speak to


speaking what's up Paul not a lot but

listen I'm throwing a party at my house

on Friday night do you think you can

make it yeah that sounds like fun

what time it starts at 7:00 bring Tina

with you Mike is planning on coming too

sure we'll be there all right we'll see

you then do you after Cindy accepts

Paul's invitation Paul calls Mike to

tell him about the final plans for

Friday night help oh hello is Mike in

this is Mike hi Mike it's Paul it looks

like everything's all set for Friday

sounds great

when should I be there I think we're

gonna start around 7:00 what should I

bring just bring yourself okay then I'll

see you on Friday at 7:00 I can't wait

to see your place I think you'll like it

see you then see you

lesson 14 getting a haircut

situation one

Paul is calling a hair salon to make an

appointment to get his hair cut hi I'd

like to make an appointment to get my

hair cut

who is your stylist well my friend says

that Henry does a good job when would

you like to come in how about Wednesday

afternoon at 3:30 let me check the

schedule do you just need a cut or will

you need a color or perm as well just a

haircut will be fine let me see Henry

has an opening at 3:45 how's that that's

fine and your name Paul Jung CH ang ok

Paul then we'll see you on Wednesday at

3:45 see you then

Thanks situation 2 it is Wednesday

afternoon and Cindy and Paul have just

arrived at the hair salon Henry the

stylist asks Paul how he would like his

haircut what would you like to have done

today I'd like a trim please all right

how would you like me to cut it short on

the sides and in back and longer on top

and in front

do you want a shampoo yes please and

where would you like to part your hair

on the left please after the haircut

okay we're done I'll hold this mirror up

so you can see the back how do you like

it could you trim the front a little

more please there how's that very nice

you do a good job

Sindhi also wants to get a haircut but

she has not made an appointment she

decides to ask and see if they take


excuse me do you take walk-ins yes we do

but I need to check the schedule what do

you want to have done today I just like

to trim off the split ends

let me see Angela will be available in

ten minutes

is that okay it's fine with me

lesson 15 at the bank

situation one

Paul and Cindy are at the bank they both

need to make some transactions

good afternoon how may I help you

I'd like to cash a check please please

sign the back of the check and write

down your account number all right may I

see an ID here you are your check is for

three hundred and twenty dollars how

would you like that I'd like a fifty two

twenties and three tens and I want to

deposit the remaining two hundred

dollars did you fill out a deposit slip

yet yes here you are okay here's the

receipt for your deposit and here's your

cash he counts it for her can I help you

with anything else today actually can I

exchange a $20 bill for some quarters I

need them for bus fare

sure here are two rolls each roll has

ten dollars in quarters

situation 2


now what is Paul's turn at the counter

he wants to purchase some traveler's

checks may I help you yes I'd like to

withdraw $200 from my savings account

and use it to buy traveler's checks okay

thank you

what's your account number it's one one

three five six oh nine oh one can I see

an ID here you go and how would you like

your traveler's checks $50 traveler's

checks will be fine

all right here are four fifty dollar

checks and the receipt by the way you

need to sign the top line right away and

these work just like other traveler's

checks right yes when you want to use a

check you'll need to use the same

signature to countersign on the bottom

line and I do that in front of the

person who's cashing it for me right

that's right and by signing the top line

now you make it hard for someone else to

use them okay got it

thank you also remember to put the

receipt somewhere other than where you

keep the checks oh that's right

that way I'll still have it if the

checks are lost correct and if you have

the receipt the checks can be replaced

it always seems like a lot of trouble to

get traveler's checks but it's worth the

safety can I help you with anything else

no thank you for your help you're

welcome see you have a good day you too

lesson 16 seeing a doctor

situation one

Cindy notices that Paul is not feeling

well and suggests he go to the health

clinic on campus Paul makes an

appointment over the phone what's the

matter Paul you look terrible I have a

cold you had better call the health

clinic and make an appointment Paul

makes a phone call to the health clinic

hello Campus health clinic how can I

help you hi I'd like to make an

appointment I'm not feeling well what

are your symptoms I have a cough my head

aches and I have a runny nose oh yeah I

have a sore throat too is 3 o'clock this

afternoon okay that's fine

what's your name Paul John okay Paul

we'll see you this afternoon at 3:00


situation 2

when Paul goes in for a checkup dr. Wong

asks him some questions I feel awful

I've been coughing for three days and I

have a runny nose a headache and a sore

throat hmm how's your appetite I've

scarcely eaten anything in the past

three days let me look at your throat

open your mouth and say ah good now

let's take your temperature

he takes Paul's temperature you have a

fever let me listen to your heart

a minute later Paul I'm afraid that

you've come down with the flu is it


will I need a shot no you won't need a

shot you'll be fine in a few days

but you should stay home and rest I also

want you to take some medicine and drink

a lot of liquids okay are you allergic

to any type of medication nope

very good I'll write a prescription for

you when your appetite returns stick to

foods that are easily digested thank you

doctor should I come back in a few days

if you are feeling better that shouldn't

be necessary but if your fever persists

then I'll want you back here okay Thanks

just get plenty of rest and you should

be fine nothing to worry about

lesson 17 at the pharmacy

situation one

after Paul and Cindy leave the clinic

they go to the pharmacy to have Paul's

prescription filled may I help you yes

could you fill this prescription for me

please sure

looking at the prescription you must be

suffering from the flu that's right

I have a sore throat and a runny nose

the doctor also said that I have a very

high fever why don't you take a seat

it'll take a couple of minutes sure


a few minutes later Paul Cheng here's

your medicine how often am I supposed to

take it you have to take the pills and

the cough syrup three times per day

after meals don't take it on an empty

stomach okay also consult a physician in

case of nausea or other side effects and

don't consume alcohol when taking this


situation 2

Cindy asks a pharmacist to help her find

over-the-counter medication for

headaches and chapped lips excuse me can

you help me I'm looking for headache

medication I recommend tailors aspirin

tailors is it effective where can I find


yes very effective it's an aisle for

near the cash register a few minutes

later I found it great be sure to follow

the directions on the label take one

tablet three times a day okay if it

doesn't work within two days let me know

I will by the way what would you

recommend for chapped lips

chapstick will work where can I get some

it's right over here

here you are is this brand good quite

good yes it's certainly one of the most

popular can I help you with anything


no that should do it how much does that

come to that will be eight dollars and

seventeen cents here's a ten a dollar

eighty three is your change and here's

your medicine the receipt is in the bag

thanks for your help you're welcome I

hope you feel better

The Description of American English Lessons for Studying and Living Abroad