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Dana, you can call me anytime. Day or night.

The bomb has exploded, huh?

Marlene is completely beside herself. Dana as well. And I can't reach either of them.

It's better that way. - Why?

Well, Marlene surely doesn't want to see you again. Maybe only to vent her frustration on you.

And Dana? She will run away every time you show up.

Because every encounter with you will make her feel even more guilty.

I can be there for Dana.

Yeah. I'm sure she'll be happy if you want to hold her hand.

And I can try to talk to Marlene again.

I cheated on her. If she wants to blow off steam, she should come to me.

Great! She rambles about the most stylish boutiques of the city,

and she condemns me to spend a night shift in front of the computer!

[1 new message from Hagen. Delete.]


Be glad you don't have such a bitchy boss. Hagen's surely a thousand times nicer.

And he's better looking too.

Hey, everything okay?

And all of it just because she fails to manage her sex life!

First she sends me to the spa with her guy, and then she has a flash of jealousy!

Oh, perfect timing!

She's scared shitless. I understand that she's scared shitless, right? So would I if I had such a big belly.

She can hardly keep her balance!

Actually, I should give you a spanking.

[J: And then her guy's in the pool with me.]

Do you want to talk to me? - [J: But it's not my fault that all the guys are attracted to me, is it?!]

You've totally lost it!

Why? I think the ad is really good.

Depends on what career aspirations you have.

Kim, you can't auction off your virginity!

Well, I see it more like an investment.

Let's see what the market has to offer.

So you want to hop into bed with the next best Freddy who buys you at the auction?

I just want to have a look. Maybe my Prince Charming is among them.

Sure, because your Prince Charming is looking for his bride in places providing sex services.

It's not a service. I just want to combine business with pleasure.

Listen, be careful you don't end up as a special offer.

Hey. Good to see you.

I thought you might not leave your room ever again.


Tell me...

Have you seen Marlene?

Is she doing okay?

Why? Are you worried?

You should have thought about that earlier, before you hopped into bed with Hagen.

Do you have a bottle of water that I can take upstairs with me?


Here you go.

Thank you.

That's unbelievable!

What? An offer?


Come on, show me.

5 Euro! Someone's offering 5 Euro for a night with her.

Yeah, and? This is just the beginning of the auction.

The high-caliber people will only join in at the end.

And who do you think will answer to this?

A true prince, for sure.

Yeah, maybe. Royal families are into virgins.

I know what you want.


You want Ansgar to bid and save you! You've probably even sent him the link.

And? Did you?

You see?!

What will you do if it's all the same to him?

Then I'll have had a lot of fun.

Listen, from guys who participate in something like this you can get all kind of things, but not fun.

The first time is very special. You'll never forget it.

That's why I'm making such a fuss about it!

The first time I was lovesick, I dyed my hair black.

And I bought a blond wig.

I got wasted.

A blond wig?

Who said I was lovesick?!

I have to go.

Where are you going?

I got tickets for the spa as a gift, and I'll have a massage now.

I'm coming with you. - Sure. Bye.

Hello, Olli!

You were absolutely fabulous! - The audience was enthralled, right?

How often did they ask me back on stage after the final curtain?

I stopped counting after the fifth time. - Uh-uh. 7 times. I counted.

Hey, hey. Good to see you. We've missed you here. - Yeah.

Thank you. - You're welcome.

Um...? - Champagne! - Yes, champagne.

Gladly. Two glasses... or one more for lovely Olli?

Three glasses. You absolutely have to clink glasses with us.

Voilà, messieurs dames. Le champagne.

Oh my God! You're so good!

In the beginning, I thought you were nothing but famous, but it was awesome!

Could I please have an autograph? Right here.

Yeah, I'd love to, but I don't have a... - ... pen.

Yes, thank you very much. For...?



Jessica. Of course.

For Jessica. Okay.

Olli, can we please have a fourth glass?

You'll have a glass of champagne with us, won't you, Jessica?

Yeah, sure!

Thank you.

For Biene. And you're Klaus? Yeah.

For Klaus. Here you go. - Thank you. - Bye.

Where did we leave off? Oh, yeah. How do you become a musical star?

Good question. Well, the most important requirement is to love music.

Oh, that's easy.

I fulfill that requirement because I can't live without music.

Well, you also have to be prepared to make some sacrifices.


Yeah. The voice needs a lot of work, and alcohol is bad for your voice.

Oh. Well, then I'll have to think twice about it.

Well, that reminds me of my night already ending tomorrow at 6 am.

Olli, will you call me a taxi?

A taxi from here to your parents? Now you're really a diva.

Hello?! Try walking over cobblestones on these heels.

Okay, I'm convinced. I'd do anything for Lily Rose. Thank you. - Taxi's on its way.

Bye. - Bye.

So... The taxi's on its way.

I haven't seen Marlene happy like that for a long time.

It was the right decision to have her perform again.

Keep the change.

Thank you.

Why do you have such a grim facial expression? Bad news?

I'm checking Kim's online auction.

Uih. Has the price for her virginity already increased?

Yeah, but you don't want to know what kind of guys are among the bidders.

Look at this: Women's friend, The Deflowerer, Shagging Wonder.

Or here... The Executor.

I know him.

A wonderful good morning. - Hey. - Morning.

I'd like an orange juice and a coffee. - Sure.

I'll take care of it. - Very good.

Do you have some more autograph cards from Marlene for me?

Lately, for whatever reason, they sell like hot cakes.

Tell me if you need more. - Thank you.

I wanted to talk to you about something.

An idea that could make you rich and famous.

Don't start with something like that VIP table again.

Better than that.

Have you ever heard about a "Flüsterparty"?

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