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Daddy Troy: Welcome back to DadLabs. I'm Daddy Troy. We're here at the ABC Baby Expo in Las

Vegas and we're here with James Haluska with Baby Bjorn. We always cover the best gear

at the ABC Baby Expo and we would be remiss if we didn't show you some of the new gear

from Baby Bjorn. So stick around. We're going to tell you all about it.

Ok Jim, we have the smart potties. Tell us about them.

James: This is our new addition to our potty line. It takes some of the best features from

the large potty chair like the removable basin and the nonskid rim and mesh it into the little

potty into a hybrid potty in a smaller package but with all the features of the large one.

We're really excited to introduce our organic line into the Baby Bjorn family. All three

of these products, the Original, the Active and the Balance now come in 100% certified

organic cotton. It's a global organic textile standard which is the strictest textile standard

in the world. Se we're really happy to introduce these products in a great new color and fabric.

Daddy Troy: This is the Travel Crib Light. We reviewed this on DadLabs awhile back. Go

to and check it out. It's one of my personal favorite products they've come

out with and they've got something new...

James: New color. Great product. We love this product. It's been a huge success since it

was launched about a year and a half ago. But we're introducing it now in a new silver

color. You know, it's eleven pounds. It sets up in seconds.

Daddy Troy: Check this out. I can pick it up with one finger. And there are cool videos

over at right now that have these contests where grandma and dad all set

them up and they time how long it takes to set one up. Do you remember how long it takes?

James: About 20 seconds for a grandma so hopefully you can do it a little quicker than that.

Daddy Troy: Amazing product. I want to say that, full disclosure, they are our sponsor.

We love Baby Bjorn but we wouldn't review their stuff if we didn't like it. They are

the best designed Baby Gear on the Planet. Go check out the reviews on See

you next time.

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